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New Releases 6/6-6/12: Gale Before the Storm Edition

Despite the industry’s annual overdrive boost (known my some as E3) being a week away, publishers are showing no signs of lethargy, filling store shelves with a wide assortment of titles. With a healthy amount of star appeal from the likes of Solid Snake, Earthworm Jim, Tiger Woods, and even a few Prinnies, players are going to have to clear their schedule of elective activities, such as sleeping, eating, and work.

Call of Duty: The War Collection (Call of Duty 2,3 and World at War)
Earthworm Jim HD (XBLA)
Green Day: Rock Band
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Green Day: Rock Band
Joe Danger (PSN)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Voodoo Dice (PSN)

Green Day: Rock Band
Let’s Play Ballerina
Let’s Play Garden
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Vacation Isle: Beach Party

America’s Next Top Model  
Flametail (DSiWare)
Let’s Play Ballerina
Let’s Play Garden
Mega Man Zero Collection
Mind over Matter
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena
Satisfashion: Rock the Runway
Western Riding Academy

Disgaea Infinite
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

DesertEagle’s Pick: Although, I’m not much of a real-life linksman, I’ve been following the PGA Tour series long before Tiger Woods endorsement twelve years ago. After spending the weekend with both the 360 and Wii versions of TW PGA Tour 11, I’m happy to report that both editions offer the expected amount of new features and courses. Sadly, my request for the return of Tiger-proofing (from 2005 and 2006) has been ignored yet again; C’mon Tiburon, open your mail!

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I had this crazy dream last night. I turned on my PSP to play Monster Hunter, but my hunter looked like Solid Snake, and he had a gun, and the thematic change made the game seem relevant to American gamers, which made it a lot easier to get a game going over Ad-hoc Party. If only such a thing existed.  I would call it Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and it would make me oh-so-happy. Perhaps, some day.

TideGear’s Pick: There’s several good-looking releases this week, Mega Man Zero CollectionEarthworm Jim HDJoe DangerDisgaea Infinite, Flametailbut nothing comes close to my precious Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I snagged the collector’s edition, of course. That’s a real-life “love box”.

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  1. MGS: PW, hellz yes!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A New Challenger Approaches!

    If Adam doesn’t pick Peace Walker I promised to lock myself in my room and play BMX XXX for a full week.

  3. At first I though you had the info as shacknews, but you have a few games (CoD War Collection) that aren’t on their list. Color me impressed!

  4. DEagle didn’t pick Disgaea Infinate? What did NOLA put in his Frankenberries?

  5. I won’t get no Satisfashion, and I won’t try!

  6. Hahaha, I get to do it…

    Where’s Karnov?

    Can you guys tell me how the Earthworm Jim HD remake is?

  7. Does nayone care about Green Day: Rock Band

  8. I have my eye on thje Mega Man Zero Collection

  9. I am the New Drug

    Shit, that ain’t nothing son.

    I’ll play White Men Can’t Jump on the Jaguar for two weeks!

  10. LOL.

    I’m in – ET (2600) for a month straight.

  11. Next he’ll ask for the 2nd amendment to be repealed and start remembering shit.

  12. Game Coleman committed suicide knowing a lineup of Let’s Play Ballerina,
    Let’s Play Garden and Satisfashion: Rock the Runway was on the horizon.

  13. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for me.

  14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, I missed last year’s game.

  15. What are you guys talking about?

    Nothing but BLOODBOWL for a freaking year, if Tide doesn’t pick it.

  16. I’m waiting for Let’s Play Homicidal Psychopath.

  17. I guess I’m alone in thinking about picking up Green Day: Rock Band.

  18. It was the best of time (MGS:PW) it was the worst of times (Imagine)

  19. If I were Adam, I’m pick another game just to see you in agony 🙂

  20. I worry about a game called Peace Walker, but the M-16s in the pic make me feel better.

  21. who doesn’t have the game in the Call of Duty: The War Collection that is into FPSs?

  22. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker bundle, preordered.

  23. Disgaea Infinite of course. Desert, you let me down by not picking it.

  24. He did sell his Gamecube on ebay a while ago.

  25. I do like golf on my TV, but feel a bit weird buying TW this year.

  26. You know I was thinking about NOLA’s Mario has no personality point- the same could be said about MegaMan. Really he’s just Dr. Light’s robot that fights Dr. Wiley.

    Still I’ll be getting Mega Man Zero Collection, beacuse I like the gameplay.

  27. “Let’s Play Garden” and I’ll grow the weed.

  28. Will the focus of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker be hours of talk or action?

  29. My auntie’s name is Gail. But she doesn’t like game.

  30. No TideGear????

    I’ll probably get Peace Walker, just so I can have every MG game in my collection.

  31. Green Day: Rock Band maybe.

  32. Have you guys ever thought of including a poll to show the results?

  33. Never heard of Joe Danger? Is is supposed to be any good?

  34. I give the demo of Earthworm Jim HD a good try.

  35. Unless your his wife (and then you should get a free copy) why should it matter? Would you not read a book because the author has an affair?

    Besides, there’s dozen of other golfers on there.

  36. America’s Next Top Model got held back a week? It wasn’t FABULOUS enough or what?

  37. Adam Milecki - TideGear

    Not only would that be cruel, but it’d be going without Metal Gear. Neither of which, I shall do!

  38. Adam busts the double entendre? WOW!

  39. Two snakes in a box sounds dirty to me.

  40. Disgaea Infinite for me.

  41. You know your site looks a bit crap on a 800×600 standard monitor?

  42. What about Snakes on a PLANE?!?

  43. Are you guys going to review Disgaea Infinite?

  44. Adams got a ton of picks this week!

  45. No good games! Oscar extra grouchy today. bah!

  46. Is it a co-op move?

  47. I may have to use my GS credit for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

  48. Really who uses that resolution anymore? It might be time to upgrade that VGA card!

    Looks sharp on my iPhone!

  49. I’ll be walking in the name of peace.

  50. So are all you guys picking it up? Will you review it Tide or SNOLA?

  51. Peace Walker! Peace walker!!!’

  52. I should be getting a code on Tuesday. I’ll also have reviews for the Wii and 360 versions of Tiger Woods, and Green Day: RB.

  53. You do love some Tiger don’t you? I though the demo was alright enough.

  54. I still need to get Alpha Protocol.