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Warpips (Early Access) preview

From CastleStorm, Swords and Soldiers, to Metal Slug Defense, there’s a good chance you’ve played a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game. Even if you haven’t, the concept is rather easy to absorb. On each end ...

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Quinterra (Early Access) preview

The best Early Access titles feel virtually complete. Built on seemly solid foundations, these games might need just a bit of additional substance before making the leap toward a final retail build. Then, there’s a ...

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30XX Early Access preview

Mixing Mega Man X playability with some roguelike procedurally generated environments, 30XX is delightfully polished, even in its current state. There’s a multitude of ways that a procedurally generated Mega Man clone can go sideways. ...

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Eastern Exorcist Demonstrates the Right Moves

With a visual style that reassembles traditional Chinese shuǐ-mò (commonly known as ‘ink-and-wash painting’), the Early Access Steam release of Eastern Exorcist (Steam, $13.59, regularly $16.99) undoubtedly impresses. Backdrops are especially eye-pleasing, with players journeying ...

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Teeing Off with GolfTopia (Early Access)

First-rate simulations require little understanding of their source material. Take 1989’s SimCity, which tasked players with zoning residential, industrial, and commercial districts, as well as building streets, parks, and public service buildings. Even if you ...

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Danger Scavenger (Early Access) Impressions

Steam has a surplus of twin-stick shooter rogue-likes, so new challengers had better bring some creativity. Danger Scavenger isn’t bad, but its sole distinguishing feature is the accumulation of massive amounts of weaponry. In 2014, ...

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