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New Releases 2/17-2/23 Rehash Edition

It looks like publishers have caught the sequel-itis bug,  as there is only one title that hasn’t seen a prequel, or been released on another system. Somewhere Xzibit is popping Crystal, as his Pimp My Ride game is being released to unsuspecting gamers on another console.

Xbox 360
FIFA Street 3
The Club
Dynasty Warriors 6

Playstation 3
FIFA Street 3
The Club
The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific
Dynasty Warriors 6

MX vs. ATV Untamed
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
Pimp My Ride

Need for Speed ProStreet

FIFA Street 3
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Pick of the Week: Our recommendation comes with reservations this week. While we throughly enjoyed The Club demo, we do have a few unanswered questions: first, while the main gameplay seems compelling, are there enough variety in characters and environments to warrant a $60 purchase? Secondly, how polished and how much depth is offered in the multiplayer mode? Noting Sega’s past tendency to drop prices, frugal gamers may want to wait a bit.

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  1. Nothing for me. Like you guys said The Club seems cool, but not $60 bucks cool. I would bite at $40.

  2. How dare you not ‘pimp’ Apollo Justice!!!

  3. C’mon how can anyone resist Pimp My Ride? How you use the Wiimote to jump and sway your car?

  4. Fifa 3 street demo was garbage, Club looked fun for an hour and Dynasty Warriors 6, I’m sure, does nothing new.

  5. The Club if I can get if you less than 50.

  6. I’ll hold my money for next week.

  7. I don’t care what the reviews say, Dragon Quest Swords.

  8. Nothing but video-turds this week.

  9. Diddily squad until Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  10. Pimp My Ride

  11. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney- OBJECTION!

  12. Nothing compelling, Frontlines next week.

  13. Fifa Street 3, I really enjoy playing this series with my friends.