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Podcast 14-8: Miyazaki Normal

My Neightbor Totoro

This week, the crew offers their own distinctive take on games, Ghibli, and gossip. From revisiting Grand Theft Auto V, racing the wildlife filled roads of Oh, Deer!, or just making a mess out of Splatoon, and Screamride’s parks, the team tends to end up in uncomfortable territories. On hand for the rescue are the developers of Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~, who discuss their plans to unite zombies, dating sims, and dungeon crawls. As always, we offer our distinctive dose of trivia that’s guaranteed to test the knowledge of diehard gamers.

0.57 Mailbag, E3, Pixels, Aunt Tomei
19.20 An Insider’s Look at E3
31.56 Dispelling the allure of Ghibli
36.40 Game impressions: Gunpowder, Screamride, Oh, Deer!, Splatoon, and more
1:17.45 Interview: Ryan Phillips, Nick Doerr from Mr. Tired Media
1:45.45 Game Trivia

Street Fighter 2 Guile’s Theme (R.A.H. Mix), remixed by Rayza
Persona 4 Arena: Little Arena, remixed by DarkeSword

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Downloading now. Looks like my next two hours are all lined up with the show, a steak and a six-pack.

  2. Ex-Doods on the show means this will be good.

  3. “armful of heroin” is my first laugh. Usually, it’s Jeremy who prompts it, or Sage.

  4. You need to create a Twitter account for “Shit Microsoft Says” lol.

    Obviously, they didn’t know who you are and what you cover.

  5. Sound quality is extra good this time. (I’d say week, but I’d be lying).

  6. Kungfu Master Brandon

    I want to know where Mr. Tired Media got its name. Are they always tired? Are are they making fun of “Tired” worn-out media?

  7. So far, this episode is a loli-oop.

  8. You should put steam links to the games you talk about.

  9. Not a bad show. E3 stuff is a little late, and Eric was a little unorganized, but trivia was fun.

  10. The interview was fine and all, but here’s the thing, Robert is too friendly with them. He didn’t ask why they left and give any real questions that weren’t just fluff. It’s a problem in the game industry, I remember I saw Gamespot do an E3 interview and they acted like BFFs.

  11. I wish I had money for the Kickstarter. So many good things coming out.

  12. Really surprised that pr reps are that bad. Is this typical?

  13. hanks for the heads up on Oh Deer. Sad that Sony is giving up on mobile.

  14. PIxels looks like shit. Another Hollywood waste of money.

    • I’ll admit, I also thought that was really the creator of Pac-Man. Now, there’s no reason to see the movie.

      (I also though Zohan was terrible. Chuck and Larry was ok, tho).

      • You couldn’t pay me in panties to watch that movie.

        LOLed at the trivia “issue”.

        Guest appearance by Caddyshack’s gopher?

  15. Goo a show this week. Jeremy kept it in check!

  16. Trivia needed more Tiger Woods jokes.

  17. You should have the Tired Media guys on for the whole show. Love their “behind the scenes” look at NISA.

  18. Just got new of Iwata’s passing. Makes hearing Robert’s passion for Nintendo’s lineup (despite so many criticizing it) all the more emotional.

  19. Everyone should list their favorite Iwata-san game. Here’s a list:

    Mine’s Earthbound.

    • He worked on Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure! That’s kind of eerie.

      I’ll be playing some Daigasso! Band Brothers this week. It was my first imported game ever.

    • That is a mighty list of classics and favorites. Among them, Kirby’s Dream Course, Kirby’s Super Star, Pokemon Stadium, Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 hit close to the heart with me. And that’s only scratching the surface. The impact Iwata-san’s games have had on me personally is immeasurable.

      I can’t believe he’s gone.

  20. For Pokemon Gold and Silver, he created the compression tools that allowed them to fit in Kanto.

  21. Jimmy the Italian Jew

    Good show. Robert, respect the Zohan! The movie’s hysterical.

  22. I love the Totoro pic! Pretty good podcast as well.

  23. I thought would solve the amiibo problem for me but it would only alert me to the common ones and would rarely send texts even though I set the option up. Also, come on Robert, Big Daddy, Funny People? Coooooommmeee oooooonnn ;P

    • Yeah, the Adam Sandler hating seemed pretty snobby to me. I like Sandler’s big dumb movies.

  24. I have to chime in and say Adam Sandler is not funny. Never was. He’s made a shitton of bad movies based on weak ideas (Little NIcky, Jack and Jill). The guy should not be working in Hollywood.

  25. I’m also in the anti-Sandler group. But almost everyone in my family (yeah, I’m Jewish) loves him.

  26. I liked this episode. You managed to keep it moving and didn’t get on one topic for toooo long. Really liked the trivia.

  27. I watched the doc, highly recommended if you’re a Ghibli fan.

  28. Major Nelson got lazy. He used to talk and write about games. Now you go to his site and he writes “He we go” and links a Youtube video.

  29. Ok, listened twice now. When’s the next show?

  30. I’m ready for a new show and can’t wait to hear more about Pixels and anime.

    BTW, some are calling it “Adam Sandler’s box office obituary”. The film needed to make at least $40M on opening weekend to cover it’s $88M budget+$25M+ in advertising. It barely covered its ad campaign.

  31. Ok, I saw Pixels. My little brother wanted to watch it.

    Basically, it was really disappointing. Barely any laughs, maybe one or two decent action sequences. At least no one walked out, but a few people looked like they were on their phones out of boredom.

    • I’ll admit I watched it too. Video games lured me in. Pretty disappointing. Also, I thought that was the real Pac-Man creator until you said so and I looked it up. Now I feel a bad for not know and supporting the movie. At least the popcorn was good. 2/10.


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