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New Releases for the Week of May 6th, 2012

From a crossover which allows the demigod Asura to battle Street Fighter’s Ryu to a port of Minecraft which lacks the Kinect functionality touted at last year’s E3 press conference, (purportedly, it will be added later) there’s a bit of peculiarity amidst this week’s batch of new releases. Yet, the strangest new product to come out in the next seven days may just be the Skylanders Tower Case. While we realize that displaying up to eight figurines in a polystyrene castle turret is enticing, we really doubt many will pony up forty dollars for the privilege to flaunt their coveted collection of Drobots, Sunburns, and Stealth Elves.

Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 1 – At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me (XBLA, $2)
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (XBLA, $20)

4 in 1 Action Pack
Asura’s Wrath: Lost Episode 1 – At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me (PSN, $2)
Starhawk (Limited Edition)

Monster World IV (Virtual Console)
Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Virtual Console)

Sudoku by Nikoli (eShop)

Paul’s Shooting Adventure 2 (DSiWare)

No releases

Street Fighter x Tekken
Warlock: Master of the Arcane

DesertEagle’s Pick: With both intense infantry-based skirmishes and involved aerial combat, 2007’s Warhawk was a pleasant surprise- I ended up playing the $29.99 download far more than my $130 Legendary Edition of Halo 3. Spiritial succesor Starhawk builds on the engaging battles by adding an intriguing RTS element, mechs, and a horde mode. While the price of LightBox Interactive shooter is double that of its inspiration, it’s still a better deal that any old Master Chief cat helmet. Preordering at Gamestop even gets additional maps, skins, a soundtracks,as well as the original (and very different) PSOne version of Warhawk.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Warhawk was the first game I played on both the PS1 and the PS3. I have mixed memories of the original, but I adored the Multiplayer-only PS3 update. When the Starhawk beta dropped a few months ago, I was excited and anxious, but it exceeded my expectations. Tight 3rd person combat, cool new vehicles and real time base building mix together to create one of the more immersive online experiences I’ve had in years, and the beta was just scratching the surface! I can’t wait to see what improvements have been made and how the single player campaign plays out.

BlueSwim’s Pick: Anyone who hasn’t already jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon should waste little time in trying the series out when the XBLA version releases this week. The freedom found in the sandbox sensation has inspired people to create and recreate all sorts of buildings and worlds. Heck, someone even built Rapture from Bioshock in Minecraft. It may have a higher-than-normal XBLA game price, but it’s still cheaper than a good LEGO set. Now’s as good as anytime to meet The Creeper.

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  1. There’s always a pic of someone shooting something for the new releases, right?

    Starhawk beta was really fun. If I can find it for $50, I’ll buy it.

    • Must be a Deagle thing- either JRPG characters or dudes with guns.

      Nothing for me this week.

  2. Paul Rudd’s Shooting Adventure 2 sounds like a blast!

  3. Nightstalker20

    I missed the Starhawk demo, but I’ll probably pick it up in a few months, once the price drops and the game is patched up.

  4. Asura’s Wrath’s looks kind of cool, but I can’t justify spending $60+additional money for all the DLC.

  5. The one thing about the gaming industry that I can’t that: they’ll try to accessorize the shit out of everything.

    90% of gaming accessories aren’t needed. Beyond cases and screen protectors, all of the other stuff is just crap. Anyone remember the Intercooler, the thing that was supposed to keep your 360 from Red ringing? The thing broke more 360’s than it saved.

    My friend got suckered for the Kinect Zoom. That made about half the game unplayable. At least the Skylander’s case should hold the figure, right?

    • Yeah, I always thought Gunnars were pure hype. I couldn’t believe Sessler endorsed them.

  6. Have any of you seen the trailers for Datura? Looks very different and pretty cool. And it’s something for Move owners.

    Seems like this week, Sony wins.

  7. “it’s still a better deal that any old Master Chief cat helmet”

    stop being such a Sony/Japanese fanboy troll. HALO 3>>>>>>>warhawk. all sony did was copy Bungie. the vehicles and turrets and shit are straight out of the first game. cheap ripoff was all that game ever was.

    • Comments from the Hip-Hop Gamer school of journalism. KnowwhatImsayingyo.

      • You know that HHG writes for EGM now?

        • You lost me at HHG WRITING.

          I had to investigate, check out if you’re REALLY bored.

          OK, so EGM is still around (sort of). HHG’s page is just random videos (some even in Italian, who knew he was bilingual). Almost no comments which seems strange. You’d think a few fans/haters would chime in. Also, no actual writing. Just a pic of the HHG in the background and titles such as “Once again there’s no interview like a HipHopGamer Interview stay tuned for more GANGSTA SHIT from hiphopgamershow”

          I guess it’s a last ditch effort from EGM to stay afloat. So sad.

          • Waiting for the Octomom to get signed along with her staff of 14 soon to be “writers”.

  8. This week Notch gets a bit richer.

  9. 4 in 1 Action Pack is a great name for a game if you want it to sell 10 maybe 13 copies.

  10. Datura goes look kind of cool. Anyone know the price for it?

  11. Two picks for StarHawk? I’m not surprised. That’s the only interesting game this week.

  12. I have to agree Warhawk kicked ass. It was one of the best early PS3 titles. I hope StarHawk usecery bit as good.

  13. Put down $5 on StarHawk. I’m more of a single-player guy so I hope it delivers.

  14. I’ve never played Minecraft, but remember TideGear talking about it years ago.

  15. Starhawk for me next week.

  16. Nothing special this week. Maybe. I’ll try the Minecraft demo.

  17. I’d buy the Skylanders Tower if it was $10 or less. $40 is just crazy.

  18. I’m stumped, I have no idea which game to pick this week 🙁

  19. What’s going on with Samurage?

  20. I see a change to the “You may also like”. Looks good, but says “For the week of June”…