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Aki the Cat Goes to GDC

If you’re like us, you’re probably burned out on GDC news and videos. But trust us, you’ll want to watch this one. Instead of throwaway Gears Of War 2 imagry, this clip features wild animals, catchy music, footage from the Moscone floor, and what appears to be an overzealous PR rep from Sins of a Solar Empire. Thank Tech-Gaming fan, John Cozen and Aki for the clip.

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  1. That’s one badass cat!

  2. Anyone know the name of the song? It is pretty catchy.

  3. Complete Halo nerd at :29 Paper Machete Chief is that you?

  4. Millions of Galaxies…Clinton…not being paid as a movie star…WTF

  5. Someone pay that guy pronto!

  6. Expected more GDC footage., and less talking cats.

  7. That cat is my ex-girlfriend reincarnated.

  8. That would be ‘Start being Nicer’ by The Torpedo Boyz

  9. The clip makes GDC look like a bunch of crazies.

  10. Funny, love that dude at the end.

  11. That cat is soo cute. Looks like one I had when I was younger.