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Defense Task Force review

Distressingly, tower defense games seem to be experiencing stagnation. Arguably, the genre’s last requisite effort was 2014’s Defense Grid 2. While the title didn’t deliver much in the way of innovation, it did give players ...

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Switch Owners, Prepare to Be Insulted

The old adage of tongue being mightier than swords is rarely true for video games. With interactive entertainment, blades, bullets, and bare hands routinely get the emphasis, while words are habitually reserved for expositional purposes. ...

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Forts review

Forts is a game built around a myriad of fiddly parts- where the game’s eponymous strongholds sway in a state of persistent peril. While that might sound like light criticism, it’s anything but. In fact, ...

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Full Mojo Rampage review

Unquestionably, Full Mojo Rampage is a game with a myriad of moving parts. On a rudimentary level, the circle-strafing protagonist launches an unrelenting flurry of projectiles at skeletons, snakes, and bomb-carrying foes. In another way, ...

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I Can’t Escape: Darkness review

Indie titles are often ripe with experimental gameplay features which larger developers tend to shy away from. Unlike the risk-adverse AAA industry, you’ll often see smaller studios either combining uncommon genres or crafting genre-defying experiences. ...

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Skyshine’s Bedlam review

Oh, dystopia what has become of thee? Once you were a misanthropic metaphor for humanity, a place teeming with unremitting savagery, offering only the faintest glint of hope. But gaming has transformed dystopia into a ...

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