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Podcast 9-2 Roast Dragon and Holiday Leftovers

With DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and Samurage smitten by Skyrim, the crew shares their spoiler-free anecdotes, yarns of absurd glitches, as well as a handful of gripes. Beyond The Elder Scrolls V, impressions of Otomedius Exellent, Super Mario 3D Land, and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure are offered as well as BlueSwim’s analysis of retro classic Kirby’s Dream Course. Before offering a hearty helping of trivia and responses to reader inquiries, we are joined by Mabel Chung of Nintendo, who is on hand to discuss Mario Kart 7. After the main course, be sure to stick around for a special treat of outtakes and treats.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Two and a half hours? AMAZING! Have a great soy-turkey day!

  2. Nice opening music, can’t quite place it.

  3. HAHA, Nice intro Deagle.

    “Rest in Peace, Bastards!”

  4. 76.1 MBs? that’s pretty damn epic!

    Thanks guys. I’ll try to get part of the show in before I start my Thanksgiving drinking ritual.

  5. is the end of the show FUBARed? Cause I tried to jump ahead and just heard silence…

  6. These leftovers are pretty lame without Sage. I see why they were cut from the show.

  7. Haha. Nice artwork this week. I guess Turkey Calls are the new Dragon Shouts!

  8. Cabbage Patch Wino

    Thanks guys. Have a good turkey day.

    Glad that Sage is back this week. Happy shopping tomorrow!

    • So what’s everyone plan on buying tommorow? I’ll try to get Battlefield 3 for 28.

      • Thanks everyone for the Thanksgiving well-wishes. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a successful Black Friday!

        For me, my Black Friday was about four Best Buy deals; Halo Reach LE, Bioshock 2 LE, Gears of War Triple Pack, and Brutal Legend. Reach, Bioshock 2, and Brutal Legend went back up for ordering, but the product page says that shipping isn’t available. Hope everyone who orders gets theirs. :S

        What got everyone to trek to the madhouses for last night?

        • I’ve learned to either do shopping online it not at all. The people at Wallyworld have caused me to lose faith in humanity. People clawing like animals for a $2 dvd? Pathetic.

        • I got Dance Central 2 for $24 and Deus Ex for $29. YEAH?

          I also went to BB. People were annoying, but at least they had the items in stock this year.

        • Tried to get the Run and Yakuza 4. I was only able to get the Run.

        • I agree about going online. In my experience, the prices are even better online (I’m talking like Amazon and Newegg), most bargain warehouses clean out and are legit sites for stuff. And you dont have to deal with any people. I don’t understand why anyone goes out at all, really…

  9. Wow. Holiday show! Very cool. I hope you guys answer my question.

  10. I’m glad SeanNOLA plays the PETA games, no one else I know does.

    Desert killed dogs this week in gaming? How could you live with yourself?

  11. Monster download size this week. I hope you guys had a good meal, or one that’s at least more appetizing than bloody KFC buckets.

  12. Deagle, I also killed the chicken! I couldn’t resist. Blame the Divinity games.

  13. Someone explain what “nice curtains” means, puhlease. Blue?

  14. I forgot to mention that after he lost the match, he wrapped the curtains around his head and made frownie faces all the way back to the locker room. LOL!

  15. Great show this week. Love the Skyrimming stories.

  16. The tooth story grossed me out so much I may not either another McNugget again.

  17. Dramatic music is the ending? I thought a pop-up window opened.

  18. I guess you guys won’t be covering any Gundam games anytime soon.


  19. Subway was started by a guy trying to pay for med school in the 60’s. You guys stick to games.

    • Actually that’s not quite right. Look up the history of subway and Fred DeLuca, the guy who started it. He had previously been trying to raise money for med school by working a hardware job. he then decided to open subway as a healthy sandwhich shop. Much later on, after subway was successful, he went on to college, just regular college. So, he did want to go to med school, but it wasnt why he opened subway. True about it being in the 60’s. anyway, thats the story of subway

  20. Outakes show that SeanNOLA is the storyteller of choice on the ‘cast. Deagle’s a good straight man, even if he likes the gay clubs 😉

  21. Everything good except for the macaroon story.

  22. The last thirty minutes were the best 30 minutes on any podcast ever. 😉

    • Ok, so I’m not the only one who found out that the last thirty minutes was dead air. Dammit, Deagle!

  23. Main show was good, but hearing 3 or 4 of Seans stories got old real quick.

  24. Not the best show this week. Too much talk about things that aren’t games. SNOLA, I am looking at you!

  25. Good show this week! Thanks guys. Have a happy Holiday.

  26. I really liked the bonus stuff this week. Sean is a natural storyteller. Funny stuff, man.

  27. I can’t get enough Skyrim talk. Great segment.

  28. A nice post-Thanksgiving dinner treat!

  29. All was good except for the silence! I really need to get Skyrim.

  30. I really liked NOLA’s stories. Deagle and Sage need to ante up.

    • Sean’s the story spinner, Deagle’s the reviewer, Blue is the wackiness, and Sage keeps in all in check. Let Sean tell the stories and Deagle give impressions. It’s like with the CAGCast, Cheapy tells the stories and Ship talks about games.

  31. Sage, did you remember what Mario game you didn’t like?

    Sean- Legend of the Seven Stars is amazing! I usually agree with you, but you’re off the mark on this one.

    • wasn’t a big fan of the sports mario games, or yoshi’s island. Some people may say that kind of stuff isn’t cannon, which is fine because my point was more that I don’t think nostalgia overcomes all, even when its deep nostalgia. This is hilarious though–> the plot to mario is missing (an educational mario game):
      Bowser sets up a castle in Antarctica, and plans to use many hair dryers from Hafta Havit, a mail order company, to melt Antarctica’s ice and flood Earth. He sends Koopas to cities across Earth to steal artifacts to fund his operation. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi travel to Bowser’s castle to stop him. Luigi is hesitant to go in, so Mario goes by himself and is kidnapped by Bowser, prompting Luigi to rescue him.

  32. I hope you had a Black Friday better than mine. I got the last Battlefield 3 yanked from my hand and a kidney punch. Screw the sales.

  33. Listening to it while eating leftovers!! Love it!! Great shows guys!!

  34. Question sent to site for next show. I hope you give me a shoutout.

    Black Friday sucked for me- No Uncharted 2 deal. Rayman Origins was sold out as my GS (but they has 10+ 360 copies) and I ran out of gas while I was stuck in traffic.

  35. Good show, lots of fun stuff this week. Just a bit of funny.

  36. 30 minutes of tablet talk on the CAGcast everyone playing Skyrim?’ Not a lot of variation in gaming podcasts.

  37. Back to work today, which means I’ll be listening to as much as I can of the show.

  38. Not a bad show, ‘cept for the silent part.

  39. You are so right Sage- say out of the stores, there are better deals online and you’ll just see the worst cross-section of the (sub?) human species.

  40. Kirby’s Dream Course is one of my favorite SNES titles of all time. It’s so damn good and you can play for months and not get tired of it. Some of the courses are tough though.

  41. You guys hear that Retro Studios has to help finish up Mario Kart 7? Still think it’s going to good, Deagle?

  42. Question for next show: what do you expect and what do you want from the next generation of consoles?

  43. Have you recorded the new show yet? Hopefully, I can get my question in:

    Where do you see the ‘casual’ and ‘core’ demographics headed?

  44. I hope you guys review MK7. I’m thinking about picking it up.

  45. Deagle is a good host and all, but Sage should get to be in charge.

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