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New Releases 4/26-5/2: Adamantium for All Edition

You’ve got to admire the strength of Wolverine’s media blitzkrieg. The day his big-budget film is released, he’s got a game shipping for every currently supported platform, besting the efforts of Iron Man, Spider-man, and the Hulk. Will the barrage have enough energy to make gamers neglect a female Sam Fisher who stealthy dispatches Nazis?

Velvet Assassin
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Fantasy Aquarium World
My Horse and Me: Riding for Gold
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Backyard Baseball 2010
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Elite Forces: Unit 77
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Stalin vs Martians
Velvet Assassin
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

DesertEagle’s Pick: My aversion for movie-based games has been carefully cultivated by years of sub-par licensed dreck. Yet, everytime a game based on a film is announced, a small iota of hope increases as release day approaches. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is being developed by Raven Software, so the pedigree is there. On Friday, we’ll see if the gameplay is integrated as well. 

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Like I always say: you can’t go wrong with a game that incorporates
cowboys, robots and pirate mermaids.  Okay, so I don’t ALWAYS say
that, but
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier has all that and then some, so needless to say, my interest has been piqued.

TideGear’s Pick: Sean’s lying. He really does always say that, and I’m sick of it. Maybe he’ll shut up about it now! Anyway,  stealth games need not sneak into my heart. They are more than welcome. Velvet Assassin is my pick! I’ve got to get me some of that Stalin vs Martians action, though, and I am interested in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier despite Sean’s mantra chanting.

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  1. neglecting Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier means you fail.

  2. Every preview I’ve seen for X-Men Origins seems really positive for the game.

  3. Never heard of this Velvet Assassin game. I’m interested now.

  4. Stalin vs Martians didn’t come out last week? That’s the one I’m interested in.

  5. The VA girl’s voice is enough to make me want the game. I’ll wait for the reviews though. This is a Southpeak game after all.

  6. How much is Activision paying you to endorse that garbage?

    Wolverine, the game and movie will suck.

  7. Sounds like the Resistance girl, but hotter.

  8. Whats Adamantium?

  9. Thats what Wolvie’s skeleton is fused with.

  10. Wolverine for me.

  11. Velvet Assassin, if the reviews are above 80%.

  12. Don’t forgot boobs! Atlus is focusing on that for their campaign also.

  13. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, here I come.

  14. I know I won’t be getting My Horse and Me: Riding for Gold. 🙂

  15. Stalin vs. Martians is the perfect game concept.

  16. Are you a paid rep working for DC, by chance 😉

  17. As Christian Bale would say this week’s new releases are so f&^&ing amateur.

  18. Where’s NOLAs and Tide’s picks this week?

  19. If Velvet Assassin is any good, I’ll be getting it this week. What happened to the FPS elements of it?

  20. You’re not going to add Emergency? Thats due out this week

  21. Xmen: wolverine for me.

  22. I’ll be saving my money this week.

  23. Wolverine if I see it for $45 or less. C’mon sales, I need a new game.

  24. Whose the girl in the image?

  25. No money for this after I got 7 $10 games at Best Buy.

  26. This will drop, but I don’t think you’ll see anything below $55 for a few months.

  27. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga looking “OG” to me.

  28. Has there ever been a decent aquarium sim?

  29. Can’t wait to read the review for the Wolverine game. When can we expect a synopsis on the game?

  30. Tide must be visiting Indieland.

  31. As much as I don’t want it to happen, I can see myself buying Wolverine after i see the movie on Friday.

    If the publisher were smart they’d sell it in the theater lobby.

  32. No ones getting Elite Forces: Unit 77?

  33. Wolverine for PC.

  34. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    Yeah! I had to leave the drum circle for this but it’s up now!

  35. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    I’ve actually read good things.

  36. What kind of game is it? When the hell is Jagged Alliance coming to the DS??!

  37. Tide is in fine form this week.

  38. It must be hard to deal with DE’s love of gunporn and old school nostalgia and NOLA’s talk of pirates and robots.

  39. That describes the wacky sitcom life that is Tech-Gaming perfectly ;-p

  40. I’m loving the banter here.

    Sitcom, sounds like a soap opera!

  41. Ill be picking up Wolverine for either the PS3 or 360. Oh, and that crazy Robot game might be good. I hope there’s a review here.

  42. Shit, dude, I picked up 12 for $130+ (tax)

  43. I’m waiting for the recorded voice from gamestop to tell me my Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier preorder is in 😉

  44. that looks f’ing amazing!

  45. That voice always scares the crap out of me! I hate how it says “HI!” and then halts a beat, as if it is waiting for me to respond.

  46. You don’t talk to Ashley? I do all the time. She calls me more than my real, flesh-and blood GF 😉

  47. She seems to do fine until she gets to the title of the name, and then gets all weird, and pauses strangely.

  48. While I only grabbed two games, some dude next to me had a yellow shopping cart FULL of games he must have had at least 80 in there. Damn ebay hoarders.

  49. RocksontheScotch

    Gimme reviews for these games, please!

  50. Did anyone get this yesterday. My GS said it never came it.

  51. Elite Forces: Unit 77 is MIA. I’ve looked everywhere.

  52. My kids (and I) love that Backyard Baseball series, so I’ll pick up this one.