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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.

Pumpkin Jack review

With franchises like MediEvil and Maximo: Ghosts to Glory dormant, Pumpkin Jack is a plucky upstart poised to claim the Halloween-theme action-adventure crown. He doesn’t ‘squash’ the competition but provides a noble inaugural effort. In ...

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Jetboard Joust mini-review

With an affordable price and play that supports numerous playthroughs, Jetboard Joust is a satisfying, arcade-style shooter with roguelike elements. Don’t make the mistake of assuming Jetboard Joust is spiritual successor to 1982 arcade smash, ...

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Tears of Avia review

Held back by a few balancing issues and other minor transgressions, Tears of Avia could have benefitted a bit more playtesting. But what’s here is probably pleasant enough to attract SRPG fans- on at least ...

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UPPERS review

Resisting the serious tone of most three-dimensional brawlers, UPPERS is a spirited street fighting affair where playing to your fans is just as important as the fisticuffs. Released with the abruptness of a sucker punch, ...

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New Releases: October 22nd-28th, 2020

From the concluding entry in the Trails of Cold Steel series, a return to Oddworld’s RuptureFarms, and the Transformers taking on turn-based tactics, this week brings a number of notable new titles. Beyond these headlines, ...

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Terror Squid mini-review

Terror Squid is an interesting concept but expect the enjoyment to be as fleeting as a plate of fresh calamari shared with several famished friends. With a faux-vector graphics visual style reminiscent of Geometry Wars, ...

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Crown Trick review

While the try, die, repeat cycle feels familiar, the rest of Crown Trick’s execution is unique. Fans of turn-based title should appreciate the sense of dominance that comes with the powers of defeated foes and ...

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Shoot 1Up DX (Switch) mini-review

Elevated by an ingenious play mechanic that lets plays shift between a tight formation of ships or a loose formation of firepower, Shoot 1UP DX shouldn’t be overlooked by fans of the genre. In their ...

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