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Podcast 9-5: V-Lasers

This week, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, Samurage, and BlueSwim struggle to keep things classy amidst discussions of Trine 2, Rayman Origins, Forza Motorsport 4, P.O.W. Prisoner of War, Prehistoric Isle, the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Heroes and Heralds pack, and a board game known as Galaxy Trucker. Beyond impressions of newer titles, we also assess some of the gems which may have been overlooked during the season’s game of the year discussions. As always, we wrap up the show with a session of game trivia and well as answers to reader mail.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Man, you need a warning tag before Blue’s intro.

    Gentle chiptune music set the tone only to have a hyper-caffeinated Blue destroy it!

  2. Has the team seen this? Fake or real?

    • Laughably fake.

      That’s a Co2 canister (used for bb guns) being filled with liquid nitrogen. Although that could be used as a propellent, it wouldn’t explain the cars both floating above the track and clinging to it when vertical.

  3. Let me guess, SNOLA was responsible for the intro music and Deagle does the show graphics.

  4. I can only guess what the “V” stands for. I’m guess it’s not “virtual”

    Say it with me, Deagle. The “Horr-raw”!!!

    How was your holidays, guys?

    Oh and question for next show: What do you think about Vox? Any predictions?

    • How could that group of game journos not create the best, most kick-ass site around?

      • I withhold my judgement until after they’re up-and-running. I can remember back when the GiantBomb guys were ousted from GameSpot and announced that they were going to start their own website: Someone asked Cheapy on the CAGcast if he thought it would take off, and he said no. Now look at it!
        I’m interested in what Vox will come up with. It seems like a great pool of talent, but I’m a little nervous about Crecente heading up news. Either way, of course we wish them the best.

    • Generic answer: Vox could go either way.

      There could be a synergistic quality of bringing those writers together, or it could be an ego meldown considering some of the team members. As long as everyone there places Vox above their own ambitions and whims, It’s got a good shot at being really successful.

      • Have to agree. With Crecente and Gies in the same room (or will they they be working remotely), this could be a hot, entertaining mess.

        Now, I know a lot of these guys are married and some have kids. Are they all relocating?

  5. Just read an IGN article on how the Vita is now tanking in Japan.

    You think this is going to be the case here, too?

    • Damn. Another article on how Vita is going to fail here?

      It’s like journalists are damning the Vita to die. I have yet to read or hear a positive comment on it. Despite that, my pre-order money is holding.

      • Same with Final Fantasy XIII-2. It it wasn’t for hate this game wouldn’t get getting any press.

    • I’m still hopeful for the Vita. I don’t think it’s going to light the world on fire, but if it delivers the next generation of the PSP experience, I’ll be happier than a pig in shit.

      That being said, there’s a lot to be worried about – it’s already been hacked, and although the launch line-up is comparatively strong, there isn’t a whole lot announced for the rest of the year. I could see a lot of people holding off until after e3.

      I’ll still try to get mine at launch. I’ve said it before, but I love the PSP, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Vita has to offer.

      • I try t be as platform agnostic as the next guy, but it seems the industry has it out for Sony…Beyond last year’s handling on the PSN outage, why do you think that is?

      • I’ve must have avoided most of the negativity you speak of. No surprise, as I usually avoid the mainstream news sites.

        From my hands-on at E3, I thought the build quality was solid and the software was good enough to drive sales. The current downside is that Sony really hasn’t started marketing the device and building hype properly. With the release two months away, gamers should be foaming at the mouth right now. Instead, only core gamers are aware of its existence.

      • After the 3DS fiasco, I won’t be buying a system at launch. I’ll wait for the price to drop and any kinks to be worked out.

  6. I love the holidays, but I’m glad when they end, because podcasts are published.

  7. The whole crew is here? For the entire show?


  8. Was the homeless guy wearing blue by chance?

    Sean, you’re a true superhero!

    • Blood on the Train

      I’m going to hunt you down, SeanNOLA for ratting me out. Don’t snitch!

      Im going to take your Monster Games and make crack-pipes out of the cases. Then when I’m done with that, I’m going to make Deagle my GF. hehehe.

  9. I like Sean’s gloating when talking about beating Desert at UMvC almost as much as the big guys denial.

  10. Did Blue introduce Deagle as “Desert EVIL”?!? Haha

  11. Irwin R. Schyster may be the greatest wrestling name ever Blue. Someone tell Deagle that the Million Dollar man sig move was the elbow drop not the GTS.

    • His name is beyond fantastic. I pop like a zit whenever I.R.S. shows up on WWE TV. Him on Price Is Right: WWE Edition was, in the words of another star from that time, perfect.

  12. “Lara’s chest”?

    Oh, Deagle, you dirty old man!

  13. I’m just really glad Samurage is back this week. She really adds a lot to the show.

  14. SNOLA, Sonic CD does in fact have both soundtracks.

    “keep the hate down to a minimum” might be the best advice of all podcasts.

  15. The correct pronunciation of Douglas Couplands’s last name is “Cope-lund”.

    BTW- His Lara Croft book was garbage.

  16. Sage, you really need to move out of the snow.

  17. By the way- Why is tablet talk outlawed but phone reviews are ok? Just asking?

  18. “I’m already busted her lasanga once” may actually be the diriest thing ever said on the show.

  19. Steve Jackson did put out Car Wars (along with Chad Irby)

    What’s up with the IM sound during the show that keepin making me think I got an IM?

    • I may or may not have been sending the crew pictures from my Google Image Search of “Vagina Lasers” throughout the show. Very unprofessional, I know. I promise to be better next time.

      • HAHA. Sean, I wouldn’t expect anything less (or more) from you.

      • Resist temptation to google “vagina lasers”

        (googled it)

        Resist temptation to post.

        (I THINK I can manage this one)

        (oh, no)

  20. I take it this show was recorded before Christmas.

  21. Slowly but surely, you guys are becoming Destructoid. I don’t mean that in a kind way.

  22. Bellatrix Lestrange

    Good show this week. Must have laughed at least 5 or 6 times, and I don’t laugh easy.

  23. Wicked art this week!

  24. Hey guys, send your questions for this week’s show, please.

  25. Great show this week, guys!

  26. Would V-lasers be used for good or evil? Hmm…

  27. Podcast Spoiler From Tonight’s Recording: I pull a No-Show Jones. Wasn’t feeling good today and forgot to check my e-mail. Didn’t find out that the recording got moved up to tonight until it was too late. Sorry, guys. 🙁

  28. Congrats on your success guys (saw your show was tops on N4G). You really deserve it. Week after week, you give us news, trivia, and humor. I gotta admit I like the interviews.

  29. Good, funny episode this week.

  30. Thanks guys. Great show.

  31. Pho-King Kra Zee

    Show needed an interview. C’mon Deagle, don’t disappoint us,

  32. Can you get a Labiaplasty advertiser for the show so we can get 3 hours podcasts, please?

  33. Question: I like strategy games more than action titles. I noticed on console, not that many good tactics games are coming out. Since, I really don’t like to play games on my PC, do you have any options for me?

  34. The age old question: do each of you prefer open-world or more liner games?

    Aslo, when is TideGear coming back or a guest spot?

  35. Electric Relaxation

    I want to know how much Sean pays to have his name plastered throughout Costco.

    • When I was living in New Jersey, I got a Costco card, and when I was applying, the lady was like “Sean Kirkland? Like THE Kirklands?!” and I said “if I was one of THE Kirklands, do you think I’d be applying for my own Costco membership?”

      • You blew your chance.

        What you should have said:

        “Yeah, you’re kind of cute, and I could get you in to one of our EXCLU-SIVE family parties if you spot me a hot dog and churro.”

  36. You wouldn’t be living in Jersey either- for that matter.