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New Releases 3/21-3/27: Animalistic Edition

The next few days appear to present quite a menagerie- a horde of hamsters, four dragons, a sleuth of huggable bears, a herd of deer, and a single chimpanzee. If it wasn’t for a fleet of two-wheeled racers, a duel grappling hook wielding hero and a lone swordsman, we’d have to say this week has gone to the animals.

Game Room
How to Train Your Dragon
Just Cause 2
MotoGP 09/10

How to Train Your Dragon
Just Cause 2
MotoGP 09/10
Wakeboarding HD

Build-A-Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley
Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter
Cave Story
How to Train Your Dragon
Pizza Delivery Boy
Red Steel 2
Rooms: The Main Building


Bakugan Battle Trainer
Build-A-Bear Workshop: Welcome to Hugsville
Cheer We Go
Dawn of Heroes
Disney Stitch Jam
Hall of Fame Ultimate Hoops Challenge
How to Train Your Dragon
Imagine: Gymnast
My Pet Chimp
Rooms: The Main Building
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
Squishy Tank
Zhu Zhu Pets

No Releases

Just Cause 2
Majesty 2: Kingmaker Expansion
Plain Sight
The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
Zhu Zhu Pets

DesertEagle’s Pick: Hopefully, the thrill seeker in me will be satisfied by Just Cause 2‘s ample supply of explosive mayhem, the demo seemed to blow things up real good. Meanwhile, my RPG-loving side is already enamored by one of the best DS RPG’s I’ve played in a while- Shin Meagami Tensei: Strange Journey.

TideGear’s Pick: This is another week of several releases that at least peak my interest. It’s worth noting that Love is one of the few MMO’s to ever make me want to join in. It’s also worth noting that I never would have expected that I’d be as enthusiastic about Red Steel 2 as I am. (It almost seems like a totally different game. I have to wonder why even use the Red Steel name?) Amongst this weeks indie releases, however, my pick is found. Here’s hoping the remake of the amazing Metroid-like, Cave Story, is even more amazing.

SeanNOLA’s Pick
: I’m a little surprised that neither of my colleagues mentioned Squishy Tank‘s long-awaited release, considering the amount of left over hypno-drool from their brief playtime at last year’s E3.  Nothing is really knocking my socks off, but I’m interested in giving Red Steel 2 its day in court, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. So Karnov isn’t posting his pick until he call him by his real name or what?

  2. Another build a bear game? How many does the world need?

    What happened to the trivia and this week’s podcast?

  3. HalfMan HalfHorse

    Where are the hamster’s from? I don’t see a game with hamsters…

  4. What games are going to be released for Game Room. Whoever posts a list will win a fudge brownie*

    *Must pay for shipping, handling, and cookiing fee.

  5. Red Steel 2 was buried in the list. I came to dig it out.

  6. Nathan Drake’s hispanic half-brother in the pic?

  7. My Pet Chimp..if there’s a poo-flinging minigame.

  8. During the dark days of the recession, I need- Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter.

    I could use a few extra bucks right now.

  9. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey it is!

  10. DE, no Squishy Tanks pick?

  11. Worst pun of the week award goes to Cheer We Go.

  12. Thats Just Cause 2 Demo was almost a good as Deagle said. Probably my pick up.

  13. Where’s Karnov and SNOLA?

    Gameroom will get a trial.

  14. Ignoring The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom makes god kill kittens.

  15. Just Cause 2 is the only game of interest.

  16. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is the only thing that i’m interested in this week.

  17. Thanks for the info, Desert. What happened to this week’s podcast?

  18. Shakira Loves Only Me

    MotoGP 09/10? I still have a copy of MotoGP 06 shrinkwrapped in my collection!

  19. In for copy of How to Train Your Pizza Delivery Boy

  20. Another week full of kiddie crap.

    Just Cause 2 demo is downloading. We shall see.

  21. Just Cause 2 for me!

  22. I’m hoping we get a two man review for Red Steel 2.

  23. I might have to tran a dragon this week.

  24. Nothing for me this week.

  25. SMT:SJ if it gets good reviews.

  26. No love for Love? I thought Karnov liked the indie stuff!

  27. Where’s the picture from?

  28. Karnov, I’m glad you mentioned Cave Story! I cant wait to get it.

  29. Never heard of Love. I might have to look into it.

  30. Yep, the trio let us down this week.

  31. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. I love the Persona series.

  32. What’s Dawn of Heroes? The name sound very familiar!

  33. BTW, Adam- Joystiq hated Red Steel 2

    It’s a chilly December day here in New York City. Ubisoft has stopped by with a copy of Red Steel 2, forcing me to adhere to a strict embargo, one that ends in a brand new decade: February 22, 2010. I hope with the new decade comes flying cars, robot servants and — perhaps more reasonably — a better version of Red Steel 2.

    You see, here in 2009, Red Steel 2 continues to control poorly. Once again, Red Steel fails to capitalize on the dream of “1:1” sword controls, as Wiimote swings still translate into predetermined animations. Although Red Steel 2 requires the MotionPlus accessory, the game doesn’t demand precision or finesse; all enemies are seemingly killed the same way: by stabbing them in the back. Battles are largely reduced to waiting for an enemy to attack, dodging and then swinging wildly at the enemy’s weak point. Any other method seems ineffective, with gun play serving a largely decorative purpose. (Enemies seem to block every shot you fire.)

  34. More-

    “The level design seems to have taken the same inspiration as the enemies, which is to say, “none at all.” The level I played through was a sandy dojo. The cel-shaded look took advantage of the Wii’s limited capabilities, and the game ran at a pleasantly smooth clip, but I couldn’t help but feel lost (and bored) moving through room after room of drab brown colors. There’s some interactivity with the environment: you can cut down bamboo shoots to expose hidden treasure chests, for example. Still, you can only look at the same room over and over again before you inevitably begin to wonder if the Flood are about to come rushing in.

  35. I’ll take that brownie.

    Adventure- Intellivision
    Armor Battle- Intellivision
    Asteroids Deluxe- Arcade
    Astrosmash- Intellivision
    Batlantis- Arcade
    Centipede- Arcade
    Combat- Atari 2600
    Crystal Castles- Arcade
    Finalizer- Arcade
    Football- Intellivision
    Gravitar- Arcade
    Jungler- Arcade
    Lunar Lander- Arcade
    Millipede- Arcade
    Outlaw- Arcade
    Pitfall- Atari 2600
    RealSports Tennis- Atari 2600
    Red Baron- Arcade
    River Raid- Atari 2600
    Road Fighter- Arcade
    Scramble- Arcade
    Sea Battle- Intellivision
    Skiing- Intellivision
    Space Armada- Intellivision
    Space Hawk- Intellivision
    Spider Fighter- Atari 2600
    Star Raiders- Atari 2600
    Sub Hunt- Intellivision
    Tempest- Arcade
    Tutankham- Arcade
    Yars’ Revenge- Atari 2600

  36. All these are week one releases? WOW!

  37. Just Cause 2

  38. I’m looking forward to Tempest. All the games are $3 right?

  39. All we need is SNOLA’s pick, and we’re ready to start the week.

  40. Thanks for posting this. I’m a bit worried, though.

  41. Lots of games this week, but only a few I want to spend money on.

  42. Thanks for the info, T-Gers. Im too broke to get anything this week.

  43. Just Cause 2, maybe.

  44. I still need to pick up Yakuza 3!

  45. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom might be my only purchase this week.

  46. SeanNOLA, will you be reviewing Bakugan Battle Trainer?

  47. I’m down with Imagine: My Pet Gymnast

  48. I’ve been asking myself that strange question. I’m a little burnt out on portable monster battling (see Deagle’s and my upcoming Pokemon review) but at the same time, I am still bizarrely drawn to review the new game. If the readers ask for it, I’ll make it happen!

  49. Sorry for the delay! I poked my eye out last week and couldn’t look at a computer screen until this morning! Submitted my picks though, and they should be up shortly!


  51. Blueberry Buttface

    You got to be careful with those Red Ryder BB guns!

  52. I’m sure Deagle’s a sucker for anything with “Tank” in the title. He probably even watched Tank Girl a couple of times 😉

  53. Your eye actually popped out? Woah, did you have to wear an eyepatch, arggh!

  54. writers are supposed to cross their “T”, and dot their eyes.

  55. I accidentally got poked in the eye by a palm tree at my office.
    No, my eye didn’t actually fall out, but it did get infected, so yes, I did have to wear an eyepatch to keep UV rays out of it, and to keep me from rubbing it.
    And yes, it did screw with my depth perception, and yes it was pretty embarassing.

  56. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for me.

  57. I’m hoping Cave Story gets a review. I’m thinking about picking it up.

  58. What did you do with the palm tree?

  59. I hope there’s a battle involved!

  60. I saw Red Steel 2 at Walmart already.

  61. I think Red Steel 2 is being treated as a Nintendo release, which means it should have been available at big box retailers on Sunday.

  62. Makes sense, but I thought this was only for first-party releases.

  63. Gamestop says the release date for Red Steel 2 is the 23rd.

  64. Check Target if you want it early. Mine has the Wii Motion Plus bundle in stock. I checked at lunch.

  65. Mine too but they wouldn’t see to me. Something about the system. They had both version in today.

  66. Thanks. On my way.

  67. Snagged it. Got it with the WiiMotion Plus.

  68. I cant wait for Just Cause 2.

  69. No podcast this week?

  70. Red Steel 2 is getting better reviews that I expected. Eat it Joystiq.

  71. DE, you were right about Just Cause 2, it is awesome. In LOVE with the game.

  72. I am editing this week’s podcast right this very minute!

  73. Col. Sanders Loves Breasts

    Wait, did we miss a week? I dont see one on iTunes.