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The Gunstringer Review

Like many children, a disproportionate amount of my formative years were spent watching cartoons. While most of this time has gradually dissolved into a nebulous memory of the Warner Bros. roster, 1953’s Duck Amuck resists ...

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Rise of Nightmares Review

Whereas the business model for many publishers stresses a steady stream of sequels, SEGA has nobly attempted to cultivate a handful of original IPs alongside iterations in their Sonic and Virtua Tennis franchises. From a ...

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Slice of Life: Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

When Microsoft first showed Project Natal (later rebranded as the Kinect) at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment, the device seemed revolutionary. Facilitating complex conversations with virtual beings, as well as allowing real-world items to be scanned ...

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Wipeout: In the Zone Review

Adapting the physicality of ABC’s Wipeout to a console game isn’t an easy task. Promoted as “the world’s largest obstacle course” the popular reality show pits courageous contestants against tracks crammed with imaginative and oversized ...

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