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April Fools from Circuit City

Let’s see- $59.99-$15.00=$49.99 ?!?!

Let’s hope those Firedog guys that are responsible for fixing your beloved PC are not the same ones who created this troubling ad. The Call of Duty 4 price isn’t exceptional as Activision is bringing out a Game of the Year Edition, which at $59.99, will include a code to download the four new multiplayer maps that should be available on April 3rd. No fooling.

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  1. Nice. Circuit City fails, that’s why the cashier get confused by the 33% off sales.

  2. Retards, what do you expect from Circuit Shitty? I mean has anyone ever got good customer service from the store?

  3. Ok, at least your site wasn’t trying to fool us, nice. It seems like very site on the ‘net has their little April Fools jokes.

  4. You guys are fool, if you think Circuit City can subtract. If people had an education they wouldn’t be making $7 an hour at the Red Tower o’ Shit.

  5. Nice. LOL!

  6. Man, idiots!!!!

  7. Circuit City- Home of the Fire-tard.

  8. CC>Best Buy any day

  9. I’m not surprized. Everytime I go into Circus City the games are in no particular order, and no one wants to help me.

    The girls that work in customer service are rude, grumpy, and often pregnant. Maybe that’s why they are grumpy.

  10. I think it’s Circuit City that has a big letter on their price tags. No idea what that signifies, but one time I went in and saw a copy of Manhunt. Only the stick with a big “C” was covering the ‘manh’ part of the title. That was pretty funny.