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Podcast 11-2: A Marvelous Waste of Your Time

Tech-Gaming Podcast 11-1 Beyond a contemplative discussion on whether gaming is advantageous therapy or just a glorious waste of time, DesertEagle, Samurage, BlueSwim and Jeremy “Lawman” LaMont also get down to business, offering impressions of Wreckateer, Planet Crashers, Gang Wars, Time Soldiers, ModNation Racers: Roadtrip, Chester, The Void, Kid Icarus: Uprising and investigate whether any Facebook games are worthy of a player’s attention. Both a beneficial dose of our weekly trivia, we also explore death in games and debate the benefit of focus testing.

Notes: All PlayStation Minis are single-player only, per Sony’s stipulation.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Way more than 151 Pokemon now, but who is counting?

    Downloading now.

  2. I’m guess the show is about masturbation. And tentacles.

  3. You know I bought at least 8 PSP minis and didn’t notice that they are all single player. Kind of sucks.

    • Then again, there are some neat, inexpensive little experiences on that platform. I’ve had Minis on my outline for weeks, but I never get around to talking about them.

      Glad to see others are interested in them too, eIGHTbaLL. 😀

  4. Deagle, did you say you went to Hawaii? When was this? How did your ear get all messed up.

  5. ModNation Racers: Roadtrip does rubberband and worse the AI has a speed advantage when players get farther in the game. Framerate feels like the game was rushed as well. LBP Kart’s framerate isn’t all that hot either.

    • Yeah, to me the framerate was the worst part, but I can forgive that. I never find myself too far ahead or too far behind the pack… and whatever people think about rubberbanding, I enjoy always having action in my action racing.

      • Spongebob NoPants

        I really can’t forgive that. Not a a system that supposed to be so powerful and WipeOut runs pretty smooth.

        If your always in the middle of the pack, then the game is most definitely rubber-banding.

        • I’m with you SpongeBob, racers and FPS better have a smooth framerate. You want finesse from me? Well, you had better offer the same!

      • Well, you guys are definitely in good company. Rubberbanding is generally not considered a “flattering” term.

  6. JRPGs and little dogs? I think you’re my long lost brother.

  7. Where the hell was NOLA this week. The show definitely isn’t the same without him. I don’t always agree with his game impressions, but I like what he adds to the show.

  8. With Black and White there are actually 649 Pokemon. But I guess you guys rock it old school.

  9. I’ll listen tomorrow. I’m sure Lawman and Deagle will make up for SeanNOLA’s absence. Sage and Blue, too!

  10. Goddamn, trivia was hard this week. Deagle, I please make it easier next week.

  11. You guys are jerkfaces for not wanring me about Planet Crashers earlier! 😉

    Good show. Man, that Jeremy can talk!

    • I sort of felt really guilty for not shutting up. I put a bunch of stuff on the outline, like I usually do, but this week I got to talk about it all. Oooops and yay!

      Glad you liked it Sancho!

  12. I’ll add my two cents. Video games aren’t a waste of time, work is a waste of time, but ii helps me pay for the hobby I love.

  13. You spill the squishy, you buy the squishy also no dogs in my damn store, you!

  14. If you’re on a podcast, using your real name listened to enough people to get 30+ comments a show you are most definitely on the grid, Sage.

    • I know. It was never about not being on the grid, that was lawman’s thing, lol. It’s about not giving permissions to access my computer to programs for which I don’t know the author. Computer health is my aim, not anonymity.

  15. PSA: There’s a contest announcement at the end of show.

    Crab-Man, can squeeze the truth out of villains.

  16. So did she rub your Pokeballs on the second date?

  17. Sage, little dogs are much cheaper to feed. And the bigger the dog, the bigger the crap.

  18. Nice, long show. Funny opening song and SOMEONE has a thing for Lana Del Rey (or just Mt. Dew)

    Hearing about Jeremy 2nd date and Des dropping his shit at 7-11 is good stuff, you guys should open up more.

    BTW- You forgot to put Chester in the show notes.

  19. Manny Sanchez aka Latin Vengeance

    Sworn to serve all people who have ever felt down, discounted or beaten, he uses his mind not fists to turn problems into opportunities.

  20. Breakdown of the Tech-Gaming Podcast, by content:

    Feel free to make a pie chart.

    Pokemon: 17%
    Disgaea: 18%
    Tentacles: 12%
    Sailor Moon: 22%
    References to masturbation: 5%
    Complaining about Monster Hunter not coming to the US anymore: %10
    Balls Hard Trivia: 5%
    Easy Trivia: 4%
    PSP: 4%
    Animals: 7%
    Indie Games: 9%
    Move: 2%
    Kinect: 1%

  21. Great show this week. I like how Deagle opened up a bit more and how crazy he got about his little dog.

    Will you ever have guest spots for listeners? I’d LOVE to play trivia with you live! Maybe offer prizes, too.

  22. Deagle, have you played Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, it’s $1 and some change on Green Man Gaming right now.

    Chester is pretty awesome, especially for 99 cents. (I missed the free sale), I thought the platforming was tight, not too slippery.

  23. This site is literately going to the dogs. Doggie biscuits ads on a gaming site? That’s a first!

    • Many ads key into what is being discussed on the page. So, the more you mention dogs, the more likely you are to get dog biscuit ads. Now, excuse me while I counteract two mentions of K9s and bring our site back to “normal”

      Keywords: Tentacles, hentei, prinny, payola, New Orleans, BoneTown

  24. I show without NOLA isn’t quite a show. The way he gets along with Des and Lawman is really cool.

    Is it me, or is there a small rivalry between Robert and Jeremy. Jeremy interrupts Robert to ask if Wreckateer and Planet Crashers has MP, almost knowing that Robert isn’t a big MP guys. When Robert asks him a question about a game he blows it off and keeps talking about the same thing. I dunno, could be me, or it could the clash of the egos.

    • Rule #1 of the Tech-gaming Podcast is that no egos are allowed.

      I appreciate Jeremy’s question. The rest of the crew keeps me of track, because you are right- I tend to focus on the single player experience. That’s how I started gaming, and that still consistently offers the most rewarding experience for me.

      Still, I don’t want us to be all Chip and Dale- and prefer a bit of disagreement. It’s what makes good criticism, IMO. Discussing what works or what doesn’t is one of the best inroads to really getting into the nuances a game has to offer.

      • Single player games will forever be my bread and butter, too. Unless I’m playing with people I know, online games really don’t do much for me. Playing against randoms in fighting games (like Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, which I picked up yesterday) does little more than stress me out and humble me. It just isn’t fun.

        The day that single player games die will be the day my love of modern gaming dies.

        • Yep, there’s just too many cheater or people who will use any and all exploits instead of trying to have a good, honest time.

          Oh, and then there’s rage quiters.

        • I do like local play. Unfortunately, a lot of game are offering online only competition.

      • correction: A show without NOLA is a show without egos. SEANNOLA IS KING!

        • correction: A show without NOLA is a show without mention of Monster Hunter or finish to anime jokes.

    • I actually prefer questions from the others to just listening to myself talk (believe it or not, lol). I don’t remember if there’s a specific question you’re referring to, but I know sometimes our voice connection isn’t clear, and I tend to try to avoid “What was that?” “Huh?” “I can’t hear you!” etc.

      For example, I haven’t listened to this show yet, but there was about a 3 minute period where none of us could tell what DEagle was saying. 😛 We just try to keep things moving for the sake of the people listening.

      As for my question to him, it came from my observation that there have been nearly ZERO great Kinect experiences, but I’ve witnessed firsthand how much fun it can be to play (even mediocre) games in groups, that’s all!

      I appreciate that you noticed, though. Nothing bad going on. 🙂

      • ” that there have been nearly ZERO great Kinect experiences”

        Spoken like a true Sony fanboy.

        • Or like someone who has observed that the Kinect is mostly garbage.

          • QFT

            It’s all hype and no quality. At best its ok for recognizing voice commands but gestures, it’s like the old Sony EyeToy- it works about 60% of the time. Which isn’t enough for gaming.

        • Someone is either ignorant or hasn’t played:

          Child of Eden
          Kinect Sports 1 and 2

          PS. There’s plenty more, hardly ZERO!

  25. Spongebob NoPants

    Good one this week, I got a laugh out of the opening song and Deagle getting all bent out of shape over a game where a dog is kidnapped.

  26. Just saw you have the top spot at N4G. Congrat, doods!

    Can I ask how many downloads you guys have? Also, how do you promote the show?

  27. Turned out to be a pretty good time, when you guys weren’t interrupting each other. Sounds like it was fun to record this week.

    Jer, I will try a FB game or so on your recommendation, if I start spamming my friends, well sorry!

    I would have liked to hear more about Sektor’s Sage stalking. That’s always worth a laugh.

    • Usually you get to choose how much spamming you do. And honestly, it feels a little uncomfortable sometimes, so I’ll usually hit my friends up in advance and see if they’re OK to get the invites, etc.

      It’s interesting to me how we feel that invites are so intrusive in FB, but on our consoles it’s cool.

      (And there are reasons for that, but, yeah.)

      • Well, consoles its to play games.

        Some people use Facebook more for just games. Plus, marketing tries to go viral on Facebook.

        I just hate when you get perks based on the number of people you spam, the whole TweetDefense method.

    • I tried Outernauts on Jeremy’s recommendation, and I’m really digging it.

      One thing I’ve learned playing Facebook games is this: every window with a “Share” button also has a standard, Windows-style “X” button in the corner that will close the window without spamming. Facebook actually requires no-spamming options for all new games on Facebook.

      Get in the habit of hitting “X” instead of what you’ve been taught it “OK” over the years. “OK” is usually replaced by “Share”

      • Ok, got it. I mean, “X, got it”. hehe

        I have no problem spamming “friends” on Facebook, I just have avoided Facebook games because they are just Java-type games with more social options. If I want to play free games on my computers, I’ll go FTP.

  28. Glad to see everyone is enjoying the show! 😀

    • F**K Yeah!

      Although I did want to hear about the ModNation beta.

      Oh, and Sony haters can fellate themselves.

  29. little dog, little brain. Every under 30 pounder Ive seen is a neurotic, semi-retarded beast that either barks all day long or want nothing more than a leg to hump.

    • I thought the same thing growing up, but none of my big dogs I had growing up(2 Springer Spaniels and a Bull Mastiff) were anywhere near as smart or as clever as my 15lb morkie. Head size has nothing to do with it – its all about the time an owner is willing to spend with the dog.
      Little dogs get a bum-wrap, because your typical little dog owner is looking for an accessory instead of a companion. They don’t spend the necessary time and energy required to teach them or correct them so that they are well behaved, well adjusted and above all happy. Those neurotic, yappy leg-humpers you’re talking about are probably very unhappy dogs with very lazy, neglectful, or possibly just oblivious owners. With just a few weeks of correction, those little guys could be great pets.

      • Amen. I have a 8 pound Yorkie. Smart as hell and better than the German Shepard or Retrievers I’ve owned. Cesar Milan will tell you the same advise as NOLA- it’s more about your relationship than breed.

  30. Great show this week. But man, guys, ease up on that trivia, please!

  31. Great one guys.

  32. First time listener and now subscriber. Good show with some hosts that know games and keep the balance between on and off-topic. How long have you been doing this?

    • Thank you very much for the kind words and subscribing to the podcast! 😀

      I joined the show almost exactly a year ago.

  33. Who sings the outro song? I kind of dig it.

  34. When will you guys be reviewing Oculus Rift hentai?

  35. Despite Deagle’s subtle warning I bought Gang Wars and Time Soldiers.

    The first one gets real hard, with all kind of cheap shots. Am I getting soft or were beat-em-ups this tough?

    Time Soldier is more my style. Ikari Warriors except with out the spinning stick. Someone needs to make a hacked joystick to play this arcade proper.

    • I bought them both, because I had extra PSN cash and have been collecting all the old SNK games. They’re Ok, definitely better than some of the other SNK games, but yeah- single player kind of kills it.

  36. Question for Blue:

    You think the WWE is getting softer because Linda in running for the senate? You think what they did to AW was fair?

    I miss the Attitude era.

  37. Two weeks since your last podcast. What’s going on, people?!? I need my overview of games trivia and Sailor Moon speak!