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New Releases 3/2-3/8: Bullet Dog Edition

Xbox 360
Army of Two
Bully: Scholarship Edition

Playstation 3
Army of Two
MLB 08: The Show

Bully: Scholarship Edition
Ninja Reflex

Bubble Bobble: Double Shot
Let’s Ride Friends Forever
Anno 1701
Chicken Hunter
Eco Creatures: Save the Forest
Imagine: Figure Skater
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer
Ninja Reflex
Petz Bunnyz
Homie Rollerz
Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air Force

Blockus Portable: Steambot Championship
God Of War: Chains of Olympus
MLB 08: The Show
World Championship Cards

MLB 08: The Show
Silent Hill: Origins

Pick of the Week: For PSP owners, God of War: Chains of Olympus, is a must-buy. Although it can be completed in a scant five hours, each of those 300 minutes are full of some of the best action found on any portable game. Console owners will want to enlist in the Army of Two, a game nearly released last November. In the last four months, the game has received multiple layers of polish. Our dreams look eerily similar to this aspect of the game.

Baseball fans with Sony machines have two options: Major League Baseball 2K8, which integrates baseball cards into the package, and MLB 08: The Show, Sony’s new ball-game with an amazingly fluid graphical engine. Our pick to win the pennant race? MLB: 08, it’s hard to imagine how they can improve the series any further.

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  1. God of War for me!

  2. Army of Two looks great. Nice video

  3. I always wanted to play Bully, now I’ll pick it up for 360.

  4. I hope army of Two isn’t an Army Of Poo

  5. I am a huge fan of the Silent Hill games, therefore I’ll be picking up Origins. I don’t have a PSP, but I heard its more of a console game, than a portable.

  6. Army of two looks appealing for the ps3

  7. I heard a rumor that the PS3 version of Army of Two will be a bit better than the 360 version. Can anyone verify…

  8. What the hell is Anno 1701?!?!

  9. Anno 1701 FTW!

  10. Anno 1701 is a historical sim-city type game. I’ve played the European version for a few months, and unless they mess with the game (highly unlikely) I can tell you this game has great control, helpful tutorials, and charming graphics.

  11. Oh shit, Bully is finally out?? Why didn’t you tell me. I know where I’m going tomorrow…to the game store!

  12. Ok, before you go running to the store, read this:

    The game has a number of issues, that ‘should’ be fixed soon. I’d wait on this one.