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Podcast 7-6: Monster Hunter Mourning

After analyzing E3’s press conferences and showcase titles, the Tech-Gaming crew mourns the unlikelihood of future stateside Monster Hunter releases, as well as the death of JRPGs at the show. Despite these setbacks, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and TideGear bravely venture forward to offer impressions of Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Duke Nukem Forever, Greg Hastings Paintball 2, and Captain Jameson, before offering our weekly dose of game trivia and responses to reader mail.

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Show Notes
– Opening Intro: Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne ft. Bobby Valentino
Felyne dances to Nyan Cat
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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. First! The art this week is all NOLA.

  2. Wait, there the hell is Samurage?

    Yeah, an Adam show.

  3. bout time we get some E3 love from you guys.

  4. Ok, let me guess whose going to talk about Red River and whose going to talk about Capt. Jameson.

  5. Oh, now I get the opening “Wii U, WIi U, Wii U”…

  6. Did anyone really care about Monster Hunter anymore?

  7. You guys are way too hard on the Wii U. I haven’t heard another person complain about the button placement.

    • Maybe NOLA has short fingers 😉

    • That’s because none of the demos they showed used the buttons or circle-pads. Mark my words, if they don’t revise the controller design it will become a very big problem. I think it is very possible that we’ll see a major redesign before it launches next year – I mean, look and the awful slider-design the Vita had a year ago!

      • Not true. I remember hearing that New Super Mario Bros. Mii used the buttons.

      • Personally, I didn’t have any problem with the controller lay out, and I have the smallest hands of all. So i’m not sure why they bug Deagle and NOLA. But we’ll see what Nintendo does with it.

  8. Desert making a big deal about nothing with his MW3 rant. No concussion? C’mon it’s an mindless FPS, for the love of god.

    • I see both sides.

      1) 95% of MW players will never be around an real detonation, so they will never notice/care. Movies bend reality all the time, like the guys said.

      2) For the rest of us, these little bit do make MW3 seem super fake. But remember most of Infinity Ward have left, and they got a replacement team to fill it. Not that firing a cocked sidearm while riding a snowmobile is realistic.

      • There has to be some realism is games, otherwise you’d have little green martians in a CoD game. I think Deagle makes a good point, they try to capture a certain military experience, with ACOG sites, real weapons, but then they fail with a knife kill in a gunfight 😉

        • Thanks for the discussion, guys.

          It’s just a peeve of mine. Same thing happens when I watch movies which adhere to some semblance of realism, then show a barehanded little girl taking down a team of armed prison guards (Hanna). Moments like these tend to break the spell of immersion for me.

          It’s what been called “Narrative Probability”; better stories (and therefore games) are more believable and ‘hang together’ more cohesively. Mix reality with voodoo physics are I’m tossed out of the storyline.

  9. Deagle got wound up talking about the Tony Hawk skateboard.

  10. I think Deagle’s talking about something most people wouldn’t notice or care about. But I guess people who do know care.

    Just a thought you guys should do a FPS show, where thats all you talk about.

  11. You guys underestimate the power on Nintendo!

  12. great show this week, guys. Always great to have Karnov.

  13. Yeah a Karnov episode.

    I played Capt Forever and will probably buy the full package when I get paid.

  14. Thanks for delivering E3 info guys. I was waiting for your take on things.

  15. What makes you guys think the Vita will do well when the PSP ultimately failed?

    • I wouldn’t say that the PSP failed. It was killed by piracy, but it seems to have done ok overall. I think the Vita is what the PSP should have been, and if they keep the piracy in check, they could have a winner on their hands. The 3DS may be in trouble once people realize the Vita is the same price.

      • You’re pretty much spon-on Adam. I wonder how many people that were debating a 3DS purchase are waiting for the Vita now.

  16. Sad podcast art, but I have to admit I do like it.

  17. I just wanted to tell you, you guys are 100x better than the Joystiq reboot, which was super boring.

  18. Great show this week. I have to agree, MS was a bore. They should have done so much better.

  19. Most reviews for Greg Hastings Paintball 2 say the same thing- great for a paintball game, not that great as a FPS.

  20. Desert, I see what you’re saying. Stop by your local VA and you’ll see a lot of really series head trauma cases. Thats’s the one injury that has really skyrocketed during the last two wars.

    But people don’t want reality. They don’t want to think about the training, the discipline, the day to day bullshit- they just want light-hearted entertainment that gives them the sensation of being a Marine or soldier without all the sweat and risk. It’s just like a football game. I don’t want my whole Madden season ruined because my QB was injured, its not fun.

    After reading your Red River review, I think you made a good point. There’s needs to be more sims. I just don’t see MW3 filling that gap.

  21. Where did the older podcasts go on itunes? I only see one?

    • Thanks for letting me know. After a grueling two hour session, its fixed now.

      For those interested, I had to create separate RSS feeds- one for articles, and another solely for podcasts.

  22. Deagle, which version of Disgaea 4 are you going to get? Have to ssen the figurines?

  23. Monster Hunter isn’t dead in the US, it’s just on hiatus. Trust me, It will me back.

  24. Pretty cool art this week. I’ll listen tommorrow.

  25. Does anyone know the RSS feed for this podcast?

  26. CrapPoopCrap! I forgot to mention on the show:

    Everybody: go to Gravatar and set up avatars, so I’m not the only one with a non-Space-Invaders picture next to my name! I’d like to know what you guys fake-look-like!

  27. Monster Hunter Mourning? How about mourning over no podcast this week?

  28. Just heard James “Milky” from Q Games call the Vita buttons small, so Deagles not the only one.

  29. When can we expect a new podcast?

  30. Tech-Gaming Podcast 2009-2011?!?

  31. Better post one soon or I’ll leave a 1 star review.

  32. New Podcast will be out soon. Thanks for your patience 🙂