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New Releases 1/24-1/30: Ballistic Barrage Edition

Whether your offensive preference is mass accelerator technology (Mass Effect 2), a trusty old M4A1 (MAG and Marines: Modern Urban Combat), or just dual wielding a pair of beam katanas, this week’s selections of games offers something for everyone. Just make sure to leave your actual arsenal at home before getting into the line for this week’s midnight openings. Those Segway-ringing mall security guards seem get all flustered at sight of sidearms. 


Blood Bowl
Mass Effect 2


Fast Food Panic
Marines: Modern Urban Combat
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

Imagine: Party Planner
Legend of Kay
Personal Fitness For Men
Personal Fitness For Women
Playmobil Knights

Shadow of Destiny

Blood Bowl
Mass Effect 2
The Legend of Vraz

DesertEagle’s Pick: This week’s choice is a no-brainer- Mass Effect 2. After having played the title for a few days, I can wholeheartedly say Bioware has raised the bar on Western RPGs. Expect a full review this Tuesday.

TideGear’s Pick: I’m intrigued by the prospects of Blood Bowl and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, but Mass Effect 2 sounds like it may finally be doing what I wanted from the first. I never felt the need to dig into the first Mass Effect, but after getting it for cheap on Steam, it may be time to fire it up. If nothing else, perhaps they’ll hold me until Infinite Space.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I’ve given a hefty chunk of my income to Games Workshop in my lifetime,so it goes without saying that I’m thrilled that Blood Bowl is finallyfinding its way onto consoles.  Now if only they’d take my idea for ahockey title in the 40K universe…

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. First!

    Thats what I get for waking up early!

  2. I’m gonna guess that Tide goes with No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle and NOLA picks Blood Bowl and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

  3. Desert you didn’t choose MAG or Marines: MUC????

    Are you OK?

  4. Intelligent Zombie

    Is Blood Bowl turn based or real time?

  5. ME2. I hope it’s as awesome as I expect!

  6. Maybe MAG- I heard mixed things about the beta, did any of you guys play it?

  7. Is no one picks the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, I’m drawing a picture of a cuddle kitten and then ripping it to shreds.

    Make your move wisely.

  8. Mass Effect 2

  9. I might have to give Mag a try.

  10. I think someone mentioned Blood Bowl on the podcast before.

    Never really heard of the game except from this site.

  11. Whats the Blood Bowl game people are talking about? It is close in spirit to Mutant Football League?

  12. Blood Bowl is a table top game, like Warhammer. I cant believe more people haven’t played it/heard of it.

  13. I’ve been waiting for Mass Effect 2 for so long now. Need to get my Shepard on!

  14. Mass Effect 2 for the win. Desert, does it live up to the hype?

  15. Mag at midnight. I’ve leave my airsofts at home, Deagle.

  16. Guys please find out if Marines: Modern Urban Combat is worth the dough. Desert, I trust your opinion on this one.

  17. ME2. Hopefully, you guys talk about this during the podcast.

  18. “I can wholeheartedly say Bioware has raised the bar on Western RPGs”

    Fallout 3 politely disagrees.

  19. Mass Effect 2.I’m sure Tide and NOLA are playing it, that’s why they didn’t post their picks 😉

  20. Man, I cant wait for Mass Effect 2. I’ll be driving 25 miles to the midnight launch, and taking the next day off work.

  21. I’ve played it, and want to know if this version is any good.

  22. You think Mass Effect has what it takes to be the GOTY next December?

  23. I want to get No More Heroes 2, but I’m not sure the game is worth the money.

    Plus, I’ll be broke after buying TvC.

  24. Have you guys ever thought about talking about your picks during the podcast?

  25. Mass Effect 2. I’m eager to see what you guys thought of it.

  26. Stretch Armstrong

    Why does Bioware hate PS3 owners? What did we do to them?

  27. Mass Effect for me! One again if you need a hand on the podcast, let me know.

  28. Some good games this week!

  29. Adam Milecki - TideGear

    My pick’s up!

  30. Tide, Mass Effect is great. Give it a try if your into sci-fi!

  31. No we just need NOLA.

  32. Mass Effect 2

  33. This is a bad week to be broke.

  34. I wish I could make the midnight opening, but I have school the next day.

  35. TbC for me. Anyone know how many fighters are in the game?

  36. Mass Effect 2 right here. I can’t wait to play.

  37. No More Heroes 2 here I come.

  38. I’m surprised that NOLA didn’t pick ME2.

  39. Glad to see all the gangs picks are here. This site is getting better all the time.

  40. Mass Effect 2!

  41. What is Fast Food Panic?

  42. Some pretty good games this week. No More Heroes sounds good to me.

  43. I still need to grab Bayonetta!

  44. NOLA, How ’bout dem Saints?!?!?

  45. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, yeah!

  46. Sorry, Sean but the early word on Blood Bowl is that its a hot mess.

  47. No Country for Old Gamers

    I’ll be getting that Massive Action Game.

  48. Should be some decent reviews coming down the pipe.

  49. Another great article i stumbled for today. I hope you keep posting helpful articles like this one. Keep posting.

  50. Mass Effect 2 this week. That’s all.

  51. I have a slight interest in Marines: Modern Urban Combat

  52. It has modes for both. Supposedly, turn-based is a great way to learn the rules of table-top play.

  53. Mass Effect 2

  54. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

  55. Very cool. I’ll probably pick this one up.

  56. You know you have a “When the Saints Go Marching In” ringtone. Don’t deny it!

  57. Nothing for me this week.

  58. It’s always about guns, huh Desert Eagle?

    Maybe Mass Effect. I wasn’t that into the first game.

  59. Desert, just let me know if ME2 is worth $60…

  60. Yep, I’m fine, just under the influence of Mass Effect 2. Remember, I’m a RPG geek, too!

  61. I can unequivocally say the ME2 is worth the $60.

  62. A game similar to Order Up/Diner Dash. We’ll be getting a review copy in, so stay tuned if you are interested.

  63. I’ve played both, and while Fallout 3 is no slouch, Bioware’s characters are a step above, IMO.

  64. How much is EA paying you to say that?

  65. Um, have you seem early reports on the game. I don’t think Desert’s off the mark on this one.

  66. Mass Effect Duece

  67. Want TvC this week.

  68. You guys know the rating on Blood Bowl?

  69. The Last Starfighter

    For a while I couldn’t see any pics on the site. What happened?

  70. Sounds like some good picks. ME2 has my eye

  71. What are you doing looking at websites, Starfighter? You should be out helping the Rylan Star League defend The Frontier from Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada!