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Help Us Lighten the E3 Loot Load

                   Pictured: E3 Opening, Circa 2006.          Not Pictured: Attendees carrying six bags of ‘nerd-loot’.

As anyone who has ever attended the Electronic Entertainment
Expo knows, swag is ubiquitous at E3. From keychains, demos, and ultra-thin t-shirts,
the showfloor is the Garden of Eden of nerd trinkets. As our offices and
closets are overflowing with these items, we’ll be giving all that we grab

But since the shipping price of sending a mini-wiimote may
well exceed the worth the item, we thought we’d throw in a few more items to
make the giving worthwhile:

One Sumo Louge Omni Gaming Bag – Valued at $169! – Won by ActionJackson

One copy of Civilization Revolution for the Xbox
360 – Won by Dan Tha Man

One copy of Civilization Revolution for the
Nintendo DS – Won by KingNinja

One copy of Space Invaders Extreme for the PSP – Won by Unlickedcub

Three 1600 Microsoft Point Cards – Won by
Joker, Hector, and W1zard

One copy of MLB: The Show 08 for the PS3 – Won by Minordeath


To win one of these items, readers just have to leave a
comment in any article that has “E3” as a category. For the lazy, here’s a list
of articles that will be growing as next week show churns along. Please, no more than one comment per article. Winners will chosen at random on July 23rd, 2008.

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Can’t wait to see what new games E3 will bring :).

  2. E3 must be tons of fun. Have fun guys! I’ll also help lighten your load of loot. :-p

  3. Let me at some of that stuff!

  4. I can’t wait to hear about Rock Band 2.

  5. I hope there is some good new game announcements this year.

  6. Readers, don’t forgot to put your E3 predictions here:–electronic-sensory-predictions.aspx

  7. Name stealer! I’m all for freebies. I live way to far away to actually go to any of these places.

  8. I go to E3 three years in a row and don’t get shit. You go and it’s like Swag Heaven opened it gates and said, “Please, come in why don’t you!”

    I hate you! 🙂

  9. I’d love to take some of that off your hands, also some info on Dead Rising 2?

  10. That’s hard work for you!

  11. Saw this on CAG, and love one of those prizes 🙂

  12. I’ll gladly take all that off your hands!

  13. Man I’ve always wanted to attend E3 =(((

  14. Never been to an E3 myself, seems like it’d be a fun experience. Ah well, at least I get a chance to win some E3 swag.

  15. I’m pretty curious to what Nintendo and Microsoft will announce this year, hopefully DNF will have a release date and we’ll get Duke 3D on the arcade.

  16. Thanks for the opportunity to win the E3 swag!

  17. i’ll help

  18. Hoping for some upgrades and price decreases to the 360 myself. Waited long enough to get one.

  19. Let me take some of that weight! 😉

  20. That e3 swag looks neat 🙂

  21. I want some of the weight, its a group effort.

  22. This gamer would love to lighten your E3 load!

  23. Give it away, give it away, give it away now.

  24. Great list of prizes. I would probably be happy with any of them. Really wish I could go to E3.

  25. Sweet awesome. Could definitely use some more toys.

  26. Wow, E3 looks like it will be awesome!

  27. sweet, free swag. thanks alot for the chance to win 🙂

  28. Cool. I hope I can get something. xD I hope they reveal GH WT pricing at E3. >_>

  29. man…. I wish I could go attend E3….

  30. I’m definately jealous of you getting to go to E3 and I’m willing to help lighten the loot load!

  31. Share the wealth!

  32. Have fun in the E3 event, I wish I could go =(

  33. Ooh, I want a lounge gaming bag.

  34. your lucky.
    i wish i could attend e3

  35. i saw ur thread at CAG. I want some free schwag!!!

  36. Wish I could go to E3 but I’ll be more than happy to take some of your load of swag off your hands.:)

  37. Glad to see they are still pushing Shadowrun; such an under appreciated title.

  38. A Banjo Kazooie would be awesome!

  39. I want to visit E3 once…

  40. E3 always sounded fun. Wish I could go sometime.

  41. Awesome. Even though I live in L.A. I’ve never been to E3. Awesome site BTW.

  42. Would love to attend E3 myself sometime. Free swag from the event is good too, though.

  43. I am really excited about Guitar Hero 4, can’t wait for news about it.

  44. This is awesome of you to do.

    Be great to get some free swag.

  45. Definitely would be sweet to score some of that.


  46. Thanks for doing this. I hope I win.

  47. Loot that place like the green elf from Gauntlet!!!! lick the damn plate clean. You know, for your readers!!!!

  48. Oh my goodness, I would love to have one of those XBL points cards for some more DLC on Rockband! 😀

  49. man why couldn’t there be a E3 around the northeast, ill never be able to attend one

  50. I love E3. i can’t wait to here more on Far Cry2. Wish I could go, but you can make it up by throwing some swag my way.

  51. E3 is our Christmas without gifts.

  52. If you find a dirty chalice, don’t touch it. That’s not mud on the lip of the cup.

  53. Always wanted to attend E3. Here’s hoping I can at least score some schwag from there

  54. Very nice!


  56. Hard to believe that E3 is still this expansive after their big “we’re reducing our size!” mantra. Either way, I expect some awesome announcements as well as loot and swag!

  57. Loot lightening is a job for us all around. Vying for the PSP game though. Free loot is never a bad thing. Just one day, one day I hope to attend E3. Thanks

  58. Awesome! Thanks and I hope I win!

  59. w00t! for free l00t! fingers crossed for the MS points card but anything would be awesome! Thanks guys for the opportunity

  60. Thanks for the contest!

  61. Thanks for the contest guys and good luck to everyone

  62. Nice giveaway you have going!

    I’m hoping we see a swarm of new (good!) first and third-party Wii games. My PS3 and 360 have enough to keep me occupied for a bit longer.

  63. Very cool. Looking forward to the post-E3 CAG Foreplay.

  64. I’m a cheep ass gamer who would love some free goodies!

  65. I want to win!

  66. Have fun at e3.

  67. I’d be willing to take some of the loot off your hands.

  68. so yeah. you said something about free stuff? like, i would get something free, right? cause thats why im posting, here, in this site, to get something free. I wouldnt be posting here if i didnt think i’d get something for free, you know. I think it’d be in both mine and your best interest if you sent me something for free. cause you know, free stuff rocks. espiecially from friends, right? and you’re my friend, right? we’re buddy buddy? send me some free stuff then!

    atleast im honest….

  69. What’s hard work? Hating you??? Nah, that’s EASY!!! 😉

  70. let me have some loot yes?

  71. im going to win the e3 booty!

  72. Free stuff, kgo!?

  73. I post comment. I win prizes. I is happy.

  74. Comment!!!

  75. oh man i can’t wait to hear about whats going to be at E3 this year. i’m expecting big announcements this year.

  76. Thanks for the contest.

  77. Hope that they announce that Rock Band Japan is region free. Or at least some DLC of J-Rock for Rock Band 1/2

  78. Just found out about this site for the contest..but will prolly bookmark it now..

  79. E3 time is one of the best times of the year 🙂

  80. I hope you guys have fun this year at E3! Here’s hoping that you get to see lots of great games.

  81. Man, I would love the chance to go to E3.

  82. Omni beanbag chair ?
    I’ve wanted one forever, but just can’t afford one.
    Any free stuff would be cool however, please keep me in mind 🙂

  83. wow this is very generous of you guys

  84. Nice giveaway…the gaming bag sounds cool.

  85. Great give-a-way, I hope I can win something!

  86. Just so you guys know, this got posted over on CAG. The floodgates have been opened.

  87. nice giveaway i wish i had a clost full of games

  88. Nice, wish I could go E3

  89. I’m a sucker for game swag.

  90. I wish I could go to this, hopefully one day i can.

  91. Definitely an awesome idea, I always wanted an opportunity to get some free E3 swag! 😀

  92. do want beanbag chair

  93. “Nerd loot” is the best kind of loot.

  94. Awesome stuff, please do be sure to bring back any swag that’s Resident Evil related or just anything by Square-Enix, or well anything that’s just awesome really! 🙂

  95. woohoo e3 cant wait for some great announcements

  96. Wow, you guys are generous. I’ll do my best! =D

  97. I’ll take some e3 loot for a happy Christmas in July.

  98. free stuff will cure my AIDS.

  99. e308 has toped 07 by far

  100. i <3 swag!!1!

  101. Ahhh, E3 is greats. Swag FTW.

  102. I do love loot. Thanks DesertEagle

  103. C’mon sumo!

  104. thanks for the contest enter me also please

  105. i need some e3 swag

  106. Lol can’t wait for the new 360 dash. Nice stuff u got there. Id love to win.

  107. Woo, free stuff!

  108. everyone loves free swag…especially when someone else gets it for you!

  109. Awesome contest. I hope I get free swag!

  110. sweet coverage

  111. Woot! E3 rocked!

  112. I really wish that I could go but I have already heard so many good things out of this.

    Mega Man 9, Rock Band 2, Castlevania

    The list goes on…

  113. Oh man, I would love one of those Sumos

  114. Very cool of you guys to do this. 🙂

  115. I cant wait for Rock Band, and GH World Tour.

  116. Nice giveaway! Some nice stuff on that list.

  117. I will take one of everything.

  118. I hope to get to E3 one of these days.

  119. Thanks for the contest!

  120. I’m here for the loot, mang.

  121. I will share the weight of all that loot upon my shoulders!

  122. LOOT!!!!!

  123. I missed E3, again… Ugh! Random swag is better than no swag… 🙁

  124. woot woot gotta love free loot

  125. ill lighten your load

  126. A generous offer to allow us E3 pariahs to get in on the action. Thanks!

  127. tigerthe cat on gag

    i wnat the chair cause i dont have a good chair in my room and it hurts my ass e3 was cool!

  128. This website is awesome! Hopefully you’ll pick me! 🙂

  129. Hopefully I win, July 23rd is my birthday…you know…just in case you want to give a gift or something… 🙂

  130. Hopefully, I win something [= Else, best of luck to everyone else!

  131. Cool idea, thanks for the giveaway. Guess I’m finding out about this just in time.

  132. I want in! Gimme what ever you got, please!

  133. entering for some sweet items. Thanks!

  134. That’s a great way to get a chance to win E3 freebies for those of us who couldn’t attend E3 personally. Thanks!

  135. Jonathan Barton

    Ohhh Im really looking forward to that gaming chair, or civilization revolution for the 360.
    *crosses fingers*

  136. Woo this looks like a pretty good bunch of stuff

  137. Cheap ass gamer here needs some swag :P.

  138. Could I have some loot?

  139. Congrats to the winners.

  140. 🙁 nothing for me

  141. You guys are the shit! I love you! I just checked my email and almost pissed myself. First time Ive won anything besides $2 from a lottery scratcher.

  142. Man, I just wanted a stinkin’ t-shirt!

  143. Thanks, guys! Entered the code for points and downloaded Soul Caliber!

  144. Gracias, Tech-Gaming! You’re now my second favorite website. Sorry, but megarotic hold a personal place in my heart!

  145. Tech-Gaming is NUMBER ONE!

  146. Unless you didn’t win, and then it’s still good, but nor great!