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Agent Provocateur- Alpha Protocol Review

Regrettably, most games which have depicted the espionage business have focused on visceral rudiments. Although players have been offered exhilarating car chases and gratifying gunplay, the more cerebral exploits of the spy trade are often overlooked. After years of skulking around as Sam Fisher or mimicking Heavys in Team Fortress 2, players deserve an opportunity to use their intellect to circumvent a global catastrophe, woo an insidious femme fetale or even hack into a fortified computer network. As decades of action games illustrated, any common goon can muscle his way through an impasse.

Recent release Alpha Protocol succeeds in its execution of the highbrow elements of cloak-and-dagger work, allowing players to make dialog and conflict choices that can have a significant effect on the trajectory of the storyline. Each conversation presents players with multiple responses- professional, suave, or aggressive relies which drastically affect how each character perceives you. Occasionally, you’ll be presented with different course of actions- should you pardon, arrest or execute a shifty arms dealer? Kill him and you may save hundreds of lives – yet consequently, a branch of missions which would have been developed from coerced intel, suddenly disappears from existence. While a number of titles have tried to employ a butterfly-effect model into their story logic, few have been successful as Alpha Protocol; at such the game demands multiple play-through to admire the breadth and complexity of its interconnected world.

With the intricacy of creating alternative realities, it’s clear that developer Obsedian Entertainment had to limit the scope of Alpha Protocol. Although players can tweak protaganist’s Michael Thorton’s appearance, the title doesn’t permit the creation of a unique avatar. As a consolation, players are given five background choices for the lead character (soldier, covert ops, tech specialist, freelancer, and rookie), each with a distinctive skillset that favors specific types of play.

Less pardonable is Alpha Protocol‘s action which presents a consistent stream of quirks. While these idiosyncrasies blemish the title’s aspirations of immersion, none are severe enough to ‘break’ the game. Through each mission, players may rely on gadgets, stealth, or a impatient trigger finger to surpass a myriad of minions. Although the high-tech appliances are gratifying, the devices are scarce enough to force Thorton to employ the other two methods of conflict management. While stealth may seem like the requisite approach for guiding an operative, the mechanic can be decidedly uneven- corpses in camera range may not trigger alarms, yet a tiny peek around a corner may alert a guard twenty yards away. Disappointingly, the game’s last option- ballistics, isn’t free of peculiarity either. Some players may balk at the game’s reliance of statistical number crunching to determine whether a bullet hits its target. Fortunately, solace can be found is the game’s critical shot, employed when the aiming reticule is held over an enemy. However, Alpha Protocol‘s weapon’s balancing cannot be overlooked- assault rifles are the weapon of choice, as even augmented pistols  and SMGs offer very little accuracy or stopping power.

Even more irregular than the title’s combat selection is the game’s thickheaded AI. While foes can sporadically demonstrate super-human perception (such as when a unperturbed soldier  tossed a grenade in my direction) quite often their combat training seems deficient, making them undemanding fodder. As such, players can expect a recurring display of Keystone Kop-styled bumbling, from antagonists running in circles when alarms are tripped to forgetting how to operate a ladder.

Peer beyond the occasional texture pop-in, and the lead character’s rudimentary hunch (employed whenever sneaking), Alpha Protocol will reward players with some well-drawn environments, the occasional  graphical flourish, and even some well-rendered blood. Complementing the game’s visuals is BT’s evocative score and some solid voice acting, with each performer delivering a convincing performance.

If players can look past Alpha Protocol‘s imperfections, they’ll discover a gratifying journey filled with double-crosses, outrageous conspiracies, and an intriguing cast of characters. Look past these weaknesses, and you’ll uncover a title that begs for several playthroughs, as the game’s beauty isn’t found within its action or its visuals, but rather buried in its stunning intricacy.

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  1. Good review. Sounds like a mix of good and bad.

  2. Some parts sound interesting enough. I hope they fix they game with a patch or sequel.

  3. How long is the game from start to finish?

  4. Got it today. All I can say is..stick with it!!! The game gets better 2-3 hours in.

  5. Why is the guy pooping bullets in the bottom pic?

  6. So it’s more talk that shoot? If I wanted that I’d play a Bioware game.

  7. Thanks for the review. I’m amazing you didn’t work with Boatcrash for this one.

  8. I had this preorder for months now. It sounds like it wont disappoint.

  9. Were there are preorder bonuses with this one? Extra weapons or junk like that?

  10. The fact that you can kill or arrest people makes this very cool. I wish all games had options like that.

  11. I’m thinking I’ll wait for a sale.

  12. I guess you guys aren’t sega fanboys after all.

  13. Whatever happened to Sony’s Agency?

  14. As long as you get to kick ass and bed women, sign me up.

  15. Which looks better the 360 or the PS3 version?

  16. Ive been curious about this since I first heard about it. Do you think its worth the $60.

  17. a B- seems good considering the problems with the game. I’m glad to hear none kill the game.

  18. I’m playing it right now. The game is mixed but fun most if the time. If they could just patch the AI.

  19. Your right there hasn’t been many good spy games. I guess Bourne was ok.

  20. Barking Mad Duck

    The graphics look better than I would have suspected. I remember on most of the podcasts, people were hating on this game.

  21. Ever notice how this question gets asked for every multiplatform game?

  22. Bottom pic needs a caption:

    “That’s for the Pacifier, Vin”

  23. So you cant be a female spy? Thats kind of disappointing.

  24. I heard it’s still coming out. They’ll probably say something during E3.

  25. Honestly, this sounds better than I expected.

  26. Whiskey for breakfast

    Its got talking and shooting. No surprise Desert likes it.

  27. Thsi review didn’t really say it was a RPG, you really need to tell people that.

  28. Wasn’t cloak and dagger than old movie that had the Wonder years kid playing a game in it?

  29. DragonScale404

    Like some of the other people said, this one you need to stay with. The first half hour is awful. The next hour gets better, then after than, it’s really fun.

    They should have tried to hook players from the start, GOW style.

  30. Second one— “Now where did that globe go?”

  31. He likes blowing stuff up, too.

    Yeah, I kind of wish this was a two-man review since it does move into his favorite territory.

  32. Sounds fun, I might pick it up when I finish whats on my plate, and the price drops.

  33. How long does it take to play?

  34. Is there any PvP stuff in the game?

  35. Dingos Ate My Baby

    Good review. I remember hearing about this one months ago. Does anyone know the reason for the delay.

  36. Anyone worried about New Vegas now?

  37. Any plans for a contest?

  38. Good review, sounds like something I’d like. Different from all the other FPS out there.

  39. Sound like a must-rent, but not buy game.

  40. I actually expected a slightly higher score on this one.

  41. Ultra Violence

    Can I win again , if I just won another contest?

  42. I really, really want to play this game. Really like these mass effect like RPG games.

  43. Thanks for the review, Deagle!

  44. Looks like a great game!

  45. Liked your review. Like to hopefully play the game.

  46. Game seems to get alot of hate but looks pretty good.

  47. This is one of the few positive reviews I’ve seen of this game so far. I had high hopes for this title, but the reviews came out and my interest waned. After reading this review I think I need to at least go give this game a rental and see if it is something I will enjoy. Thanks.

  48. I remember seeing that ad for the game so many times at Hulu. It made it somewhat interesting. Thanks for the review!

  49. Nice review guys. I need to check this site more often for game reviews.

  50. Will most likely be a rental for me. Thanks for the review.

  51. Nice review.

  52. Nice review I want to play this game!

  53. Nice review, but will probably pick it up later in the year.

  54. Cant wait to play this! Great review!

  55. I’ve been interested in this game, but I think now I’ll wait on it.

  56. Great review. I really like your reviews on this site.

  57. Nice review I was extremely skeptical about this game but it actually doesn’t seem that bad.

  58. I’ve been interested in this game for awhile, but delay after delay got me kind of worried. Eventually to the point where I stopped caring, and even canceled my pre-order. However, as of late, I’ve been hearing a lot of good about the game, but also a fair share of bad. It seems like although the game is there at the core, it’s still a slightly buggy mess.

    I’m not sure what to think, but thanks for the review, I enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll eventually pick this up.

  59. Sweet review!

  60. Sounds like a fun game if you can get past some of it’s negatives..Great review as always!.

  61. The bugs don’t bother me so much, but I really wish they would fix the AI.

  62. I haven’t been following this game very closely, so I was surprised to see it was published by SEGA. Perhaps I’ll pick it up once there’s a price drop.

  63. Glad to see you focused on showing us what’s good about the game, rather than just the negative points. I think people are going into this game expecting a 3rd person shooter, and not at RPG-esque experience.

  64. Great review.

  65. Wow! Looks like an amazing game! Can’t wait to be done with Call of Duty. Justs gets to be the same old same old. This looks so fun!

  66. Eh, at best this game seems like a Mass Effect knock-off. At worst, I wouldn’t waste me time.

  67. Looks and sounds incredible!

  68. This game has mixed reviews, but your review has me very interested. Thanx!

  69. Good review. Sounds like a game I would enjoy, but the issues it has mean I’ll wait until it’s $20 or $30 before I even consider buying it. A game that doesn’t seem fully complete and is lacking any sort of polish does not merit a full price purchase.

  70. I am absolutely looking forward to this.

  71. Still not sure about this one. Good review though.

  72. good point. This is a perfect example of a great $19.99 game, but $60 is too much.

  73. Nice review. I cannot wait to get my hands on this!

  74. The reviews for this are soooo mixed. You are one of the few that have pointed out the positives of this otherwise bomb. I am interested in trying it out myself though. Good review.

  75. This game has potential!

  76. I was excited for this at first. Especially after seeing some of the cutscenes. After seeing some of the gunplay though, I started to get worried. After a few very negative reviews, it pretty much dropped off my radar. I have been hearing from other people that it’s not all that bad though. Kinda like Mass Effect 1 where the combat wasn’t that great, but the rest of the game made up for it. Now, I’d really like to try it if I can get it for cheap. And hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised, and that there’ll be a sequel that fixes all it’s flaws like ME2.

  77. It’s still intriguing based on the setting.

  78. Nice review. =)

  79. Game looks interesting but I am just not convinced it’s worthy of $60.

  80. Its good to hear a decent review for the game. It has some bad elements but there are alot of good elements. Its seems like most every other review site can only trash it.

  81. I like they way you guys talk about the bad and GOOD in games. You do them justice!

  82. Even though Alpha Protocol has a lot of shortcomings, I find all the praise about the conversation/decision systems game and mission impact to be worth checking out. Perhaps not at $60, but I’ll bite after a drop or two…

  83. Thanks for the review 🙂

  84. Great Review!

  85. Seems like an imperfect game that still can be a blast to play.

  86. Looks like I would like AP a whole lot more than Splinter Cell: Conviction, which I was quite unimpressed with…

  87. A lot of sites are hating this game, but it doesn’t seem all that bad. I would consider playing the game once it reaches a seriously discounted price.

  88. Good review game looks cool.

  89. Have been looking into this game for a long while. Should be interesting.

  90. played this at a friend’s house and actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. 😛

  91. This game looks interesting and looks like it might be the first game to do the spy character justice.

  92. sounds like a nice little game. thanks for the review.

  93. Looks like this is right up my ally.

  94. I was really hoping this would be much better than what I’ve read and seen. I’d still like to
    play it and make final a final call for myself.

  95. cool, the customization seems really in-depth, too bad about the combat.

  96. I’m still torn on this game. I cannot find two continuous articles which give me a clear picture. It’s between “under-appreciated game which just needs a loving home” and “over-developed piece of crap which should have been killed before release”. This is definitely a wait and see for me.

  97. This seems to be the general consensus. The game has a great choice system, but it is burdened by bland gameplay and poor gun control and customization (people who pick assault rifles like the game; those that pick something else hate it).

    I’ll pick this up cheap on the PC down the road, hopefully after some fan(s) have patched the combat. Or maybe they’ll release a free DLC “fix” to help with some of these issues. One would hope so…cause I love achievements.

  98. Ive been on an RPG kick lately and still look forward to this game, even if its a little broken

  99. Good Review, looks pretty interesting

  100. Too many games to try and finish for now but I will have to pick this up once I clear a bit of my backlog. It looks too interesting to pass up.

  101. Excited to try it out. To bad I have way to many games to play right now.

  102. Looks like something i would like to try out

  103. looks amazing seems like it has alot of action in it great review guys b- is still a good game category.

  104. I’ve been interested in this, even if it does seem to borrow a lot from Mass Effect. It still looks pretty good.

  105. I really want this game regardless of the reviews. Seems like a patch and some DLC could make it much more enjoyable.

  106. sweet looks fallout interesting

  107. Looks like an interesting game, been waiting a while for it.

  108. Great review! I’ve been looking forward to playing this for a while 😀

  109. I’ve seen mixed reviews about this, but still interested in trying it out.

  110. I want this game so bad!

  111. Justin aka jman619

    Nice review. I was tempted to rent it. I rather have a chance at winning it instead.

  112. Game looks great, can’t wait to play it.

  113. Not really that bad of a game. People are comparing it too much to similar games like Mass Effect.

  114. Nice review. Already played it.

  115. This game looks fun. Looking forward to winning a copy 😉 Seriously, I need to try this out.

  116. I personally do not understand why there is so much internet hate for this game. From the bit I have played so far I have enjoyed it. Granted it is not a game of the year contender but it is still a great story.

  117. I can typically find fun in most games, but due to funds I’ll have to hold off for some sort of major price drop or rental.

  118. Great review. I want this game.

  119. Looks good, but I’m gonna wait til it drops in price to check it out

  120. So the real question is whether this game is worth spending limited play time on when there are so many AAA titles either here or on the way. From reading the review, the answer is a resounding “No”. I had high hopes for this game. Sorry to hear Obsidian is disappointing us on this one. Hopefully the reason is all the extra effort they’re putting into New Vegas.

  121. Can’t wait to play it!

  122. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should get this now or wait until I clear some of my backlog. Looks like I’ll be waiting.

    Great review.

  123. Thanks for the review. This seems a bit more balanced than some others I have read online. Will have to give this title a second look!

  124. Nice review, will probably wait for a sale.

  125. Looks like a good game.

  126. Played a little at a friend’s house, not nearly as bad as most of the reviews made it out to be.

  127. hopin for a little bit better from obsidian. the better not screw up fallout.

  128. looks like a very interesting game indeed

  129. I’ve been interested in this game for a while.

  130. Bioware always makes good games, this didn’t live up to its usual billing but I think it’s a solid game none the less.

  131. Great review, but the game still looks pretty fun.

  132. I keep hearing bad things about this game, but I’m still going to check it out.

  133. I also hear bad things about this game from other reviewers, but Im interested enough to try it out.

    I’d be interested in seeing how the PS3 and 360 versions stack side-by-side.

  134. Been curious about this game for a while…still gonna try it after reading the review 😛

  135. when i was growing up rpgs were all d&d-esque themes. it’s nice to see them try out different settings.

  136. Sounds like great story mechanics mixed with pretty bad gameplay. Might be something I like… for a cheap price. Great review as always.

  137. 1st off great review couldn’t have said it better myself. I tried the game out for about 30 min. at a buddies house and then got kicked off the game but from what I played it seemed to be cool.

  138. Good review. I think this is just one of those games that gets overlooked because of how many great games we’ve been getting this year, and especially the past month.

  139. Nice review! I’d really like to check this game out!

  140. Looks good!

  141. heard lots of bad (and good) stuff about this. Would like to try it out sometime..!

  142. Like to have a shot at this game. Been curious to how this game really works!

  143. i enjoyed the review, thanks and hope to play the game too!

  144. I’m interested in Alpha Protocol. Reminds me of Deus Ex, slightly. We need more games like that in general.

  145. Thanks for the review, might rent this when I finish some others.

  146. i’m hoping this is actually good; i’m a sucker for choose-your-own-adventures. i’m not too picky, as long as the choices are varied enough.

  147. It sounds like this game had a lot of potential but wasn’t able to translate all that potential to something workable that game players could enjoy. Reading the review I think this will be one of my bargain bin selections. Maybe when its $20 a year from now I’ll try it out. Thanks for the review.

  148. Not completely sold on it yet, but at its core it looks enjoyable.

  149. Even with all the bad stuff listed, I still want to try it… I seem to like alot of games that most don’t

  150. This game seems really interesting, i have a friend who rented it and he absolutely loved it and demanded that i try it out. Btw, nice review

  151. Reminds me too much of Mass Effect. However, the premise sounds much better than Mass Effect.

  152. Thanks for the chance to win, I want to play this game! 🙂

  153. Thanks for the review, the game looks great.

  154. Thanks for the great review, as per usual. I think I’ll get this if I can find it for $30, unless I win a free copy of course(hint, hint). That seems like a fair price point though; it’s what I paid for Eat Lead:Matt Hazard.

  155. Looks neat but kinda generic but still kinda want it =D

  156. i am interested in trying this game out now…thanks for the review…

  157. Great review.

  158. I heard about this game but didnt had time to check it out, nice review

  159. As a spy fan and an RPG fan I have high hopes for this game. When I get a chance to play it I hope to be able to truly immerse myself and enjoy the ride. If not I hope the developer’s next project, Fallout New Vegas, is able to outshine Alpha Protocol’s content.

  160. downsouthtigger

    A B-? Most have ripped this game up. I still want to check it out since there arent many spy rpg type games.

  161. This review is pretty kind compared to other reviews I’ve read.

  162. This game has been getting my looks a bit more lately, not sure why cause I never really heard to much of it before it was released.

    Advertising ftw I suppose.

  163. That review convinced me that I want the game. Not a huge fan of Obsidian, but I guess it looks like they tried some new risks. Good look.

  164. I’m interested in playing this game and this review pretty much sets it over the top for me….

  165. Thanks for the review.

  166. Sounds worth a try at least. Maybe they’ll patch the combat.

  167. I know I should be put off by all the problems with Alpha Protocol but all-in-all it seems like a fun game.

  168. I might give this game a try.

  169. Very interesting, it sounds like they tried to bring something unique to a lot of facets of the game, failing at some and succeeding at others. Perhaps they can refine it either in a second game or with an unblemished IP.

  170. I reallyt want to check this game out

  171. this game definately has my interests peaked!

  172. Nice review. I don’t really agree with the score, but to each his own.

    From CAG btw -)

  173. Good review, looking to pick this game up. B- seems a lot more fair than many other reviews. Not GOTY, but solid. Thanks!

  174. It sounds to me like decent game worth trying, but i personally think splinter cell has this category nailed right now.

  175. A review that makes me want to play the game, instead of throwing my controller and hiding from it.

  176. Bradley Ledger

    Finally a review which actually looks fully into the different aspects of the game instead of just summarising.

  177. Great review, very interesting. I really want to try the game out..

  178. game looks good, cant wait to play it

  179. Armand Abrahamian

    Excellant review, it described its flaws, but looks past it and see what shines, giving a fair review.

  180. Thanks for the review. I have been seeing bad reviews but would still like to try it for myself. I dont believe most reviews these days anyway.

  181. Good review, I’ve been waiting for this game a long time and hearing the bad news is quite a disappointment, but I still want to try it out for myself anyway.

  182. Awesome review. I’ve wanted this game since it came out but haven’t had the chance to pick it up.

  183. Nice review. The game looks great to me! Thanks for he contest to.

  184. I’m really looking forward to trying out this game.

  185. I’m more interested that a flawed game that pushed the envelope, than another good, but boring clone.

  186. I have really been looking forward to this game for awhile. I think there has been a lot of mixed buzz, but it still seems like it would be a lot of fun.

  187. I’ve been waiting for this game ever since I read about it two years ago in EGM

  188. Cool review, hope i win a copy.

  189. I can’t wait for this game. Badash!

  190. I’ve been waiting to play this game for a long ass time. Great review. My wife won’t play because she thinks Thornton looks like Steven Segal.

  191. Nice review…I probably would have skipped it but now I’m interested. My backlog thanks you…or hates you. One of those 😉

  192. Nice reviewing, I’ve been waiting for this game since birth.

  193. Sounds like my kind of game. I often find that I love games that the mainstream gaming mags/websites don’t get

  194. Future Clearance game for the win!

  195. It’s interesting to see how much the issues with the combat and glitches affect reviewers. Some find the whole game dampened by it, and others look through it and say “hey, it was a pretty good spy game.” This, in turn, was a pretty good representation of the latter opinion.

    I was interested in Alpha Protocol but from the divisive reception and the fact that it’s single player I’ll wait for a price drop. Or a contest win 😉

  196. I’m interested in what Obsidian has done with this. They’ve always been one of my “developers to watch out for” since Knights of the Old Republic II.

  197. Dug the review. Been on the fence about this game for a while. Hoping for an opportunity to give it a shot one of these days.

  198. Even though it scores a B-, you have to admire Obsidian for trying something new by trying to make a “spy” rpg.

  199. Game sounds very interesting!

  200. Awesome review, sounds like the game may be good.

  201. I’m gonna have to give this game a try, once I finish all the other games on my playlist.

  202. Would be nice if this was more polished, but it could still be worth a look.

  203. Sounds like a decent game, I’d like to try going through it with all points dumped into melee skills, now that would be a challenge and fun 😀

  204. This game does look very interesting, I was let down once I read a few reviews that gave it bad marks. I’d really like a chance to give it a whirl myself.

  205. Great review, I loved Mass Effect, and KOTR was wonderful, this looks like it will be a game for people who want to play it, not for the spoonfed. Seems worth it for sure

  206. This is on my list of games to play! I’m always up for some action!

  207. Looking forward to playing this game.

  208. Game doesn’t sound that bad

  209. I really want to play this game and would love to win… I would make a good bday gift for moi. ;P

  210. Sounds like a fun diversion, similar to Mass Effect in a way by combining the mechanics of a shooter with an RPG dialogue and stat system.

  211. Not as good as I was hoping it would be but still looking forward to playing it.

  212. I am going to buy this when it is around $20.

  213. Tried canceling my preorder after reading most of the negative reviews. Eventually came around and played it.
    Not the best game ever but still fun.

  214. Great review. The game looks pretty fun.

  215. I’ve been holding off on this to hear the reviews, though even the previews got me interested! I’m loving the idea of a martial arts master/hacker. 🙂

  216. I’m very pleased to see that Sega has crafted a playable game. Thank the lord!! I have been a huge Sega fan ever since the days of Genesis, and unfortunately their brilliance hasn’t shown through as well as it could in this generation of gaming.

    Way to go Sega, this is a good step. A solid, playable game that doesn’t feature Sonic.

    PS. I want a copy!!!

  217. Looks good. Will probably wait for it to drop in price tho.

  218. Jared Zimmermann

    I keep hearing different things about this. Some say it’s great some say it’s crap. We’ll see what happends 😀

  219. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the reception of this game, but you point out a few nice things about it. It still does not look like the stellar game I was hoping it would be, but regardless it still seems fun!

  220. Nice review. I want to check this game out but I am waiting for a price drop.

  221. Looks like it would be worth trying out, I can over look some faults in a game.

  222. I was really excited for Alpha Protocol for a while and even had it pre-ordered, but some of the negative press it got convinced me to cancel. I think as an RPG fan I’ll probably enjoy it though, so it’s something I’ll pick up on the cheap down the line.

  223. Looks interesting, but it’s one of those games I will have to play to know if I will like it.

  224. I’m not sure what to think about this. Gameplay is way more important to me than story, but I can’t help but think this sounds like fun. Why don’t you just send me a copy so I can figure it out.

  225. so many options to explore

  226. Nice review! Interested in this game for sure!

  227. This game looks awesome!

  228. Interesting review. Looks like the type of game I would enjoy but I dunno if I can justify spending 60 bucks on it right now considering the glut of good games out at the moment.

  229. Javier Elizalde

    I like the idea of an rpg in a different setting like this game looks good.

  230. It should be mentioned that some of the disparity between the enemy AI being psychic to being as dumb as a doorknob can be the result of actions taken in game (such as the hiring of PMCs to run skirmishes near a target to get the better trained enemies out of the area).

    Also some of the enemies are just dumb … like showing up to a gun fight wearing track suits as armor.

    Also you maybe should have elaborated on stealth in that it allows for assassinations are other takedowns; stealth does not mean you are stuck with just sneaking around avoiding enemies (although that is an achievement and actually does effect the games “choice” system.)

  231. game looks great. i have been eagerly anticipating this for some time, but the review has me wanting it even more – though it does sound like i’ll wait til it gets a bit cheaper

  232. DecimalVariable

    Looking forward to playing it even with the bad. I already spend all day pretending to be a spy, why not try to be one in a video game.

  233. Brandon Miller

    This game sounds great i just might have to buy it

  234. Mixed feelings. Some reviews have been slightly above average (like yours), others have been terrible, but the premise of the game is still interesting. Would love the chance to play it…for free 😉

  235. heard this game wasnt that great

  236. Great review! Regardless of the flaws, I still want to give it a go.

  237. looks good and sounds like an interesting game

  238. Very nice. Have been curious about this game for over a year. Will probably check it out.

  239. I’ve been excited for this since it was first featured on that Game Informer cover way back when. I’ll still pick it up despite some of the lackluster reviews, but it may be a few months before I actually get to it. Thanks for the review!

  240. Even with its flaws, I’m still looking forward to giving this one a go.

  241. I would really like to try this game. I want to see if its as RPG as its supposed to be or if its more action/shooter as it seems.

  242. Perhaps it isn’t as bad as people thought it was? Hopefully not.

  243. Thanks for the review- I’m glad you shined a spotlight on some of the better parts of the game.

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  281. B- is better than most reviews I’ve read for this game.
    Most reviews are hung up on all the technical glitches of the game. e.g. texture pop-up, bad A.I., framerate issues, etc. I have to commend DesertEagle for looking beyond all that and still find a reasonably enjoyable game in there! Thanks!

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    As far as Alpha Protocol is concerned I have paid little attention to it, mainly because I have actually heard little about it prior to release. That be said it seems to taken a similar approach to gameplay as (in my opinion) Mass Effect 2, a good RPG story hidden beneath a mediocre shooter, while tossing some Splinter Cell elements into the fray.

    As it stands now the game has me intrigued and I would honestly like the opportunity to experience the game first hand to judge for myself, but I reserve my purchases for games that have convinced me of its retail worth. If I’m not one of the lucky two chosen (best of luck to the astonishing number of people who have commented) I’ll reconsider this title at a later date when it has dropped to a more reasonable price.

    Thank you for the quick review and opportunity, always good to see reviewers giving back to its audience. =)

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    I haven’t had the chance to play AP yet but if its story is as intricate as you say, hopefully Obsidian will incorporate a similarly rewarding system in New Vegas.

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