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New Releases for the Week of December 11th, 2011

You are forgiven if Konami’s Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights sounds familar. Featuring a top-hat wearing, archeology professor who travels across European locales with a youthful sidekick, periodically encountering head-scratching parchment-hued puzzles, it’s no condundrum which title served as the game’s inspiration. With rumor of Gressenheller University reaching out to acquire the services of Pheonix Wright. Hopefully that whole falsified evidence matter has been cleared up.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Ancestors Pack (DLC)
Joe Danger: Special Edition (XBLA)
Gears of War 3: Raam’s Shadow (DLC)
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue (XBLA)

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Ancestors Pack (DLC)
Family Fued Decades (PSN)
Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue (PSN)
Rocksmith (The Complete Real Guitar Kit)

No Releases

Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
The Oregon Trail
Outdoor Unleashed Alaska 3D
Outdoor Unleashed Africa 3D

I Geeks!
Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar: A+ Edition

The Marbians (PSP Mini)

Aqua Mania
X3: Albion Prelude

DesertEagle’s Pick: While many PlayStation 3 owners got a taste of Joe Danger‘s high-wheeling antics, 360 owners have been left in the dust until now. Teaming with new characters, levels, and modes, this mash-up of Excitebike and Trials HD is not to be missed.

BlueSwim’s Pick: I’m all for anything that combines playing a video game with playing an electric guitar. As such, my pick for this week is Rocksmith (The Complete Real Guitar Kit) for the PS3. I love playing the guitar (even though I have little/no idea what I’m doing) and I think that any game that gets you to put down the five-colored Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitar and pick up a real axe is worth giving the nod to. If it comes with the same instrument as the 360 version, you’ll be getting an Epiphone Les Paul Junior, which is a great real guitar to start off with.

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  1. Doctor Lautrec should be brought up on plagiarism charges.

  2. Pretty craptastic week for games. I guess I’ll be set until 2012.

  3. Some of those 3DS games are rehashed that didn’t make it out next week. I see what you are doing, there.

  4. I hope PS3 owners are getting a Joe Danger patch so we can get in on the same content 360 owners are getting.

  5. Except for Joe Danger, nothing!

  6. Joe Danger looks colorful. Almost like a Nintendo game.

  7. What’s the Complete Real Guitar Kit?

  8. I (Heart) Geeks?!?

  9. It plays like Excitebike too. Pretty fun.

  10. How much is Joe Danger going to be? Hopefully 800 points.

  11. Not a damn thing i’m interested in this week.

  12. I’ll play Joe Danger for sure. Video I watched made it look pretty cool.

  13. I ♥ Games, good ones. Only Joe Danger qualifies this week.

  14. Carter Pewterschmidt

    That’s really funny how close Doctor Lautrec is to Layton. Sincerest form of flattery all and that good stuff.

  15. Cabbage Patch Wino

    Thanks for the info, but I think I’ll be set until 2012 rolls around.

  16. Has anyone come across a Rocksmith review from a gamer who’s also a pretty good musician?

  17. I’m getting Raam’s Shadow only because I bought the GoW pass. I hope my purchase wasn’t foolish.

  18. Never heard of Joe Danger, but on your recommendation I’ll check it out.

  19. Samurage’s pick– I second what Blue said. I want to see how well this can do, both as a game and at getting kids to learn a real instrument. (My pick is a comment this week cuz I’m SOOOO busy with finals, not due to any lack on Deagle’s part.

  20. No pick from NOLA?