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E3. S. P. – Electronic Sensory Predictions

This afternoon, we solicited the assistance of our Nintendo tarot
cards, then we sought enlightenment from our Sony tea leaves, before finally gazing
into Microsoft’s mysteriously glowing orb. Future-peering is never easy, and while
the fog of time was thick, we tried to glean a few prophecies into next week’s announcements.
So, with one part honed clairvoyance, two parts refined speculation, and a dash
of insider info, we present our predictions for next week’s Electronic
Entertainment Expo:

Heaven Sword 2 will not be shown, nor announced, as it was quietly canceled.
Main character Nariko was replaced with a testosterone-fueled antagonist, if
focus groups are to be believed.

– Sony will show The Agency, its spy and espionage themed title.
SOCOM: Confrontation will be playable, and therefore Zipper’s true SOCOM sequel
will hardly be mentioned. God of War III will be announced, but not shown in
any other form besides a teaser trailer.

Little Big Planet, Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rim, and Wipeout HD
will all be playable. It will be interesting to see how Sony will handle the
two-pronged FPS attack of Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, but both games will be
at the show in fine form.

– PSP software will take a backseat, as Sony works on a system
to deal with the rampant piracy on the system. Could a DLC solution be in the
works? Still, Loco Roco 2 will be highlighted.


– The $50 price cut on the 360 Pro package has been covered by
the Wall Street Journal, so this should surprise no one. Other leaked info that
will be confirmed: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts will see an October release,
while Forza 3 will attract the gearheads in November.

– Microsoft’s business plan will remain copying the success of
its competition: The 60 GB hard drive and the Singstar-killer, Lips, are moves
culled from Sony’s playbook, while a motion controller and Mii-like avatars border
on desperate plagiarism. Gears of Wars 2 will offer little innovation, but will
garner a lion’s share of press coverage.

Too Human, Alan Wake, and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise will
all be playable on the showroom floor.


– The often speculated DS Lite redesign will prove to be just
a rumor. The GBA port is becoming increasingly popular for peripheral makers
from Guitar Hero:On Tour‘s fret button to the pedometer of My Weight Loss

Mario Super Sluggers will see an August release, while
Warioland: Shake It! will be on store shelves by mid-September.

Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing will be announced, and
possible demoed.  Nintendo will have a
slew of games that take advantage of the  board.

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Some pretty safe predictions, there!

  2. I don’t think Alan Wake will be there. I doubt that game will ever come out.

  3. I think MS’s motion controller is a hoax.

  4. I see a Team Ico project in Sony’s near future.

  5. I predict the food will suck.

    And much more DLC content.

  6. The motion controller is almost definitely a hoax. I don’t think Microsoft wants to be sued again lol.

  7. LOL at that great pic

  8. Alan Wake? It’s about damn time they show the game off, I haven’t seen crap for info since E3 2006. I was beginning to think that Remedy got sucked into a black hole or something.

  9. She won’t be seeing anywhere into the future with that RRoD happening on her crystal ball.

  10. Great confrontation will be playable. Please play it and see it it’s going to be gargabe, just the like other 2 titles where seth though he would change a perfectly good formula. This game has been psuhed back so many times it’s crazy. They said it’s going back to it’s roots, then today announce it’s going to appeal to millions of fans. Bunch of BS.

  11. Banjo Kazooie, instant classic?

    Gears of war 2 should be good.

  12. Great Comment FTW! hahaha

  13. In other words, Heavenly Sword 2 will be a brutally short mockery of God of War? Sounds plausible.

    I don’t see the MS controller and Mii-like avatars happening, unless the controller was shaped like an assault rifle, and the avatar was of a 300lb badass with a rocket launcher arm covered in blood and intestines.

  14. Last April, there was a HS2 focus group session, where a requirement was having played GOD1 or 2. Attendees were made to draw the ‘most bad-ass’ looking sword possible.

  15. GoW2 will be good no great. I still think the first one is a tad bit overrated.

  16. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts =meh

    Whats the last great game rare has made? You have to go back to before Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

  17. WTF happened to Wipeout HD I heard this was supposed to come last month? I haven’t seen anything on this.

  18. I don’t know, a digital avatar to take on Miis and Home. It makes sense for the audience those products target. The 360 is already established as a gamer machine, but it does not have the physical attraction that Wii offer, nor does it off the Blu-ray functionality that PS3 has, so these avatars and the motion controller could help fill the gap.

  19. Dennis D. Fatter

    HOME will not be shown!

  20. Home will never be shown… EVER!!!

  21. Funny, my 360 got the RRoD just after witnessing that picture….

  22. That $50 price cut on the 360 will be temporary until they’re of stock and can release the 60GB Premium model. I wish it were a permanent price reduction, but that’s not in the cards now. With the PS3 not dropping in price any time soon, there’s no impetus for Microsoft to do so with their console.

  23. Has Alan Wake ever been playable to the press?

  24. Sue Tech-Gaming…and Microsoft. They put a curse on it.

  25. Am I able to win if I already won Blast Works for you guys?

    If so I predict no Far Cry 2, Alan Wake. And no Capt Rainbow without a name change here. Too gay sounding.

  26. And sue Madden for the curse, and for putting out the same game every freakin’ year.

  27. GBA redesign would have sucked, but microsoft copying sony is no surprise. Thanks!!!

  28. Play Little Big Planet or else!

  29. MS – Halo 4, bluray addon, motion controller.

    Sony – SOCOM beta, new model with bigger hard drive, FF7 remake (well, this would count for SE).

    Nintendo – Wii Sports sequel, new Zelda game, new colors for Wii.

    lol some of my predictions are a little far fetch..

  30. Alan Wake is gonna be the new Duke Nukem…

  31. Being the first thing to load, that eye-catching picture is hilarious.

  32. wooooo for E3…..whats a E3? 🙂

  33. I predict your hand and feet will be sore after three days of E3 😉

  34. I hope the xbox 360 price cut is true!

  35. Me thinks Nintendo will own the show; MS’s hand has already been played.

  36. I’m not too sure on the Alan Wake deal….they will probably delay it even more.

  37. Need more monkeys

  38. Woot E3 is for the win!

  39. You know what we need? Pikmin 3.

    You know what we’re probably not going to get? Pikmin 3.

  40. What that needed was a “Finally a storage solution from Nintendo for the Wii” 😀

  41. wow i hope i win

  42. This is what Nintendo needs most, and is least likely to actually happen.

  43. I wonder if there will be a Metal Gear Solid 4 announcement for the Xbox 360?

    Animal Crossing and Star Ocean 4 are the ones I want to read more about.

  44. I hope to learn more about the new PS3 SKU that was rumored not too long ago. I heard they’re supposed to be shrinking the GPU to go along with the PSU, as well as the BluRay diodes to make things more inexpensive for Sony. Hopefully, that means less costs for the company, and more money to invest into strong third-party exclusive titles!

  45. Kid Icarus would definitely be interesting. Oh boy.

  46. Excited for LBP, Resistance 2, and Super Sluggers.

  47. Lips will be a must buy for me

  48. Houdini we are not

  49. Stick with your day job…dont think you have too much psychic ability.

  50. Heh, nice try on the guesses anyways.

  51. I wish Micro$oft would cut price on the 360 Elite model.

  52. Out of 26 predictions, you got 21 right, for an 80% average! Not bad, guys!!!!