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Pricey, But Clean- Miniclip Sushi Go-Round Review

While I’m recognized (and often reviled) for my love of first-person shooters and Japanese role-playing games, sporadically I find satisfaction in unexpected pursuits. One of those unanticipated pastimes is the time management simulation, where a few rounds of Sally’s Salon can convey a sense of accomplishment as passionate as the procuring of an elusive Xbox achievement. Obviously, some primal forces are at play within the genre; a detail that’s been exploited by a multitude of diversions that task players with overseeing bakeries, diners, airports, and markets. With SouthPeak’s recent release of Sushi Go-Round, now players can manage a quaint Japanese eatery.

As each business day starts, customers will trickle in and take a seat at the sushi bar. After giving each ravenous patron a menu, the guests will order one of the game’s edibles by displaying an emblematic icon above their head. For each of the ten recipes, players drag and drop the appropriate ingredients for each sushi type. California rolls- for example, are composed of three units- rice, a nori wrapper, and a dollop of fish eggs.  After all the components are gathered, players sweep the stylus across the bamboo preparation mat, rolling the sushi and sending it along a conveyor belt. Customers automatically grab their roll as it scoots by, and leaving their plate on the counter as they exit the restaurant. 

That studious look character is a boss, with a vicious appetite. Beware!

Challenge arises from two elements- memorizing an increasingly varied menu, and maintaining a sufficient supply of ingredients. Initially, patrons will request only a few types of nourishment; by the fortieth level of the game, players will have to be fluent in a repertoire of recipes to satisfy every short-tempered customer. Fortunately, gamers are given two sushi cups, which can cool the ire of the most impatient guest. When supplies run low, players may order additional ingredients via the restaurant’s telephone, with the option for normal or expedited (for an additional 50 yen) delivery. Inventory management at the end of the each stage is particularly important, as players may not want to purchase an entire allotment of shrimp for a concluding customer.

Beyond additional recipes and levels, a few negligible variations make this adaptation of Sushi Go-Round slightly different from the Miniclip’s version. Forbidden Mode prohibits players from rolling two types of sushi, otherwise they’ll be sent to the game over screen. Endless Day presents a perpetual stream of customers, while Time Attack tasks players with maximizing their income during a single day of operation. Likely, players will only attempt each deviation once or twice; there’s just not enough disparity between the modes to sustain a gamers interest.

Apples’ have a ravenous appetite. iPhones eat through a full battery charge in minutes.

A handful of graphical improvements have been made over Sushi Go Round’s Flash-based predecessor. While the original game’s edibles had a pixelated charm, the DS iteration wisely offers a more realistic depiction, making for easier ingredient and roll identification. Players who own a DSi may use the portable’s photographic capabilities to customize the visage of the restaurant’s patrons. Sadly, Go-Round’s musical accompaniment emulates the repetitive strains of the Miniclip game. There’s needs to be a government agency that ensures workers don’t listen to the same tune all day long. Periodically, the background will change, but your clientele deviates little except for the occasional boss character.

While Sushi Go-Round is fun and oddly gratifying in short doses, there’s not enough variation in the game to warrant extended play periods. Like Sally’s Salon and Airport Mania, the ability to use your profits to purchase new additions would have been a welcome alternative. While gamers seeking a solid time management games on the DS have a few options (Diner Dash, Cake Mania, and Burger Island), Sushi Go-Round ranks as one of the better, if not slightly pricey restaurants in town. Gamers may want to wait for the title’s $29.99 MSRP to drop before making a reservation.

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