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New Releases 12/19-12/25: DLC Under the Holiday Tree Edition

With the holiday season in full swing, gamers can look forward to a week filled with digital distribution. Is this merely clever counterpublishing designed to complete with overstocked retail shelves or could this be a harbinger of the coming year?

A World of Keflings (XBLA)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (DLC)
Fallout: New Vegas- Dead Money (DLC)

Alpha Mission II (PSN)
Art of Fighting (PSN)
Baseball Stars Professional (PSN)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam (DLC)
Fatal Fury (PSN)
Magician Lord (PSN)
Metal Slug (PSN)
Samurai Shodown (PSN)
Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People- Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner (PSN)
Super Sidekicks (PSN)
The King of Fighters ’94 (PSN)

Frobot (WiiWare)
Inkub (WiiWare)
Mario Party 2 (Virtual Console)

Cosmo Fighters (DSIWare)
Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (DSIWare)
Just SING! Christmas Vol. 2 (DSIWare)
Paul’s Monster Adventure (DSIWare)

No releases


DesertEagle’s Pick: Hopefully the collective price of all the Neo Geo titles being released on the Playstation Network is comparable to the $30 I paid for SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1. As a fan of Battlefield 1943, you can bet I’ll be running through the rice paddies Forrest Gump-style, trying to protect my team of Lt. Dans in B:BC2:Vietnam.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: The boxed releases may be few and far-between this time of year, but there are some great Neo Geo rereleases hitting the PlayStation Network this week. I for one can’t wait to grab a mug of hot cocoa and spend some quality time with Samurai Shodown, just like the old days.

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  1. I bet those PSN games will be at least $10 a piece. What was the resolution of the NeoGeo- Better than the Wii?

  2. I’ll probably grab Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam. Will it be $15?

  3. 1943 was a standalone title. Why are we paying $15 is we already own the game?

    Screw you, EA.

  4. Are the Neo Game games coming to 360 or just to PSN?

  5. Deagle, you going to review Vietnam?

  6. Whats the scenario for Dead Money?

  7. I was hoping for a full Metal Slug collection, like the Wii got. Just the first one? Meh…

  8. Where’s Karnov and Sages pick?

  9. Marty Party 2 the old N64 one? That could be fun.

  10. I guess I really need to finish up New Vegas so I can get ready for Dead Money.

  11. I’m debating on Mario Party 2. I enjoyed in pack in the day, but I’m not sure I’ll get $10 out of fun out the game now.

  12. Lets hope flying a helicopter is easier than 1943’s broken plane controls.

  13. World of Goo. Again.

  14. Yep, four maps with the 5th unlocked based on player activity.

  15. You guys should put the retail details since no new games are coming out in stores.

  16. I heard theres going to be some good sales on XBLA this week.

  17. Santa bag is full of DLC coal this year. I guess I’ve been naughty.

  18. What the next big retail game?

  19. I do like me some Metal Slug. Not enough to pay mpre than $8 or so, though.

  20. Not a very good week.

  21. Because you’re paying for the maps, not the code.

  22. If I can get a deal on a points card then I might get the New Vegas DLC.

  23. Maybe some Sam Sho. It better look good and be less than $10.

  24. The PSN Neo Geo games are $8.99 and the PSP versions (you have to buy both- deal killer if you ask me) are $6.99. They’ll be live in January.

  25. You guys NeoGeo is one word- capital N, Capital G.

  26. WHY?

    I’ll stick with my Wii/PSP collection then.

  27. NoGood?

  28. Lower the price $2 and then we’ll talk.

  29. I liked the first Keflings. Pretty addictive. I’ll give the demo a try.

  30. I loved the first Keflings. Hopefully they’ll fix the slowdown.

  31. It would be cool if Nintendo puts out a disk of the gamecube games.

  32. NothIng for me this week.

  33. I really think well see a lot more digital distribution next year. I hear RDR is coming out this week,

  34. Yeah I really liked the first game. It was pretty fun and relaxing.

  35. I’ll be getting Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam as soon as it becomes available.

  36. If we’re going to be super correct, it’s Neo-Geo. That’s how it’s spelled on every arcade machine and console that SNK produced.

  37. Discussion over!