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Lost Planet 2 Photostream

On Thursday, May 6th, Hollywood’s historical Roosevelt hotel played home to an invasion of gamers as Capcom hosted the “Lost Planet 2: Kill Big for Charity” event. Hosted by Attack of the Show’s Olivia Munn, the festivities brought celebrities and gaming enthusiasts together in a hunt for the malevolent Akrid which persevered into the late hours of the morning. Tech-Gaming’s Ana Mendoza was on hand to capture the revelry in digital form, and to determine which foodstuffs contained the most T-ENG.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. first.


    Kidding, looks like it was fun.

  2. What kind of food and bring was there? Desert, did you get your free steak?

  3. Hows the game?

  4. Did you ask Olivia is she wanted to come on the podcast? If not, fail!

    What was the food like? Free liquor?

  5. No Jace Hall pics=fail.

  6. Why isn’t Ana ever on the podcast? You guys need a girl on the show.

  7. You guys are in the big time now going to Hollywood parties.

    Just like Shipwreck and his Vancouver trips.

  8. Ok, for the last time. Please stop taking picture of Mrs. Kabuchi without my permission!!!!

  9. Where’s the pics of NOLA, Karnov and Desert acting like fools, putting Demon’s Souls in the drive trays?

  10. Did you guys crash the event or were you invited?

  11. Cool deal guys, you lucky fools.

  12. Man, Olivia is fine. I’d eat a combo meal out of her butt crack.

  13. Why does it look like they added Olivia Munn’s name to the invitation at the last moment?

  14. Eyez on the Prize

    Cant wait for the Cooking Mama event.

  15. So the planet is missing or people just gave up on it?

  16. Blueberry Buttface

    Shit, put in HAZE, why give away a perfectly good copy of DS?

  17. The Lost Planet 2 party was awesome – some more pix/reactions from us here:

  18. So what would you guys give the game out of ten?

  19. Nice. How did you guys like the game?

  20. Johnny Thunder

    What’s “Music for Relief”?

  21. What other celebs were there besides Olivia Munn?

  22. Actually, we were all playing games at home, too bothered to go. Ana took the pics for us.

  23. Dude, check out who signed the check. Thats right- MegaMan!

  24. That’s a joke, right?

  25. Very cool. Would have loved to go.

  26. Did he sign with his megablaster or what?

  27. Wish I could have gone. Good pics Ana but try to get closer next time!

  28. Some of the photos look like anyone could have taken them.

  29. Yeah, always get in front of the other photographers, not behind them!

    Good job, though.

  30. Really? Who wouldn’t want to go?

  31. DS?

    Yeah, Haze would have been awesome!

  32. Were the drink made of glowing orange slimy stuff? That would have been so awesome!

  33. Hey Pennyman, when can we expect more Coin-Op TV LIVE???

  34. Whose that?

  35. Cool party. Wish I could have gone, but I got a restraining order on Munn. She’s my mad stalker.

  36. Not the best pics around for sure.

  37. Yeah, bad pics with too many objects in them.

  38. Going to get the game this week. I hope it’s good.