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New Game Releases: March 7th-13th, 2014


“Have you played Titanfall?” This week PC and Xbox One players will finally be able to answer that query with a resounding, “yes!” as the release of the highly anticipated shooter draws near. For Xbox 360 owners without one of these systems, a response will have to wait, as Bluepoint Games’ port won’t be unleashed until March 25th. But don’t shed too many tears for those clinging to past-gen hardware- they still have Dark Souls II to console them. Purportedly offering a sixty-hour campaign, From Software’s latest has the capacity to tide players over.

PlayStation 3
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Dark Souls II
Putty Squad

PlayStation 4
Putty Squad

Wii U
BLOK DROP U (eShop, $1.99)
NES Open Tournament Golf (eShop, $4.99)

Xbox 360
Dark Souls II

Xbox One

Adventure Island II (eShop, $4.99)
The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths (eShop, $14.99)
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger (eShop, $7.99)
Yoshi’s New Island

PS Vita
Putty Squad

1954 Alcatraz (Steam, $17.99)
Dominique Pamplemousse (Steam, $4.24)
Frozen Endzone (Steam, Early Access, $TBA)
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (Steam, $8.49)
Post Master (Steam, $11.24)
Titanfall (Origin, $59.99)
TowerFall Ascension (Steam, $12.74)
Towtruck Simulator 2015 (Steam, $11.99)
Windforge (Steam, $13.29)

Robert’s Pick: My reputation might be at risk for admitting this, but I’m a bit indifferent toward this week’s releases of Titanfall and Dark Souls II. If the former had a single-player component and I wasn’t so horrible at the latter, my tastes might be more in tune with my contemporaries. Instead my sensibilities are aligned with the mastery of alchemy: having played every entry in the series since 2005’s Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, I have a suspicion  that Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky will be stirring my cauldron. Past entries have presented the path to self-actualization in an enjoyable manner, and from the eight hours or so I’ve poured into Escha & Logy, it appears that the formula for item synthesis, exploration, and turn-based combat have lost none of its potency over the years.

Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Gonçalo’s Pick:
Quite the full week we have here, between Dark Souls 2, Atelier Escha & Logy and Titanfall I might as well throw some die and let fate choose my pick. Okay, maybe that’s going a bit too far but I think you get my point. Then again Titanfall doesn’t feature a single-player campaign, something which sadly is becoming tad too common in gaming for my taste, and while I love the Atelier games, I haven’t had the opportunity to play the last two titles so perhaps my backlog is finally starting to get the best of me. Though the choice is very neck-and-neck, in the end I’ll be spending my time dying over and over again in Dark Souls 2, enjoying every minute of it.

Dark Souls II

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  1. Dark Souls II for me. I really can’t wait.

  2. I’ll wait for Dark Souls 2 for PC.

    According to PC gamer: The release date announcement on the Dark Souls 2 facebook page promises “increased texture resolution” and an “enhanced frame rate” for the PC version. “On top of that, FromSoftware have been working to perfectly adapt the game for a mouse & keyboard combo.”

  3. Have you played TowerFall?

  4. Xbox One gets Titanfall. Wii U gets BLOK DROP U and NES Open Tournament Golf.

    I guess that explains why Nintendo can’t give the systems away.

  5. Yoshi’s New Island for me this week.

    • I really liked the original game (except for Baby Mario’s crying) and I’m leaning toward getting if if the reviews are decent.

  6. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae looks kind of interesting.

  7. “My reputation might be at risk for admitting this…”

    Your BAD reputation? 😉

    Titanfall for PC. 1080p, 60 fps or GTFO.

  8. Not liking Titanfall because it doesn’t have a SP mode is madness. Spot it before you make Major Nelson cry.

  9. Have You Played Titanfall was answered during the beta.

  10. As a Xbone owner who hasn’t had anything new to play in a while I SHOULD want to pick up Titanfall. But paying $60 for multiplayer only seems crazy.

  11. TowerFall>Titanfall.

    Ok, just trolling. I’d like to get TF, but the framerate once you were in the Titan on Xbox One was pretty atrocious.

  12. TITANFALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I can’t blink without seeing a Titanfall ad on the internet or on TV.

  14. Atelier Escha and Logy is a must buy for me.

  15. Maybe if the made a game with lolis dropping out of the sky shooting bullets out of their panties, you’d play it.