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Podcast 9-4: Blinky, The Ghost of Christmas Present

Inebriated from the cornucopia of gaming goodness this holiday season has produced, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and BlueSwim offer impressions of Mario Kart 7, Kinect Sports 2, Fortune Street, Where is My Heart?, SkyDrift, as well as the woes of Bing navigation. With a tall mug of eggnog in hand, we welcome the core team from WXP Games, who are on-hand to discuss Xotic, paintball and space fruit. The festiveness continues through a rousing round of responses to reader mail as well as our devoted dispensing of gaming trivia.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. New show? Same old Pac-Man references.

  2. I’m loving Blue’s Nickelback intro as well as Deagle’s attempt at Voltron references.

  3. Did Deagle call WIMH a mindfuck, or did I hear wrong. hehe. and Dolly Pardon reference from Blue? Whats going on?

    Airplanes and racing, sounds like it might be up someone’s alley.

  4. Phantasy Star gets a shout-out? Glad to hear someone is keeping the torch alive.

  5. How old is this show? Your AC:R review went up weeks ago.

  6. 9:20-9:30 is why I listen to the show.

    Deagle makes a bad, done to death joke and NOLA’s give his trademarked sigh. Glad to hear from you guys again. Happy Holidays, to all of you. (and Sage I hope you’ll make the next show)

  7. I want to know who is supposed to be Baby Pac-Man. Blue? Sage and Sean’s love child?

    Good show so far, Deagle brought the energy. One question- when was the show recorded. It sounds like a few weeks old.

  8. Mystery solved it was an old record, and book combo with I bet would be laughably bad voice acting.

  9. so is this the last show of the year? There better be an overview of the best and worst games of 2011. 😉

  10. SNOLA, you can give the Kleptomaniac a run for his money.

  11. Is anyone is singing the praises of Nickelback or Pac-Man in 2011 they are trolling 😛

  12. Pretty funny show so far.

  13. No Sage this week? Damn you finals. Damn you all to holiday hell (which is Wal-Mart an Dec. 24th)

  14. This episode started good but kind of withered away after the interview.

  15. Sean, Marvin and Hutch are part of Voltron’s land team. Marvin’s the joker and Hutch is the one who likes to fight. I see Deagle as more Modoch, though.

    • Vehicle Voltron? Gross. Hunk for LYFE!

      Sidenote: there was a time, when I was very young, when I thought Hunk and Kento from Ronin Warriors were the same character.

  16. Question for next week: What happened to Stephen Totilo?


    The guys wrote some of the best articles in the industry, even putting Mr. Eagle to shame while at the MTV MP Blog. He goes to work for Kotaku for a few years and then turns out crap like this:

    Basically, he gets an email that is titled, “Xbox 360 is Home to the Most Anticipated Games of 2012” and then goes over a few exclusives like:

    Halo 4
    Fable: The Journey
    Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
    Kinect Star Wars

    And then declares that 2012 will be probably be owned by Kinect games. No investigate journalism, no real questioning of MS’s statement, just fluff to support fluff.

    Seriously, what the fuck happened with this guy?

    • If you’re reading Kotaku for commentary you’re doing it wrong.

      Seriously- don’t ask why isn’t person “A” writing like they used to. Everyone peaks. People tend to work best when they are surrounded by creative people. From what I’ve seen Kotaku reports news, but as far as gaming commentary, they don’t have much to say.

      My advice- move on, find another writer you like. There’s more than enough great ones out there.

  17. Lost amid the tide of hentai?

    • Sorry meant @SeanNOLA with news of the podcast being lost in Deagle’s inbox.

    • Hentai? Who dat 😉

      In reality, my mail box is full of iOS apps, press releases, MMO chatter and other boring stuff. It’s an embarrassing bore these days- so send me your questions for the next show!

      • I will!

        What publisher had the overall best line-up in 2011?

        SNOLA- what do you think of the 3DS beating the Vita in Japan thanks to Monster Hunter. Any chance of you importing the game?

        • Dammit! I knew somebody asked this question! I failed you in the outline! I am the worst!

          Well, I think in Japan, people buy games, and if they have to buy a $300 piece of hardware for the game they want then so be it. In the US, we make a hardware decision, and then put blinders on so we can’t see what comes out on other systems. Until the is a reason for people to buy the Vita (read “a new monster hunter”) it will continue to have “meh” sales in Japan. I think the US launch will be a LITTLE better, but not much.

          Also, I don’t see myself importing Monster Hunter. I tried that with Monster Hunter Portable Third, and couldn’t understand what I was doing. If it misses the states, then I’ll just be a grownup about it and lock myself in a closet to cry for a few days.

          • I have to agree with Sean- software drives hardware in Japan, while hardware drives software here.

            Obviously, that could change- releasing hardware with say, a new Call of Duty game could create a domestic event that even dwarfs the launch of a Dragon Quest title.

          • Cmon Deagle, I dare you to tell me you’re not buying a Vita for Disgaea 3 🙂

          • Trapped like a rat!

            Anywho, have a great holiday!

            Thanks SNOLA, Deagle, Sage, and Sailor Blue for keeping me laughing and informed.

      • Why do you think Skylanders wasn’t the must have game/toys that everyone was predicting.

      • Question for next show:

        Why couldn’t Ubi have given Obama a free copy of the game?

        • BB employee is trying to hand Mr. President Just Dance 3, but he came looking for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

      • first kiss sailors- hot or not?

    • I Hope you day you guys all get to go to Japan. Maybe together.

  18. Pac-Man is videogames, so to speak, and he still rules. Need proof, play Pac-Man CE.

  19. Sean bailing for trivia was only made better by that awesome chiptune intro.

  20. “Are you a fan of the Wiggler, Blue!” haha

  21. Pac-Man is about to present the Ms. with a Candy Cane sex toy right in front of the baby? WTF?

  22. Why do you think Skylanders wasn’t the must have game/toys that everyone was predicting.

  23. The show should of ended with Deagle having to go for a Best Buy sale on junk leaving Blue all by himself singing the Sailor Moon song as an outro.


  24. Good touch up or a much better scan scan that’s for sure.

    Listening now, couldn’t listen to any hentai talk at work.

  25. How has your holiday game shopping been going? Deagle, you mentioned some disappointed BF deals, did it get any better for you?

  26. Ms. Pac has Taylor Swift eyelashes.

  27. Ha, son you’ll have to try harder to beat us. Jus kidding. You guys are cool and have a good show and all.

  28. Needed more Sage. She should blow off finals and play some games like any normal student. I barely studied in my senior year, blew through Grandia III, FF XII and X-2, and two Disgaea games, and still managed a 3.6 GPA. Too bad there are no gaming scholarships…

    • Sean and Robert are the ying and yang of the podcast. As long as they are there and don’t leave 3/4 of the way through the show, everything is cool by me.

      I could stand for a little more game shopping talk.

    • When I think of the sheer number of games I played to completion in college while still being able to study, pull all-nighters for pin-ups/reviews, do community service, clubs and have a pretty active social life I’m pretty stunned. All I do now is work my 9-to-5, podcast and take care of my grownup stuff, and I feel like I can’t squeeze in more than a few hours a week!

      • There’s got to be a name for that feel. I wonder is it perception, age, or just being stuck in traffic all day?

  29. Not a bad show this week, just a pick lacking in the end once SNOLA leaves.

  30. gotdahm you get a let of comments. How do you do it?

  31. So much THANKS to everyone who missed me last week! Sorry about finals; but hey, at least I’ll be a hawk rocking lawyer supporting gamers everywhere someday. And yeah, college finals i could totally play games through, but law school finals are like 80% of your grade, and are tricky so…no gaming.
    Cheers all, be back next show 🙂

  32. Did I miss the Pac-Man talk during in the show?

  33. Happy holidays, you guys. Thanks for all the work you do (even if it sounds like you are having a great time doing it)

  34. Thanks for talking about Where is My Heart?, SNOLA. Remember everyone listens to the Giant Bombcast.

  35. Merry Christmas guys. I hope you guys get a ton of games and not much coal.

  36. Merry Christmas guys. I hope you guys get a ton of games and not much coal.

  37. Thanks guys for the reviews and laughs. May you have continued success in 2012.

  38. Thank you, all, for the Christmas wishes! I hope everyone has/had a happy Holiday filled with great presents, great food, and great company. 😀

    What did everyone get?

  39. Got Uncharted 3 and don’t laugh Just Dance 3 from Grandma.

    • Gifts from the Senior set are hilarious. This year grandma got me Mario Kart Double Dash, and new and sealed. Nice try.

      • Cabbage Patch Wino

        I feel your pain.

        Just two years ago I got a GBC game from my Mom. Where the hell she found it, I don’t know. I can only assume some bargain bin at wally world.

      • I love my Grandma, but after Kabuki Warriors, she gets a list from me around gift-giving times. LOL!

  40. Blue you know you remind of Sean from the Gamers with Jobs podcast? It’s a little show buts its good.

  41. Question for next show:

    Has there ever been a game that made you feel indifferent for an hour or two then have it grow on you? How about visaversa?

  42. Great show, when will you guys be recording again?

  43. I haven’t seen much chatter from Sage and Nola, did they leave for the holidays?