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Podcast 14-7: Buy The Moon

Podcast 14-7

This episode, Robert and Say intrepidly attempt to lead a roster of post plane crash survivors in Dyscourse, travel through game history in A Pixel Story, and trying to keep things together in TerraTech. Beyond impressions of other illustrious indies, we also speak to Nicholas Spargo about his ambitions to break hearts with Melancholy Republic, a game that rooted in the virtues of the 16/32-bit role-playing eras.

Dyscourse by Owlchemy Labs
A Pixel Story by Lamplight Studios
TerraTech by Payload Studios
Sushi Catapult by Massive Monster
Washington’s Wig by Team2Bit
AdVenture Capitalist by Hyper Hippo
Layers by CloudPop
Melancholy Republic by Cloud Runner Studios

Street Fighter 2 Guile’s Theme (R.A.H. Mix), remixed by Rayza
Persona 4 Arena: Little Arena, remixed by DarkeSword

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. I fear for the day that you run out of anime pictures for the podcast because you’ve used them all.

  2. Robert’s back!!!

    I’m liking the podcast rotation. Just wondered if there was plans to create two shows.

  3. So this is the apology for all the anime bashing on the last show?

  4. How come you aren’t playing Bloodborne? I’d like to hear your take on that.

    And keep the hell away from those birds!

  5. I plan on listening while I play all the game I picked up during the Playstation Store flash sale. One Piece is good, right?

  6. Thought it was a typo (“by the moon”) until I listened. I hope you ended up getting in.

    “What language are you speaking” made me laugh.

  7. Good show but you should move Sage to this one.

  8. Money says Robert helps on Melcholy Republic. It sounds right up his ally.

  9. Sushi Cat-a-pult is pretty fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Melancholy Republic sounds like my type of game. Good show this time out.

  11. Needs more Jeremy. He’s the best part of the podcast.

  12. How much twat is shown in Twatter?

  13. Melancholy Republic sound good. The show just needed trivia. trivia for every show!

  14. Buying the Moon is OK. Nuking it isn’t:

    What was America thinking?

  15. After that podcast, I’m watching the powerlines as I walk and I haven’t even been pooped on my a bird in years.

  16. I like the indie outlook shows just as much as the regular ones.

  17. Not a bad show. Good interview.

  18. The length was just right this time.

    I know. That’s what she said.

  19. You really didn’t prepare me for A Pixel Story brutal difficulty. This game is no joke.

  20. Got an extra code for A Pixel Story from Lamplight Studios, and decided to give it away to one of you cool people. All you have to do is share with us what is that one thing you love most about indie games, right here in the comments. We will randomly choose a lucky winner by the 26th 8:00 PM PDT.

  21. I like Indie games because there not about making a big name/ ton of money (like the call of duty’s) they are just there to give the gamers a moment of relax, descoverig new things And just have a good time playing the Indie game 🙂

    Greetings from belgium 😀

  22. I love how indie games can take genres that the big publishers won’t touch anymore.

  23. Horatio Mcguckett

    I’ve been playing indie games for a long time (since back when people like Messhof and Cactus were just getting a name!), and the thing I’ve always about them is the freedom they have to experiment. They’ve created so many experiences that simply can’t had anywhere else!

  24. Indie games have always had this extra space to do what they want. It’s a little more experimental, it will try to break the rules a bit more, and it’s a bit more free in that way. There’s a lot of AAA titles that seem derivative these days, and that’s why I always come back to indies, especially the more alt. ones.

    A lot of good games discussed, and it’s nice to see indie games doing really well.

  25. I love how indies games are more personal that games developed by large studios.

  26. I like how indies bring in fresh ideas.

  27. I Like Indies Game but didnt tried this one!

  28. What I love most about indie games is their individuality.

  29. I like indie games because they aren’t afraid to try something new or different.

  30.  ¿Que hablar de este videojuego? Constituye maravillosa, a pesar
    de que deberia ser bastante mas entretenido

    Chekea y navega por mi blog postXD Mighty No. 9 trucos y ayudas


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