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Podcast 9-6: All That and a Bag of Chips

Following Nathan Drake’s crass corporate sponsorship, this week the Tech-Gaming crew forgoes their usual inhibitions to become product prostitutes. Beyond the shilling, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA and Samurage, offer impressions of TNT Racers, Venetica, NFL Blitz, and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Stay tuned for our interview with Jason Koohi of Zanrai Interactive, whose on hand to talk about the development of Heaven Variant, a promising 3D horizontal shmup with an amazing soundtrack that recalls the chiptune swells of the golden era of gaming as well as our usual dose of gaming trivia and reader mail responses.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Pretty good photoshop, or is Drake really plugging Subway?

  2. Deagle, please don’t get all Jesse Ventura on us.

    You guys and your conspiracies.

  3. Desert, you’re wrong. Original Rocket Knight has 8 stages.

  4. Vader enters!

  5. First laugh at SNOLA, “Upwards of $5”!

    “hey, big spenda!”

  6. I wanted the car with boobs discussion to continue.

    Legend of Kay, 18 tracks!

  7. Deagle’s Moulin Rouge talk trying to “play it straight” was hilarious.

  8. Sean, play these:

    Tales of Vesperia
    Eternal Sonata
    Infinite Undiscovery

    And Desert, you really should have spoke up more! Disappointing!

  9. You forgot to mention Rocket Knight and Killing Floor in the notes.

  10. RIP Blue! We miss you.

    • Don’t worry, my “death” was one of those Dragon Ball Z deaths that only lasts one episode. Thanks to the efforts of the podcast crew, I’ve already been wished back with the Dragon Balls and rejoined them on their adventure. 😀

      • First take notes of everything said on the show.

        Then hop in the Delorean, set it for ten minutes before the show. Everytime Des, NOLA, or Sage open their mouths, say exactly what they would and leave them speechless. If this happens on the next show, I’ll know time travel is possible.

  11. So weird- just as you guys were mentioning “Steampunk”, I noticed your Steampunk fairytale ad.

  12. Deagle’s on a roll as host this week, cracking all kinds of funny jokes. (Sage is pretty good this week, too)

    Sean seems tired.

  13. Where’s My Water is kickass. Good call.

  14. Wow, check out the big brain on Deagle, with “viscosity”.

  15. Anno: Create a New World and 18 tracks.

  16. What happened to Blueski this week? Its not the same without his voice.

    • Aw… Shucks! You’ve got me blushing. Thank you for the compliment! 😀

      What happened was that I wasn’t feeling well that day and forgot to check my e-mail. By the time I found out that the recording had gotten moved up a day, it was too late.

  17. Nathan, after shooting 1,000 of people, it’s time to put down your guns and grab a pastrami on whole wheat with extra pickles.

  18. lived in Pasadena for 10 years — it’s kinda boring but there is some charm to it if you like old-fashion

  19. Download now for site. Not up on the itunes yet.

  20. Desert was pretty energetic this week. NOLA, not so much. Sage’s entrance noise made me laugh.

  21. This was a great show. One of the best ones in a long time. Great job team tech!

  22. G-Force and 17 tracks!

  23. Am I the only one who finds humor in Sean warning Rob to not be Destructoid?

    As long as you guys aren’t sharing “I pooped my pants stories (even love I love those, I don’t want to hear it on every cast) and talking about games 75% of the time, you’re doing just fine.

  24. Really good show. The three of you really played off of each other well this week.

  25. Lara Crofts Left Boob

    Howard Stark is way more Hughes that Parson.

  26. I’ll be honest, I’ve haven’t heard of Keen Game until now. I did google them (Star Trek) as well as the number of tracks in TNT Racers (18). I hope my honesty wins me a copy of their game.

  27. Which fat guy did you beat Deagle? Giant Bomb has a few giant waistlines.

  28. listening to the show now. I admit I like “Conspiracy Deagle”

  29. 1. Legend of Kay
    2. 18 Tracks! Wow 😮

  30. Contest entry: Keen Games developed What’s Cooking with Jamie Oliver for the DS; there are 18 tracks in TNT Racers.

  31. What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver
    18 tracks

    thank you for the chance

  32. 1.Tunnel B1
    2.18 tracks

  33. 1. Mr. Nutz: Hoppin’ Mad
    2. 18 Tracks

  34. 1. Legend of Kay
    2. 18 tracks

  35. 1. Legend of Kay
    2. 18 tracks

  36. 1.) What’s Cooking? (lol)
    2.) 18 Tracks

  37. Funny how everyone has legend of kay @_@ I actually went to the website and googled it and picked one :p

  38. G- Force and their are 18 tracks. The Star Trek game looks awesome cant wait to play

  39. 1.Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Something I’ve actually played)
    2.18 tracks

  40. 1. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
    2. 18 tracks
    Thank you! 🙂

  41. 1. Legend of Kay
    2. 18 tracks

  42. Secret Files Tunguska
    18 breathtaking tracks

  43. Have you guys (and by that I mean SeanNOLA) listen to the Monster Hunter Podcast?

  44. Keep your damn TNT Racing (Only cause I already own it)

    Great show this week. The best in months. Maybe since “Put it in”

  45. Deagle, I know you did not brag about beating one of the Giant Bomb guys at Wii Fit. Like like say “hey, I just beat a 7 year old, 4 foot girl at basketball. Look at me!”

  46. 1. Legend of Kay
    2. 18 tracks

  47. Show volume was kind of low. Raise that up!

    Cool interview. Heaven Variant looks really cool. Great find guys.

  48. Fat Sage playing games FTW! Bonus point if she’s eating Oreos.

    Sean, you dog’s howl is amazing. Good interview Deagle.

  49. BTW: Blue this is for you. I hope you get better:

  50. I noticed Wombat is plugging your There’s the Water game.

  51. Love that Heaven Variant tunage. Tell them we’d love a soundtrack CD!