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An Unreal Hero: MagnaCarta 2 Review

I was recently extolling the virtues of the Japanese role-playing games to an acquaintance who appreciated more action-oriented diversions. He explained that while he had neither issues with androgynous characters design nor a derivative plotline, combat handled through a menu system left him disinterested. “More RPG’s should be like the Legend of Zelda [series]”, he stated, “those games would have never been as successful if Link just picked different commands.”

Had this conversation occurred before the release of MagnaCarta 2, I would have had been able to make a convincing contention. The recently released 360 RPG forgoes many of the archetypal RPG tropes- from the elimination of turn-based combat, to an insistence on arduous level-grinding. Yes, MagnaCarta 2 dexterously straddles the space between traditional JRPG, and it’s more western equivalent- games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Champions of Norath.

Considering the game’s Korean origins, MagnaCarta 2’s plotline of a rift between Northern and Southern forces seems overtly figurative. As each faction obstinately clings to their beliefs of moral supremacy, we are introduced to Juto, an amnesiac young man from the South. He is the archetypical reluctant hero, unable to pick up a proper sword until his homestead is devastated, and his sister-like mentors are attacked. While MagnaCarta 2’s plotline nearly treads into soap opera-like territories, with characteristic twists common to the genre, the title’s character development is to be commended.

MagnaCarta 2’s mission system allows for a series of requisite and optional quests in specific areas of the map, until another piece of the game world opens, typically via a boss encounter. Players are allowed to acquire multiple simultaneous missions, which saves a lot of the backtracking this is customary of the RPG genre. Although the game world isn’t particularly vast, gamers are given both a map of the immediate surrounds, and a more detailed view with a press of the back button.

Abstaining from the random boss encounter that frequency occurs within many RPG’s, MagnaCarta 2 often gives players the option of vanquishing an environment’s enemies, or even walking right past the foes. By default, the player’s team is set to a hurried pace; a press of the left trigger readies weapon and slows the party’s walking speed. Without an unnecessary transitions or load-time pauses, gamers may then attack opponents with real-time strikes. Players accustomed to mindless button-mashing will quickly discover MagnaCarta 2’s battle system holds furtive depth- simply hammering on an attack button will cause protagonists to overheat, and leave them defenseless. The title also incorporates a compelling chain mechanic which allows players to cycle through party members just as their stamina is about to deplete, initiating a devastating combo attacks. However, players that miscalculate their attack, can leave two characters vulnerable, putting the gamer at immense risk. Overall, combat is consistently immersive, and capably executed; the sporadic A.I. subordinate who inexplicably gets obscured behind an obstacle is the mode’s only drawback.

By utilizing the Unreal 3 engine, MagnaCarta 2’s visuals compare to the now-gen sumptuousness of titles like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Character models are impeccably rendered, while the title’s enemies are some of the most imaginative beasts seen in the genre. While the title’s voice acting is certainly agreeable, some lines suffer from a lack of continuity- volume and tone can change noticeably during conversations.

Players fatigued from the similitude of role-playing games, are highly encouraged to seek out MagnaCarta 2. With a distinctive battle system, opulent visuals, and a lengthy quest duration, the title may have the ability to persuade disenfranchised players that the RPG market isn’t entirely stagnant. Like the emblematic protagonist common to the genre, MagnaCarta 2 might be the unlikely hero who emerges as a triumphant liberator.

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  1. I was waiting for your review, DE. Great job!

  2. You guys are PLAY got it, the rest of the world didn’t. Good job.

    I bought this on release day, not expecting much. Man, what a great game. The combat system is incredible.

  3. The bottom pic looks cool, but themiddle one is just a FF ripoff.

  4. You should do a dual review on RPG, but then that might take 80+ hours.

  5. Hmm, I’ll have to look into this one some more. I never really heard any buzz on it.

  6. Man, I really want this, but so many other great games are coming out right now.

  7. This might have to hold me over until FFXIII. Good review!

  8. Does this have anything to do with Tears of Blood?

  9. How the magic/spelling casting? Are there ranged weapons in the game, too?

  10. I heard this comes on multiple disks? How many are there? You don’t have to change disk often do you?

  11. Olaf- Lost Viking

    Great review. So much better than the 6.8 IGN bashfest.

    Erik Brudvig shouldn’t be reviewing Tijuana toilet stalls.

  12. Good review, but I always check oout other site, they seem to be bored by the game.

  13. So if you don’t do all the side quest, how long is the game?

  14. The number 40 on the robots face (in green) is freaking me out.

  15. No the games are totally different, and this one is much better.

  16. Two disks, you play through one part of the game, and then switch to the other disk. Thankfully, there’s no swapping.

  17. Who is Erik Brudvig, and what is this man’s fasciation with Mexican bathrooms?

  18. Im waiting on this game. It will drop in price. It’s not like people are rushing out over this one.

  19. This is one of the better reviews I have read for the game. You don’t seemed tired of JRPGs.

  20. Sorry, but most sites are calling this game a bore. Even though you liked it, I’m going to have to go with the majority here. I’ll rent it to make sure, but I think you’re hyping this one too much.

  21. LOL!

    He’s the IGN review. I think the poster meant to say he SHOULD be reviewing TJ toilets.

  22. I’m interested in Magna Carta 2 but not at $50.

  23. I din’t notice that until now. Don’t know if it’s 40, but it is weird.

  24. My main problem is Namco selling DLC for the game. Why do they always nickel and dime gamers?

  25. Why kind of DLC are they selling? Is it necessary to play the game?

  26. Looks like a lot of other games. I still need to get Star Ocean for the 360.

  27. Most sites are saying the camera is pretty borked. Is this true?

  28. Good review! Are you going to cover the game’s DLC, too?

  29. Seems like the 360 never quites gets great RPGs, just good ones.

  30. You guys love RPGs way too much. I have to agree they are boring. Even with realtime combat.

    I never even liked Zelda that much.

  31. Hopefully, they’ll be a deal on it in the next week weeks.

  32. Sometimes it seems that western consoles are lucky to get JRPGs. You’d think the PS3 would have more RPGs by now, at least.

  33. is this coming to the ps3 at all?

  34. Get Demons Souls. It’s all the action RPG you could want.

  35. You sure love those RPGs, Deagle! One of these days I’ll have to try one.

  36. Nice review. The combat sounds really fun.

  37. I see what you did with the title. Pretty sneaky!

  38. What does the English manifesto have to do with a JRPG?

  39. They really need to bring a directors cut to PS3.

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  45. I wouldn’t consider Zelda a true RPG. There’s no leveling up, and the combat is all action/puzzle.

  46. Glad to hear about the combat. I like the stories in rpgs but battles put me to sleep.

  47. I don’t understand why reviewers don’t like this game? It deserves at least a 7. Anyone who likes Asian RPGs will like this. I know I would much rather play this than Fallout 3.

  48. i like just about any RPG
    i think alot of these should and deserve a betta ratin man i mean come on let the RPG live.

  49. Awesome review. I love JRPGs, so might have to try a KRPG!

  50. I love me some eastern RPGs, and I’ve been sleeping on this one. Time to take care of that.

  51. I get the title- Unreal engine- Unreal Hero. Pretty sneaky there, deagle!

  52. Anyone who uses the term similitude in a review is either too damn smart or a little bit carzy.

  53. nice review. I’m dying to try this one out.

  54. Seems like this game din’t get the recognition it deserved. Damm you critics and you’re hatred for JRPGs!

  55. I gotta admit, I saw this on the GS shelfg and passed on it. Now I regret that decision.

  56. Cheetos - God of Cheese

    Man, I love the art style of the game. Gorgeous!

  57. Thanks for the giveaway! Keep ’em coming!

  58. Looks like a great game. I ws worried that the engine wasn’t good enough for an RPG.

  59. Yeah, the art is nice.

  60. Despite all the other big releases, I’m still playing this one.

  61. Minister of Murder

    Ok, who took the girls with the huge cans off the American release? Bring me their head!

  62. Desert, you are the god of game reviews!

  63. I hardly knew anything about this game, but after reading this I really want to check it out! 😀

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  66. The Art direction alone makes it a worthwhile buy…that’s how they got me with the original MC.

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  75. tears of blood was awful. i was hoping it was good but it wasnt

  76. I’ve been interested in this since we got it in stock at work but I’m pretty sure we still have that one copy. Oddly the price hasn’t been going down so maybe it’s selling better in other areas.

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  105. Battle system looks interesting, I’ll have to give this a play sometime.

    BTW, am I the only one who finds it annoying that this is Magna Carta [i]2[/i] despite being the third Magna Carta game?

  106. Been debating on getting this for a while. The screenshots remind me of Lost Odyssey. Nice review! Thanks!

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  122. This looks promising. If only I had enough money to get all the good games that have come out.

  123. I got the game about a week ago, and I have to tell you guys, it’s one of the best 360 RPGS out there. At least as good, if not better than Blue Dragon.

  124. seems interesting. got decent reviews I think….

  125. Hmm… something to add to the already too long wish list.

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  130. I really hope the series gets a third game.

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  144. Decent voice acting? Spiffy rendering and visuals? A JRPG that got graded above a C this generation?! I’d love to check this baby out!

  145. I am surprised about the positive review. I thought this game would be another mediocre cookie cutter jrpg, but now I’ll have to check it out when there’s a price drop.

  146. Good review. Thanks!

  147. Interesting. The first one sucked but this one looks like a massive improvement. Great review.

  148. Awesome review, never played the first one but heard its not that good but magna carta 2 sounds really fun. Great review

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  150. Great Review.Hope it does turn out better then the 1st one

  151. Hell yes, this game looks sooooo good.

  152. Great review. I look forward to playing this game as soon as I can despite my huge game backlog.

  153. The more RPG’s on the 360, the better!

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  155. This game is totally on my radar now, looks awesome.

  156. It looks like it might be interesting. You use too many adjectives and for lack of a better word, “fancy words” in your review. A simpler style would convey your message better.

  157. I enjoyed the first game, and it seems the sequel looks to be an improvement over the flaws of the first.

  158. I love the art and style of this game. Got to try a little of it and it seemed like something I’d like to play.

  159. The first was a bit iffy, but the second is definitely something i’d want to try out.

  160. I actually was able to play Magna Carta 2 at a friends house and got quite far in the game. I enjoy these types of JRPG’s quite well. Even though one wierd part was Celestine, and Argo and their relationship. One lives up to 30 years tops, while the other lives up to 300 years, and is already 60. He’s twice the age of her.

  161. Im def. digging the art style for this game. I’ve heard its pretty solid too from various sources. My girlfriend is also going berserk about this game haha.

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  175. No Country for Old Gamers

    One of the year’s better RPGs. I loved nearly every minute of it, and the art style was amazing.

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    I guess a lot of people are interested in the game.

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  190. Matther Massimillo

    Nice review. Game seems interesting, haven’t played a good RPG in a while.

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  200. Great review. I find this game to be incredibly underrated. I’m on the second disc right now, but the brisk pace is what sets this apart from all the other JRPGs that are sitting on my shelf. It’s not groundbreaking, but it has its strengths. Perhaps most importantly, I don’t ever feel tired of playing it.

  201. Nice review, I really wanted this game since I played the first one back in the day on PS2 but the lack luster reviews out scared me away from the game XD

  202. Wow, MagnaCarta 2 was not on my radar at all but it is now. Thanks for the great review.

  203. Yikes, the first one was fun, i had no idea a second one was even coming out.

  204. Glad to see this is getting some love! I finished it about a week ago. One of the best next-gen RPGs around.

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  214. I couldn’t figure out if the main characters friend was a man or woman for the first 30 minutes of the first game >_>

  215. Great, informative review. I had a passing interest in the game, but now I am definitely intrigued by it. 🙂

  216. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  217. I’m currently playing this now, and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. Leaps and bounds ahead of MC1.

    I’m not finished yet, but so far I’m in agreement with the review. The story started off a little slow, but it picked up pretty quickly. Battles are fun as well.

    I don’t think you mentioned the game’s soundtrack though. Which in my opinion is very good. It fits well with the environments, and helps set the atmosphere.

    It’s a shame this game seems to be getting ignored. The reviews from the big sites don’t help much either(1up’s is particularly bad. Did the guy even play it?).

    Sorry for the long-winded post. All in all though, Magna Carta 2 is not the best game out there. It is however a solid RPG worth a play.

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    Having played the first game, and somewhat enjoying it, I wondered about this sequel. Good to have a positive review to help when I get a chance to look for this game.

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  226. Christopher Jacobs

    This game looks amazing!

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  252. Anthony Gilliam - Antdogg50

    This game looks good… I haven’t heard too much about it and now I will probably pick it up.

  253. I actually kind of overlooked this game because the original left a bitter taste in my mouth, but since this one looks radically different (in a good way…especially combat) I think I should give it a shot.

  254. I always liked the first game and new battle style is unique enough that i might enjoy it

  255. Nice review! Never played the first one, but this looks interesting!

  256. I was a big fan of the original on the PS2 and I am so happy they decided to bring the sequel over.

    Thank you for the review! I’m glad this one looks to be better than the first.

  257. Thanks for the review, this is one I’m sitting on the fence about… I hope I win so the decision is made for me 🙂

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  273. well,
    I played the frist one
    it was ok, but I think the bugs they have in there was horrible

    2nd one seems to be ok
    I like it its good game

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