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New Releases for the Week of April 24th, 2011

Various Wii and 3DS titles often remind us to take an occasional break from our captivating pastime. This week that erudite advice just might be applied to our intense Mortal Kombat/Portal 2 sessions. The danger isn’t searing our retinas, but not having anything to play until Brink hits store shelves on May 10th. With only a recreation of 2005’s Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and Darkspore to tempt gamers, it might just be time to investigate that strange, often unfriendly environment known as “outside”.


Man Vs. Wild
Outland (XBLA)
Nin2-Jump (XBLA)
Stacking: The Lost Hobo King (XBLA)
Trouble Witches Neo (XBLA)

Man Vs. Wild
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (PSN)
Stacking: The Lost Hobo King (PSN)
Yar’s Revenge (PSN)

Man Vs. Wild
Reader Rabbit 1st Grade
Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
Reader Rabbit Preschool
Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska

No Releases

DSiWare Announcements on Monday, 4/25

No Releases

Back to the Future: The Game-Episode 4: Double Visions
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Assassin’s Creed Ultimate Collection
Back to the Future: The Game-Episode 4: Double Visions
Battle Slots
Brother’s In Arms: Complete Collection
Jurassic Park: The Game
Mafia II (Director’s Cut)
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe Edition
SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny
The First Templar
Yar’s Revenge

DesertEagle’s Pick: As a ravenous reader, I’m not sure how much I can learn from a sweater-wearing bunny. That said- I’ll could probably find a use for that fuzzy mammal in Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, where you use small creatures as ammunition and bait.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Although I can’t say I’ve followed through on
all of TellTale’s episodic games (I usually lose interest after the
second or third episodes) but my love for Jurassic Park may just keep me
on board through an entire season. The only question is: do I get it
for PC now, or wait to grab it on my console?

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  1. yuck. BTW- Did any of you try or even get Yar’s Revenge?

    What were your thoughts?

  2. I still need to get MK!

  3. So you think there will be PSN release next week, you hopeful fools?!?

  4. Mythos the old PC game is back? Is that a reboot or new entry?

  5. Reader Rabbit just text-bombed the new release list.

  6. I’m just amazed no one hasn’t made a Wii game called ExerBeat already.

  7. No nods for Darkspore? You console dolts!

  8. I thought one of the PC games was Battle Sluts. Too bad.

  9. MI haven’t seen an interesting Wii release in week now. I’m sure that mean the Wii 2 is on the way.

  10. I didn’t care for Stacking much at all. I wonder if the expansion will help things.

  11. I’m just amazed there has been 5 Sail Simulator games. Or did they start on the 5th one?

  12. Steam announced that you can now download the Darkspore Beta on the Steam client until Friday.

  13. Are the Back to the Future games any fun?

  14. this week, I hope to be getting into Dead Space 2..Yeah I’m late…so what?

  15. How much is Brother’s In Arms: Complete Collection going to be?

  16. Maybe Mafia II.

  17. pretty bad week for games. I’ll try this outside thing.

  18. Is the lay off games thing a reference to anonymous?

  19. Looks like it’s a “PC or bust” week. No new releases on the 3DS this week isn’t a big deal, though. The fact that the Target I go to hasn’t sold a 3DS since I was last there about a week ago, however, is. It’s just not selling well(or at all) at the stores I frequent.

  20. Ha! I’ve also been track 3DS at my Target, her in Virgina. Of the 8 consoles they had last week, they were don’t to six. I asked if they got a replenishment and the guy worked said, “No”

    Games are shooting off the shelves either. I think the $250 price is just a bit too much for people. I know I’m waiting for a price drop.

  21. selling decent around here.

  22. Don’t know what you are thinking about, but Mythos is a free to play casual RPG coming out next week.

  23. Yeah, they’re pretty good.

  24. Pretty bad week for console owners.

  25. I’ll be trying this out for sure. So how are the devs making money?

  26. I’ll try Oddworld if PSN ever works again.

  27. No 3DS games? C’mon Nintendo!

  28. On Live has Mafia 2 for $5 right now, if there’s any takers.

  29. Not much that interests me this week.

  30. Deagle, are you going to review Trouble Witches Neo?