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New Releases for the Week of May 22nd-28th, 2013

Grid 2 (1)

After a few lackluster weeks of middling releases, this week promises a number of appealing choices. CastleStorm represents Zen Studio’s rare departure from pinball, delivering a game stuffed with play mechanics. While racing sim devotees are bound to revel in the petrol-soaked pleasures of Grid 2, those who prefer lighthearted (but still astonishingly challenging) sprints may want to scope out TrackMania 2 Stadium, Nadeo’s latest entry in the enduring franchise. Whether players prefer their vehicular titles on the serious or silly side, both groups will be united by the time-tested pursuit of shaving milliseconds off their lap times.

CastleStorm (XBL, $10)

Mountain Crime: Requital (PSN, $TBA)
The Warriors (PSN, PS2 Classic,$9.99)

Wii U
No releases

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Groove Heaven (eShop, $3.99)
Naruto Powerful Shippuden (New to eShop, $34.99)

No releases

99 Spirits
Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods
Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Rising
Grid 2
Survivor Squad
The Night of the Rabbit
The Swapper
TrackMania 2 Stadium
Wargame: AirLand Battle

Robert’s Pick: A year after Gran Turismo converted a nation of PlayStation owners into obsessive gearheads, Sony Computer Entertainment tried to duplicate their success by bringing Colin McRae Rally stateside. As most Yanks of the era were oblivious to the virtues of point-to-point, off-road racing, the simulation stalled at retail. Fortuitously, I took a chance on the title, and have been a Codies fanboy ever since. While this week’s release of Grid 2 trades the dusty tracks of Morocco for pristine Persian tarmac, the same controller (or racing wheel) clinching finesse should be on display. My only concern is that the Southam-based developers have dumbed things down to garner mainstream appeal. If Grid 2 can provide the type of stanch simulation that once drove me to admire the development team, I’ll be drifting right into the next generation of racers.

Grid 2 (3)

Say’s Pick: I’m looking forward to the the latest adventure from Daedalic Entertainment, The Night of the Rabbit. They have created a beautiful and mysterious world, rendered in rich  hand drawn graphics in which you get to play as hopeful Jeremiah in his search of becoming a magician. As with almost every point and click, you will find puzzles as you discover the story of Mousewood and the Marquis. This is a must-own for every adventure gamer out there.

The Night of the Rabbit

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  1. I used to think that Insomniac could do no wrong. Then they butchered Ratchet and Clank and gave us the just-OK Resistance games. Fuse continues the downward circle. I thought the demo was a me-too game from a developer that used to lead the industry.

    • It’s been a while since they’ve had a real hit, that’s for sure. I did think the demo was fun. Not $60 fun, mind you.

  2. Honest from the screen shots Grid 2 looks like the Forz game they showed at the Xbox One fiasco. I can’t tell racing games apart. I have racing racism.

  3. Have you ever thought of doing releases for Europe as well as the US?

  4. Just heard that Nintendo has a B2G1 free sale on the Wii U Kirby games.

    Nothing new, but worth picking up for sure.

  5. When exactly is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D coming out?

  6. Damn, Deagle, you love your racing, shooting, and role-playing dontcha?

    I like driving games once is a while, didn’t even know GRID 2 was coming out.

  7. Wargame: AirLand Battle looks pretty hardcore. If it wasn’t for the $40 price, I’d be on board.

  8. TrackMania 2 Stadium is purchased. Just waiting for Steam to download the final build.

  9. Need to download the Fuse demo. I heard good things though.

  10. if you’re into racing games like then Grid 2 seems like a good way to spend your money. I didn’t preorder it yet, maybe I will tomorrow.

  11. I haven’t really heard anything about CastleStorm, but because it’s from Zen, I’ll at least give the demo a try.

  12. The Night of the Rabbit’s graphics do look nice. I hope there’s a demo.

  13. I expect Fuse to flop. I’m sure it’ll be $20 soon enough.

  14. I can’t wait for Grid 2. I’m thinking about preordering the game on PSN to save 10%.

  15. I know what the next good score will be. I just had to look at the ads…

    • Its a sim racing game from Codemasters. If Deagle reviews it, I can almost guarantee a 90-95 score. The only thing that may hurt it is the story part of the score. Not sure why that’s included because no one playing racing games for the story.

      • You have GRID ads and you named it as your pick of the week, but there’s no review. Are you going to cover it?

        (Only reviews I see are Euro ones and they are seven out of ten-ing the hell out of it)

  16. I know you’re excited about Grid 2 but no cockpit cam, day one DLC galore and simplified physics has me VERY worried for this one.

    Codemasters seems to be forgetting who their audience is.

  17. Let me know if Grid 2 does anything new. It looks like a good racer and all, but I already own 5 or 6 of those.

  18. No picks from anyone else this week?