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More Bang for Your Five Bucks- RE5 Versus Mode Reviewed

In a move similar to the previous title in the series, completing Resident Evil 5’s main quest unlocks the Mercenaries Mode. This mini-game disregards narrative, offering a quick, arcade-like diversion where players must annihilate as many foes as possible within a time limit. Harking back to an era when games were about amassing high scores and chaining combos, the mode is an enjoyable divergence off the main path.

Whereas Mercenaries mode allowed players to work cooperatively, Capcom’s new Versus mode allows for some competitive bloodshed, albeit for a five dollar cover charge. This premium didn’t set well with many gamers, who balked at the release of this DLC so soon after the RE5’s release. For games that haven’t finished the story mode, this content allows players to jump right into this light-hearted minigame, which modestly expands the title with an additional rule set. Once the 1.8MB download is completed (a paltry 351KB on the PS3), the bottom option of the main menu shows players the new game modes.

Players must initially assume the role of either Chris or Sheva, and begin with the duo’s requisite loadouts. As players successfully finish the five minute scenarios, new characters and weapons become available. While Capcom claims there are four modes included with the Versus mode, actual differences are minimal. Slayers mimics Mercenaries gameplay, allowing players to string combos when they maintain continuous carnage. As long as players exterminate either a CPU-controlled or human enemy every ten seconds, the score multiplayer will increase. Survivor eliminates the combo building and concentrates on the butchery; it feels more like a traditional deathmatch mode. Additionally both modes allow team based play, thus doubling the amount of options.

Finding a competitor was quick on Xbox Live, and matches proved to be relatively lag-free. While matches lacked the vigilant weapon balancing found in a game like Call of Duty 4, RE5‘s limited amount of ammo made each game compelling. Sadly, when the match ended we were jettisoned back to the main menu, unable to play another game with the same participants.

Players expecting advancement upon RE5’s dichotomist move or shoot mechanic will be disappointed. Versus offers no progression in player control. Gamers who didn’t like the way character action was handled in the main game, while find little solace here. Still, those who thrive on competition may find enough content here to warrant a $5 purchase.

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  1. Already bought this a week ago.

  2. If they gave people a free map, then maybe I’d pick it up.

  3. Did Capcom ever admit/deny that the DLC was just a key.

  4. No new weapons or map? For shame Capcom!

  5. I’m sure they’ll have additional maps- for a charge!

  6. You cant adjust round times.

  7. Why the difference is file size for the two systems?

  8. I think it’s sick Capcom is charging $5 for this. It really should have been included.

  9. ^^ This 100%…good game but this should’ve been in the game.

  10. Not enough bang for my buck.

  11. The thing that pisses me off, is that as a HARDCORE RE fan, I spent 90 goddamn dollars on the collector’s edition, and Capcom doesn’t throw this in.


  12. Wow, you’d think if you bought that they at least comp you one. Damn, Capcom, between this and the SFIV costumes, you’re get getting very many fans.

  13. To all the complainers- If you think it’s too expensive don’t buy it, vote with your wallet, and stop your whining.

    Review seemed fair, you guys were critical, but not angry like some other small sites.

  14. I never liked the RE series, so this whole thing is amusing to me.

  15. Wow, quite the hot topic. And I don’t mean the store with the little emo wristslicers hang out.

  16. I bought it played it about four times and will probably never play it again. I guess it was worth the $5.

  17. MasterofLockPicking

    I bought it and feel dirty I gave Capcom my money now. I hope they use it to make SFV…

  18. What would be worse them charging $65 for the game, or offering a $5 optional download???

  19. Should be 1.99 tops.

  20. Funny title. Too bad it’s not enough BANG.

  21. That does suck. I really think they should take care of their true fans.

  22. I just cant get myself to spend the five dollars

  23. B-? Give that shiz a “F”!!!

  24. Thanks for the review. Joystiq seemed to love it.

  25. It’s been said many times, but I can’t willingly spend $5 on this…

  26. If they keep up this practice, gaming will be driven into the ground by greedy money hungry publishers.

  27. Should have been included in the game. Bad, Capcom!

  28. I might have to get this, objections be damned.

  29. I never liked the RE series , so this whole thing is amusing to me.

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  38. I love RE since the nineties.

  39. The graphics on this game look so awesome! It reminds me of COD4, one of my all time favorites. I’m really curious about the new one “black ops” we’ll see how it turns out. Too bad its not made by infinity ward.

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  41. looks cool, can you tell me where can i buy it?

  42. I do not think it is really bang for my 5 bucks. I do like RE series earlier version but this one is missing something for their true fans.

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