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Not Quite Domesticated: Kukoos – Lost Pets

Kukoos – Lost Pets has the appearance of a top-tier platformer. But a multitude of blemishes keep the effort from offering uninterrupted enjoyment. A well-designed 3D platformer can be almost a magical experience. From Banjo-Kazooie, ...

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Twin-Stick Substance: Synthetik 2 previewed

Craving twin-stick action that’s a bit more cerebral than most reflex-driven titles? Synthetik 2 builds on the engaging foundations of its 2018 predecessor, requiring a quick trigger finger and more importantly, a prudent plan of ...

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Train Life: A Railway Simulator preview

Whether you’re racing down the rails from the confines of a cab or calling the shots from the confines of your company offices, Train Life: A Railway Simulator offers affordable, Early Access enjoyment that largely ...

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Age of Darkness: Final Stand preview

In need of a humiliation? If so, you might want to make Age of Darkness: Final Stand your next masochistic undertaking. Good luck with constructing a fortification that can withstand onslaughts of 70,000 simultaneous attackers. ...

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Orbital Bullet (Early Access Impressions)

With taut action, creatively conceived level structures, and more weapons, perks, and skills that most of its peers, Orbital Bullet’s Early Access release shows a lot of pugnacious promise. A developer once joked, “isn’t everything ...

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