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New Releases 10/4-10/10: Raging Reissue Edition

As if store shelves weren’t already reaching capacity this time of year,Fallout 3, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Wii Sports Resort are being re-released in packages that include either additional content or in the case of Resort, ancillary hardware. With so many new titles demanding our attention, we’ll stick with our faithful ‘incomplete editions’  time being.

Brutal Legend
Cars Race-O-Rama
Fallout 3 – Game of the Year Edition
MagnaCarta 2
Way of the Samurai 3
Where the Wild Things Are

Brutal Legend
Cars Race-O-Rama
Fallout 3 – Game of the Year Edition
Midnight Club: Los Angeles – Complete Edition
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Way of the Samurai 3
Where the Wild Things Are

A Boy and His Blob
Buck Fever
Cars Race-O-Rama
JU-ON: The Grudge – Haunted House Simulator
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Squeeballs Party
Where the Wild Things Are
Wii Sports Resort- 2 Wii MotionPlus Bundle

Cars Race-O-Rama
SingStar Latino

Cake Mania 3
Cars Race-O-Rama
Hero’s Saga: Laevatein Tactics
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Petz Pony Beauty Pageant
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Squeeballs Party
Where the Wild Things Are

Cars Race-O-Rama
Half-Minute Hero

Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures
Fallout 3 – Game of the Year Edition
Fate: The Traitor Soul
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy
NBA 2K10

DesertEagle’sPick: With rumblings of Game of the Year potential, Uncharted 2 looks to be a no-brainer. One admission- my inner RPG nerd is excited about MagnaCarta 2‘s hybrid of turn based and real time clashes. I’ll be clearing my week to bask in its battles.

TideGear’s Pick: Give me an amazing hybrid RPG like Knights in the Nightmareand I’m golden but, when it comes to traditional RPGs, I’m a tough customer. Luckily someone has distilled the essence of a traditional RPG (and a few other genres) into bite-size portions with Half-Minute Hero. Ever since I played the Japanese indie game that it’s based on, I’ve been excited for this PSP game.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: With a line-up this robust, it is difficult to pick one clear winner. However, Uncharted 2 and A Boy and His Blob still manage to stand out against a stellar collection of titles.

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  1. I’ve had Brutal Legend preordered for a month. No love for Tim Schafer’s latest? Are you guys not fans?

  2. Half-Minute Hero, even if the demo frustrated me.

  3. Uncharted 2 for sure!

  4. Way of the Samurai 3 might be worth a look.

  5. I love waking up to find the Sunday releases! Even those my PS3 is kaput, I really want to play Uncharted 2.

  6. A Boy and His Blob din’t come out last week?

  7. Any word on Where the Wild Thing Are?

  8. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, I loved the first one.

  9. I know it might not be good, but JU-ON: The Grudge – Haunted House Simulator has me curious. Will you guys review?

  10. I knew the screenshot would be Uncharted this week. I’m going with NOLA’s picks.

  11. Tabasco Bloodhound

    Which demo, there were two and I cleared both without too many problems.

  12. Yeah, that was was a huge hit in our house. I need to get that one as well.

  13. A video for Squeeballs Party for the Wii looked pretty good. Like Cooking Mama.

  14. I just noticed you’ve review ALOT more 360 and PS3 games that Wii games. What gives?

  15. I need a new DS game, but none of the new releases do naything for me.

  16. Not even mentioning Brutal Legend is amateur 😉

  17. UC2 for me.

    BTW- How do you guys feel about Kotaku using puns in their title now? There’s NHL 2K10 review was called Thin Ice Capades. I immediately thought of you guys.

  18. Brutal Legend (throws up the horns)

  19. I’m just surprised to see LEGOs finally out for the PC.

  20. Singstar Latino Songlist?

  21. One hasn’t been released, but we do know there’s songs about having unprotected sex and urination! I can’t wait.

  22. I though A Boy and His Blob was going to be Wiiware for some reason.

  23. Was Midnight Club: Los Angeles – Complete Edition released for 360? What’s the extra content?

  24. Olaf- Lost Viking

    Uncharted 2

  25. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games. I liked the first one.

  26. Is Buck Fever a hunting game?

    What titles will you guys be reviewing?

  27. Interested in Way of the Samurai.

  28. Is half minute hero more than 39 seconds long? 😉

  29. I still need to get a hoops game. 2k10 or Live?

  30. Adam Milecki - TideGear

    That’s a fair question. The problem is that I never really got in to metal much, so a lot of the humor is kind of lost on me. I dig Psychonauts!

  31. I’m getting U2 at 12:01 Midnight launch.

  32. Love the art style of Grim Fandango, and like Adam said I also loved Psychonauts.

    I played the demo of Brutal Legend and it felt like Mini Ninjas- a variety of simple gameplay mechanics to keep the player’s interest.

    I’m sure I’ll play it at some point.

  33. Where is it or how is it?

    I played a demo and E3 and couldn’t get too excited about the game. It was a decent looking platformer, with open stages between levels that you could mess around with.

  34. We didn’t invent the pun, and I certainly don’t think Crecente stole the idea from us. More power to them! More light-hearted humor and less snark sounds like an improvement to me.

  35. Any info on Hero’s Saga: Laevatein Tactics?

  36. Good point. It did feel like like fighting, driving, etc.

  37. Half Minute Hero, here I come!

  38. How much is the new Wii Sports Resort bundle?

  39. Its a SRPG. That I know.

  40. Whats included in the F3 GOTY edition?!?!