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New Releases 11/21-11/27: Tryptophan-Powered Edition

With Black Friday looming, publishers are making last minute, shelf-filling efforts with a few big releases before the holiday shopping season commences. As least two heavy-hitters are immediately observable: Gran Turismo 5 and Donkey Kong Country Returns along with wildcard title, Michael Jackson The Experience.

John Daly’s Prostroke Golf
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
Gran Turismo 5
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection

Disney Tangled: The Video Game
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Hot Wheels: Track Attack
Mathews Bow Hunting
Michael Jackson The Experience
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time
Worms Battle Island

Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2
CSI: Unsolved
Disney Tangled: The Video Game
Hot Wheels: Track Attack
Michael Jackson The Experience
Silly Bandz

Michael Jackson The Experience

Football Manager 2011

DesertEagle’s Pick: Although I was a mild fan of Rare’s SNES platformers, I’ve been hearing nearly unanimous praise for Retro Studio’s Donkey Kong Country Returns. Hopefully, this interpretation will be on par with Kirby’s recent revival.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I’ll admit it – I’ve been waiting all year to get my hands on the new Splatterhouse.  I must have poured hundreds of dollars in quarter into a Splatterhouse cabinet when I was a younger Sean, and I can’t wait to spend a few days engrossed in HD camp and gore in the comfort of my own livingroom. It was devastating when the reboot didn’t hit shelves before Halloween, but I suppose visiting with family for Thanksgiving can be equally as frightening, so it still works, thematically. 

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  1. Diddy Kong!

  2. I have my doubt that Gran Turismo 5 will actually be out this week.

  3. I only heard two things about Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time.

    Jack and shit.

    Can it be good if they’re not even hyping it?

  4. Third week for Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2. I guess the biggest challenge has been getting the damn game out.

  5. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Splatterhouse demo? I though Namco/Bandai announced that?

  6. @SeanNOLA

    There was a Splatterhouse arcade game? How did I miss that? I loved the TG-16 and Genesis brawlers.

  7. I think the series has been pretty good ever since it came to Wii. I even play the first game very once it a while. The one that came out with the system.

  8. Price Worms Battle Island at $20 and I’ll buy it!

  9. Whats Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection? Just the DLC for the game?

  10. Black Friday my ass. There’s not that many good deals this year. I just saw Gamestop’s flyer. Half the shit is full price. I bought of God of War 3 for cheaper than the price they are selling it.

  11. Not that many games are hitting this week. Well, not as many as I’d expect for Black Friday.

  12. I honor of Ubisoft’s new Michael Jackson game, they are changing the name of the shopping day to “Formally Black Friday”

  13. Boogers for Breakfast

    Maybe Gran Turismo 5. How come there hasn’t been any reviews for it, though?

  14. Donkey Kong Country Returns is pre-ordered. Why didn’t you like the SNES games Deagle?

  15. A Silly Bandz game? really?

  16. I didn’t even finish the Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom demo because I got bored with it. You guys were right.

  17. I still need to get Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

  18. thats fine with me. I have no money and I need to shop for Xmas still.

  19. I’ll try the Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Didn’t I see that some places dropped the price on the game already?

  20. Yep, all these great games coming out and not having the money to buy them is torture.

    I keep telling myself they’ll drop in price in a few months.

  21. If they made a Wii CSI game I’d have to pick it up for the girlfriend.

  22. Splatterhouse for Thanksgiving? Reminds me of the Eli Roth trailer from Grindhouse.

  23. I always feel a kinship to ‘Black’ Friday. haha.

    Donkey Kong Country Returns

  24. I’m been a while since I played a Worms game.

  25. Michael Jackson The Experience is a game?

  26. The only good thing about the PS3 vesion of John Daly’s Prostroke Golf was Move support. Now the 360 version is sure to die a quick death.

  27. I might try the Undead Nightmare disk.

  28. No MJ for 360 and PS3?

  29. Ready and waiting for GT5!

  30. Cheetos - God of Cheese

    It’s on like Donkey Kong Country.

  31. I need a reason to tun my Wii on. Donkey Kong Country Returns might just be it.

  32. Did you heard that GT5 does it’s install while people are playing the game? Slick, very slick.

  33. A Jackson game on the DS sounds awful. Scratch audio and stylus contols? No thanks.

  34. So what the best BF deal this year?

  35. Same. I’ve been waiting for a real sim for my PS3 since I bought it just after launch.

  36. Yeah, it was actually more violent that the censored US console version.

  37. I need to turn off the computer and get to Gamestop before it closes to get Donkey Kong Country Returns.

  38. Whats up Rabbids?

    I heard you were out today.

  39. Donkey Kong Country Returns I love you, but lose the motion controls.

  40. Karnov doesn’t have any picks?

  41. Maybe CSI: Unsolved can figures out why it’s still so damn popular.

  42. You don’t play with the classic controller?

  43. Silly Bandz, for realz?

  44. He says “Just don’t overcook the turkey” and “Sleeping is good” those are his picks.

  45. There’s probably an embargo.

  46. Are you guys going to review DKCR?