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School Girl/Zombie Hunter review

With the reduction of cinematic censorship and the erosion of societal taboos, the exploitation film rose to popularity in the late 1960s, trailing the rise of drive-ins and grindhouse theatres. And while the genre’s popularity ...

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Demon Gaze II review

When Demon Gaze was released in 2014, the PS Vita had a scant number of dungeon crawls. But in the ensuing years, labyrinth-based skulking proliferated on the portable, with titles like Stranger of Sword City, ...

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Tokyo Tattoo Girls review

Tokyo Tattoo Girls is the type of game that probably wouldn’t have been localized a decade ago. The reason has nothing to do with the appearance of some slightly risqué images; the game’s exhibition of ...

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Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back review

The ‘90s had a number of platform-game based luminaries like Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot. Unsurprisingly, their popularity inspired a surplus of second-rate copycats, with characters like Alfred Chicken, Zool, and Plok seemingly abandoned by ...

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Summon Night 6: Lost Borders review

Like Criminal Girls, the Summon Night series has outlived the studio who originally created the franchise. The inaugural entry, its three subsequent follow-ups, and several spin-offs were all crafted by Gifu-based Flight-Plan, which departed from ...

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The Mummy Demastered review

Not long ago, games based on film properties were routinely awful. Defunct publishers like THQ, LJN, Acclaim, and Ocean Software become known for their slapdash adaptations, each company attempting to make a quick buck by ...

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Yomawari: Midnight Shadows review

Growing up in the U.S., I was habitual visitor of haunted house attractions. But, after inching my way through dozens of these scare shacks, I was able to distinguish a formula. Moments of calm frequently ...

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Bad Apple Wars review

Japanese writers are especially adept at allegory, crafting eloquent and often evocative metaphors when tackling provocative subjects like animism, environmental abuse, or war. With the release of Bad Apple Wars for the PS Vita and ...

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