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Eagle Eye- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Reviewed

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the 360 & PS3. Developer: Tiburon, Publisher: EA ESRB: E

Pity the lead developers working on the Tiger Woods series. Their responsibility is to improve upon an already admirable franchise that has been carefully refined for over a decade. While gamers typically have an extended laundry list of gripes for the yearly incarnations of hockey, basketball, baseball and football, the catalog of improvements for Tiger and company is amazing brief. Perhaps, that’s why beyond the alternate-universe of Hot Shots Golf, the PGA Tour series lacks serious competition.

It’s also means that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 doesn’t offer any radical changes from last year’s game. While there are a handful of small tweaks to the short game and the title’s already splendid visuals, it also seems that that the law of diminishing returns is starting to exert its decree upon the game.

In keeping with the functionality of the last few years of the PGA series, Tiger Woods contains two methods for hitting the ball. The ‘triple click’ simplifies swings by requiring players to tap a button once to initiate a swing, then again to set power, and a last press to measure accuracy. The second method uses the left analog stick to mimic a golf swing- players push down for a windup, and release by quickly pressing forward. Hook and slice are integrated by any variation from the vertical axis. Any lateral movement by the player will be included into the shots trajectory, and show via a handy graphic. Last year’s game seemed to favor the button pushers over the analog swing; the deliberate speed of the sequence allowed for inequitable proficiency. Now, the game has been tweaked to eliminate the advantage.

Tiger’s putting system has almost always had an even split between and proponents and critics. With the title’s ‘precision putting’ system, the title should win over a few more advocates. Forgoing the requirements for multiple putters, the game now gives player a handy power recommendation via a vertical meter. The new system wisely refocuses the reading the green rather than the percentages of putt distance. Within a few games we were constantly draining short-range shots on Tiger’s sixteen courses.

The series has always presented lush fairways, bushy roughs, and finely textured sand traps, but succumbed to the occasional framerate hitch. Now, hole fly-bys are buttery smooth, and border on the photorealistic. As a whole, Tiger Woods 10’s graphic engine seems to have been given a gentle renovation which has facilitated a general sense of fluidity and precision within the title. Character models skillfully display angst after a flubbed putt, or controlled exuberance after a particularly skillful shot. Our visual qualms centered on the simplistic looking divots, and a post-drive camera angle that looked skyward, giving little visual information on its exactitude. Audience members still seem to applaud in robotic unison, a quirk that isn’t unique to the Tiger Woods series.

While it’s clear that Electronic Arts has an interest in making residuals through downloadable content, a course creator would be a wonderful addition to the game. Far Cry 2’s, multiplayer map editor showed how versatile an environmental editor could be- why couldn’t something like this be implemented into Tiger Woods? Little Big Planet shows that users will still pay for professionally developed content, even when a steady supply of self-created material exists.

Short of a course editor, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is about as comprehensive and polished as a golf game can get. While owners of last year’s game may not feel the compulsion to buy this year’s entry, anyone else with the slightest interest toward golf should give the game a try. You’ll likely find that Tiger performs as well on the virtual links as he does in the real ones.

                                                 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was reviewed on retail Xbox 360 code.

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  1. I never play real golf, but I’m a huge Tiger fan. I’ve been meaning to pick this up.

  2. I didn’t now that you were a golfing fan DE. Good review.

  3. I’ve been playing the game pretty much every years since the PS2 days. I totally agree with your review- it’s a great game, but we need a course editor.

  4. I never really liked golf games, outside of the Wii sports one.

  5. I’m still debating on to get the 360 version or the Wii version with Wiimotion plus.

  6. Wow, I didn’t expect to see a sports game get an A- here.

  7. Who has it worse every year, the developers or the reviewers 😉

  8. Doesn’t it come with a magazine subscription. Is it to a gaming mag?

  9. How much are the DLC courses. That could make or break a purchase for me.

  10. Man, thats one of the worst IMHO. Get Tiger or Hot Shots to spare yourself.

  11. Whats so fun about hitting a little ball around the grass. Poor people who pay $60 for the privaledge every year.

  12. You get a choice of two golfing mags. No gaming mags 🙁

  13. What no eye of the tiger references?

    Beyond that, great review. I’m glad you didn’t get too deep into the golf terminology. I’m more of a casual follower.

  14. I hate golf with every fiber of my being, but I’ve nothing but good things about the Wii version, I might have to check that one out.

  15. I like the TW series, it’s the best sports game around IMO.

  16. Tiger Woods seems to come out EXACTLY when there’s not a lot of other games that interest me.

  17. They are usually around $6 bucks or so, pretty reasonable if you ask me.

  18. How many courses are there?

  19. Excellent review. I agree the TW series is like Tiger, at the top of it’s game.

  20. I love the series, I end up buying it every year. For some reason golf translates very well to videogames.

  21. I think you got a free one if you preordered at GS. Spyglass Hill, I think.

  22. I remember when the Tiger had the Tiger proofing feature which let players alter the courses. They should bring that back.

  23. 16 in all.

  24. First sale I see, I’ll be getting this. My favorite EA game.

  25. Yep the 3 click method is definatly harder now. I just noticed.

  26. I liked the demo even though i’m a terrible golfer in real life.

  27. Great review I’ll have to try this out.

  28. I don’t really understand the fascination with golf video games.

  29. Nice looking graphics, wish I had a 360.

  30. Great review. Course editor is definitaly needed.

  31. I got the itch for a new game and this might be just what I need.

    How many of the courses are new?

  32. So this is better than Hot Shots Golf? Or is it least wort getting is you have already have that one?

  33. Hows the training mode? I’ve never played any of the Tiger games, and worried the swing might be hard.

  34. Vampire Landlord

    This is the only sports game I dont feel bad paying $60 for because I get so much out of it. With the tourneys, players, and single player game theres a ton of content in there. It never gets old.

  35. HSG is very arcade-ish, while this ones more simy. Two made up words for ya.

  36. Just tried the demo. I’ll be getting the full game.

  37. It’s easy, my wife picked up the whole analog swing thing in minutes. In fact, she probably better than me.

  38. An A- seems a bit too high for a game that doesn’t add that much. B tops, IMO.

  39. Tiger, I buy your Gatorade, and razors, and now your game. You owe me.

  40. This or Juarez? Hmmm…

  41. Alexander Grape

    Bought it Sunday after reading the review. I played it about 8 hours straight, and how my 360 is giving me read errors, and looks like its about to die.

    Thanks, T-G 🙁