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New Game Releases: June 29th-July 5th, 2017

With appearances by Crash Bandicoot, Bonk, and Micro Machines, this week’s schedule of new releases seems right out of the Nineties. Look past the nostalgic haze assisted by the re-appearance of 1990’s Devil’s Crush and 1996’s Magic Drop II, and you might even find a new title or two, with games like Tokyo Xanadu and Aerea hitting players that a new millennia has passed.

Nintendo Switch
ACA NeoGeo: Magical Drop II (eShop, $7.99)
De Mambo (eShop, $TBA)
GoNNER (eShop, $9.99)

PlayStation 4
Aerea: Deluxe Edition (PlayStation Store, $59.99)
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (retail and PlayStation Store, $39.99)
Micro Machines World Series (retail and PlayStation Store, $29.99)

Wii U
Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure (eShop, $5.99)
Devil’s Crush (eShop, $5.99)
Preston Sterling (eShop, $3.99)

Xbox One
Micro Machines World Series (retail and Xbox Games Store, $29.99)

6180 the moon (eShop, $3.99)
Mighty Gunvolt Burst (eShop, $9.99)

PS Vita
Tokyo Xanadu (retail and PlayStation Store, $39.99)

PC (via Steam unless noted)
ESports Club ($8.09)
Micro Machines World Series ($TBA)
Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders ($5.99)
Tap Touch Run ($0.59)
Vengeance: Lost Love ($4.79)
Zombie Hobby VR ($17.99)

Robert’s Pick: As you’ll find out later this week, I’m a bit of Nihon Falcom fan, so whenever the Tachikawa City-based studio puts out a new game, I’m reliably there at launch- whether it’s a new Ys title or a chapter in the The Legend of Heroes series. This week’s release of Tokyo Xanadu is something of a departure from form for Falcom, set in a contemporary context, far removed from the usual fantasy settings. Mixing social bonding with action-based dungeon crawling, the effort could be that ideal portable game to chip away at during balmy summer afternoons. For those who don’t own a Vita, know that an enchanted PS4 and PC versions are arriving later in the year, making a trip through Morimiya accessible to many.

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  1. I want the Crash Bandicoot but I feel its just popular enough to produce a large amount of copies but no quite amazing enough to sell them.

    I guess that’s the game equivalent of a short sale.

  2. Xanadu is getting kind of average review scores. No need to get this at full price.

  3. Thinking about picking up Crash Bandicoot even though I have all three games on my PSP already. 4 if you include Crash Racing.

  4. All these 90s releases just show how we are being sold the same old stuff over and over again. Original ideas are going out of style.

  5. So what’s the word, is Crash Bandicoot really as hard as everyone says?

  6. You’re missing some Steam games on there. Need any assistance with those? I’d be happy to help!