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First Ten- Hoard (PSP)

Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of the PlayStation Network is the steady stream of innovative titles which are unavailable elsewhere. One striking example of that originality is Hoard– a game which offered the unlikely balance of accomplished score-attack runs, with the capacity for heated multiplayer competitions. This week, developer Big Sandwich Games released a PSP iteration of Hoard, which manages to capture most of the charm of its home console brethren.

While the portable version has been converted to a single-player diversion, the game’s ten-minute play sessions seem idyllic for gamers on the go. While you’re waiting for the full review, why not check out the first ten minutes to get a taste of the princess-poaching action?

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  1. First.

    BTW- This video is unavailable.

  2. Video banned. Too much Dragon tail. 😉

  3. Cool, but can you make the PSP part bigger? it’s a bit small.

  4. Never tried it, is there a demo for the game?

  5. Yes, fixed.

  6. One thing that drove me crash about the PS3 version was you could never tell then thieves where looting you. Did they make this clearer?

    (This kind of sucked, because your multiplier would drop)

  7. Owned at 9:55!

  8. Does the game slow down at all, then there’s four dragons?

  9. Does Sony require the PSP GO in the options screen? Thats all I see now.

  10. Can you zoom out? It looks like you could on the options screen?

  11. looks cool.

  12. I noticed the first game is $9.99, too bad there’s not a package deal.

  13. Soundtrack sound a little tinny. Is that your capture?

  14. Can you change the view at all?

  15. Keep these first tens coming.

  16. Looks kind of boring to me.

  17. If it drops to $7.99or less, I’ll grab it.

  18. Its probably the same as the PS3 version, an overheard angle. You probably wouldn’t want to change the camera, this lets you see the most screen arena.

  19. Mississippi Mike

    Yep, I like them.

  20. Sound like the volume was recorded a bit high. Keeping working on it, Deagle.

  21. Big sanwich?