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Age of Darkness: Final Stand preview

In need of a humiliation? If so, you might want to make Age of Darkness: Final Stand your next masochistic undertaking. Good luck with constructing a fortification that can withstand onslaughts of 70,000 simultaneous attackers. ...

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Orbital Bullet (Early Access Impressions)

With taut action, creatively conceived level structures, and more weapons, perks, and skills that most of its peers, Orbital Bullet’s Early Access release shows a lot of pugnacious promise. A developer once joked, “isn’t everything ...

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Order and Chaos Clash in King’s Bounty II

Seven years after the release of King’s Bounty: Dark Side, developer 1C-Softclub returns with a follow-up that updates some of the timeworn traits while preserving the series’ turn-base battles. Much like the Wizardry series, which ...

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Warpips (Early Access) preview

From CastleStorm, Swords and Soldiers, to Metal Slug Defense, there’s a good chance you’ve played a 2D side-scrolling real-time strategy game. Even if you haven’t, the concept is rather easy to absorb. On each end ...

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Quinterra (Early Access) preview

The best Early Access titles feel virtually complete. Built on seemly solid foundations, these games might need just a bit of additional substance before making the leap toward a final retail build. Then, there’s a ...

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30XX Early Access preview

Mixing Mega Man X playability with some roguelike procedurally generated environments, 30XX is delightfully polished, even in its current state. There’s a multitude of ways that a procedurally generated Mega Man clone can go sideways. ...

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