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Podcast 8-8: Tube Sock Receptacle Gaming

Beyond adding a new term into the gaming lexicon to describe a marathon gaming session without a type of bathroom break, episode 8-8 delivers a plethora of gaming impressions. From Battlefield 3, Cave Story 3D, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, Forza 4, Dark Souls, Batman: Arkham City, to the PS3/PSP ports of Metal Slug 2 and King of Fighters ’96, the crew delves into a variety of console and portable titles. Before delivering our customary round of gaming trivia and answers to reader mail, we also interview Philip Asher of Trendy Entertainment, who is on hand to discuss Dungeon Defenders.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. About. damn. time.

    Downloading this now.

  2. Over two hours? Is this two shows put together?

  3. Hopefully, Deagle played at least some of BF3 multiplayer, unlike his podcasting friends….

    • spoiler alert: He’s going to hate on like he does on every FPS these days. I’m thinking the name “DesertEagle” doesn’t even fit him anymore.

      I really don’t know why I still listen to the show.

      • He makes some good points, I almost agree with everything he says about BF3.

        The only thing is that he (it sounded like) played MP on PC. On the console side, the servers are all screwed up. I’m hoping DICE fixes it soon.

        • “We are happy to report that PS3 and PC players experienced server stability all weekend, and Xbox 360 servers are at 95 per cent and climbing”

          Which is totally BS. I have the game on 360 and this weekend was a clusterfuck. Thanks, EA.

      • Sakura Takashi is his new name, then. Given my his love of 12 year old JRPG heroines.

        • his BF3 comments were on the money, but except for Rage, he’s a RPG nerd for sure these days.

          Question for next show: what’s your opinion of the whole IGN/PixelJunk scandal? Are you guys planning on reviewing the game? Will you play on casual? Just joking with that last question.

  4. WiseFwomYourGwave

    Mario 2 music this week.

    “The mouth from the dirty South”, haha

    • Whatever happened to the OCremix intros and music? Old school chiptunes are good, but new remixes are much better.

      Looking forward to listening to the show.

  5. 2 hours+ show? YES!

    The guy in the pic really looks like he’s pushing one out.

  6. Good show so far.

    You guys do know that the 8-4 show makes up new nicknames for each other at the beginning of each show, right?

    • Yea. A lot of shows do (PlayerOne also comes to mind). It’s easier than thinking of a standing introduction.

      • Yeah, I didn’t want to hear the same thing every week. Make it interesting!

      • Sean, why didn’t you talk about Dark Souls more?

        • Like I said on the show, I’m waiting until my gf goes on vacation before I fully dive into it. She hates watching me die in games, so a game where dying is part of your forward momentum would drive her insane. You’ll probably hear me bring it back up in two weeks.

          • When the cats away the mice will play.

            Why is it most gamers are way more productive than when the GF is away? If Deagle wasn’t attached, he’s probably write like 20 reviews a week.

          • Might I suggest getting her her own TV for a birthday/anniversary/holiday present?

          • Nah, it has nothing to do with TV rights – we only get about 5 hours a day when we aren’t asleep/working so it’s healthy to spend it together rather than in separate rooms. I don’t have trouble finding time to play games (she’s especially accommodating when I have a game for review) but I would rather play a game she can enjoy if she’s going to sitting there next to me.

          • 5 hours a day with the same woman? Man, you are a New Orleans Saint!

      • Do me a favor and don’t compare yourself to P1podcast. Last time I listened that show was a hot mess that needed an editor to cut half the show.

  7. Dark Souls is the game to talk about in podcasts. At least 4 shows I listen to have devoted segments to it. Still, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the game.

  8. TideGear reference makes me sad. But Cave Story 3D sounds really fun.

  9. 2 hours, and interview with developer from a game I really like, trivia and potty humor.


  10. I’m with Deagle on Dark Souls. Its great for the patient, but I just am not having a good time playing it. I can understand that OCD types would like it though.

  11. I’ve heard of MMO players poopsocking a game, but console players now?

    • Haha, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that. I’d think a depend would work much better than a sick, though!

  12. SO I guess I need to preorder Cave Story 3D now. My one concern was that NIS fugged up the graphics. You better not be wearing money hats, people.

  13. Sage proved to the funniest member on this one. Good show this week.

  14. Can’t believe we found a poop-sock puppet pic. hahaha

  15. I’m with you on Ratchet and Clank. Man that little girl is annoying.

    SeanNOLA- you are right about the drop in/dropout, but it really doesn’t happen that often right now because the game is new and the servers are filled.

  16. Great show you guys. Sounds like Cave Story and Batman are the ganesh to get.

  17. NOLA, what do real spys look like? Are they more James Bond or are they more fat Jimmy?

  18. NOLA, what do real spys look like? Are they more James Bond or are they more fat Jimmy?

  19. Sean, considering the server problems, at least they added the SP game.

  20. Renting Batman doesn’t help the developers any 🙁

    metal slug 2 for 5 bucks isn’t bad at all.

    • Damn the Batman talk goes on forever.

    • It did once I bought the DLC 😉

      • Will BLueSwim still talk to you?

        You may have to buy that Sialor Moon poster, then.

        BTW- Blue, what the hell did you mean when you said that Xbox Live won’t be around?

        Like Sean or Robert said, it makes Microsoft money. They get $60 a year+sell ad pace+make 30%-50% off of XBLA games.

        • Basically, I meant “look at the original Xbox LIVE”. A few years after the Xbox 360 launched, Microsoft shuttered LIVE support for all original Xbox games, including Halo 2, which was still pretty popular at the time. While this generation of Xbox LIVE is going strong, there’s nothing that says that it will be around forever. With some companies closing servers for games a year after release (*Cough*NBA2K11*Cough*), it’s not all that likely that the LIVE of today that supports the 360 will still be around 20 years from now. Heck, there’s no telling what the video game industry will be like in November of 2031. If you had told people 20 years ago that Sega would stop making game consoles and start developing games on Nintendo systems, no one would have believed it.

  21. So Sage shows up for a minute in her sub that disappears? Wtf?

  22. BTW what was Deagle talking about with Batman? I finished the game and can’t figure out what the hell he is talking about.

  23. BTW what was Deagle talking about with Batman? I finished the game and can’t figure out what the hell he is talking about.

  24. I bought my Batman at Best Buy and didn’t get a code for Cat Woman either. Still haven’t heard from WB either.

  25. Good show overall, its always more fun with the Samurage.

  26. I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be poopsocking Uncharted 3 tonight.

  27. I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be poopsocking Uncharted 3 tonight.

  28. Yeah, the DLC talked went on way too long (even though I feel the same about Weekend Confirmed) other than that, good show.

    I bought Battlefield 3 day one and totally regret it. But Sean, leaving something out wouldn’t have helped review scores. Scores go up when developers put more in, even if its not polished.

    Now the reason people are defending BF3 is that want to feel that their $60 purchase it justified. Enter the sick mind of the average gamer.

  29. Where’s the porking pic that was supposed to be the show art?

  30. So that’s what BlueSwim looks like. He’s a pretty big guy.

  31. For those complaining the DLC discussion was too long, the show gets better and real funny near the end. I won’t spoil it…

  32. Listen to 45 minutes yesterday. Hopefully, I’ll get to the interview today.

  33. Question time!

    Gamestop’s getting into the tablet market starting tomorrow. Do you think it’s going to be an immediate success?

    • Since we’re doing questions, I have one that you guys ignored….

      Is being an angry d-bag a good thing for a game reviewer? I’m thinking that Jim Sterling, Justin Mcelroy and Ben Kuchera are all loud-mouthed, snarky jerks quick to tell a commenter or tweeter to piss off.

      For some, like Angry Video Game Nerd its obviously an act, but do you think it’s worthwhile to act like an arrogant jerk.

      • Both of you guys’ questions are on the outline. Anyone else have a question they want read on the show?

        • You guys are pretty spread out. If you were forced to spend weekend together, besides playing a lot of games, how would it go down?

        • My question is for Samurage-

          Have the guys ever hit on you?

        • How come your reviews are way different from your podcasts?

          Reviews are all serious and full of big words and the podcasts are full of dick jokes and poopsocks. I noticed other sites try to be a lot funnier with their reviews. (not that that’s better, I’m just saying)

          So explain the difference.

  34. I’m going to finish this monster of a show today!

  35. It took me 3 days but I finally made it all the way through! Funny stuff this week.

  36. When does the new show go live?

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