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New Releases 8/15-8/21: Kane, Lynch, and Lara Edition

Although The term, “dog days” is frequently used to describe a duration of exceedingly warm temperatures, it also refers to a period marked by a lack of new development. Appropriately, the sequel to 2007’s Kane and Lynch: Dead Men has adopted the moniker, accurately described the shortage of new titles on store shelves. Come September 1st, the summer drought looks to come to an abrupt end, as players will be showered with diversions which range from Metroid: Other M, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and Ace Combat: Joint Assault.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Gold’s Gym Dance Workout

Deer Drive

Ys Seven


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

DesertEagle’s Pick: At E3, one of the concealed inequalities of the industry became undeniably apparent. In a secluded corner far past the sweeping, bombastic booths of the largest publishers, sat Y’s Seven. My fifteen minute demo with the action/RPG left me with a feeling of excitement that the heavy hitters often strived for, but rarely achieved. I’ll be charging my PSP in anticipation of this 40 hour epic.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: The Ys series has been the very definition of hit-or-miss: half of thegames have been quite fun, while the other half have been somewherebetween the “meh” and “bleh.” I was pretty impressed with what I saw at E3, but as I wasn’t allowed to actually touch the PSP that was runningit, I’ll reserve judgement until I get my hands on a copy. However, Idid get a chance to try Lara Croft, and will emphatically give it myweekly pick. Hunter: the Reckoning style running, gunning andpuzzle-solving?  Yes, please!

TideGear’s Pick: Ultimately, I’m sitting this week’s selection out. If I have to pick, I’m going with Lara Croft. The gameplay interests me, but the characters and setting sure don’t. I’m definitely looking forward to several upcoming releases, though!

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  1. JessicaSimpsonisHavingmyBaby

    Yeah, first!

    I’ll try Lara Croft for sure. Can you see her boobz in the new view, though ?!?

    I kid…

  2. Stretch Armstrong

    Ys Seven, collectors edition

  3. The Kane & Lynch 2 demo left me cold.

  4. Man, I can’t wait for Ace Combat: Joint Assault to come out.

  5. No pick for K&L. What happened to Deagle?

  6. Waffles For Supper

    Whats the chance of a Ys Seven demo?

  7. Um, no picks from Karnov and NOLA?

  8. If K&L is anything like the demo, I’m saving my money?

  9. I heard Jeff Gerstman gave Kane and Lynch a perfect score this time out.

  10. What will you guys review?

  11. 7 games this week, only one interests me.

  12. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light might be worth $15. I’ll let the demo decide.

  13. Do you avoid or hit deers in Deer drive? That makes a lot of difference!

  14. Kane and Lynch demo has nice graphics but felt awkward. I got knocked down by point black shotgun blasts? AI was bad, too.

  15. Gold’s Gym Dance Workout isn’t already out? I swear it’s already in the clearance rack.

  16. Agreed. Also, people should know the main campaign is 5 hours long.

  17. Y’s 7 might be a go. I like action RPGS.

  18. Yeah, whats going on with the duo?

  19. Kane looks like a Klingon.

  20. Its ballsy of them to not use the name Tomb Raider.

  21. really? Damn, I bet there are going to sell DLC on this.

  22. HAHA. Nice.

  23. Stretch Caddy Daddy

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days didn’t impress me at all. Graphics are nice, but the gameplay feels dated.

  24. Lara Croft will be mine.

  25. I can’t wait for Metroid: Other M

  26. I’m surprised that Ys Seven got your pick. I never liked previous Ys game.

  27. I bet K&L will drop in price by fall.

  28. Where’s the rest of the picks?

  29. Which is Kane and which is Lynch? Sure sign of generic characters…

  30. I’m looking forward to the coop in Lara Croft to play with my brother and I.

  31. Actually I liked the Kane and Lynch demo.

  32. It might be interesting to see if he reviews this.

  33. Kane and Lynch is going to be such a good game!

  34. I sure hope so, after reading one review. I almost canceled my preorder.

  35. I guess Tide and NOLA take the weekends off.

  36. I’m really only excited for Lara Croft this week.

  37. Sorry guys: I just moved into my new apartment, and I’m still waiting for my internet to get hooked up! I just turned in my picks from the office – hopefully I’ll be up and running in time for the podcast!

  38. Lara Croft will rule this week.

  39. You better be!

  40. Y’s 7, baby!

  41. Two votes not for K&L. Should I be worried about the game?

  42. This looks great I must get it.

  43. Gotta pick Lara over some oogly robbers.

  44. Just bought Lara Croft game, can’t wait to play it.

  45. i need to pick up that k&l

  46. Adam, you made the right pick!