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New Game Releases: Oct. 26th-Nov. 1st, 2017

While Hollywood tends to dump its discards during the last week of October, it’s that time of year that the game publishers issue their heavy hitters. As such, the seven days sees the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Super Mario Odyssey, wreaking havoc on schedules on wallets alike. But even interactive media seems to be learning a few things from the film industry. Filler like the re-issue of two Kinect titles, now with standard input methods shoehorned in, will be making its way on store shelves, making for a trick rather than a treat.

Header image: Little Busters!

PlayStation 4
Assassin’s Creed Origins (retail and digital, $59.99)
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back (retail and digital, $29.99)
Little Nightmares Complete Edition (retail, $29.99)
Real Farm (retail and digital, $39.99)
Spintires: MudRunner (retail and digital, $39.99)
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders (retail and digital, $59.99)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (retail and digital, $59.99)

Nintendo Switch
ACA NeoGeo: Mutation Nation (digital, $7.99)
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (retail and digital, $39.99)
King Oddball (digital, $4.99)
Monopoly for Nintendo Switch (retail and digital, $39.99)
Monster Jam: Crush It! (retail and digital, $39.99)
Moon Hunters (digital, $14.99)
Piczle Lines DX (digital, $14.99)
Poi: Explorer Edition (digital, $29.99)
Splasher (digital, $14.99)
Super Mario Odyssey (retail and digital, $59.99)
Time Recoil (digital, $13.99)
Violett (digital, $8.99)
Zombie Gold Rush (digital, $4.99)

Xbox One
Assassin’s Creed Origins (retail and digital, $59.99)
Disneyland Adventurers (retail and digital, $29.99)
Real Farm (retail and digital, $39.99)
Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure (retail and digital, $29.99)
Spintires: MudRunner (retail and digital, $39.99)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (retail and digital, $59.99)

Creeping Terror (retail, $8.99)
Galaxy Blaster Code Red (digital, $1.99)
Halloween Night Archery (retail, $1.99)
Worcle Worlds (retail, $9.99)

PS Vita
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders (retail and digital, $44.99)

Assassin’s Creed Origins ($59.99)
Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back ($TBA)
Little Busters! English Edition ($TBA)
Rugby 18 ($39.99)
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition ($49.99)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ($59.99)
Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection ($TBA)

Robert’s Pick: As a kid, Halloween revolving the allure of begging for candy. As an adult, the delights are even sweeter, with the release of both Summon Night 6: Lost Borders and Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection happening on All Hallows’ Eve. Yet, somewhat surprisingly, those aren’t my most anticipated releases, with Super Mario Odyssey’s arrival having me hopped up like a trick-or-treater who just ate a plastic pumpkin’s worth of snack-size Kit Kats.

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  1. Waiting for more PC performance data before committing to Assassin’s Creed Origins. Ubi doesn’t have the best record for these things.

  2. Downloading Wolfenstein II right now. 23 minutes until it’s Nazi killing time.

  3. Been playing SMO all morning. I absolutely love it. I’m only putting it down since my Switch battery and power bank are no empty.

    • I can’t wait to play it. I probably should have bought digital but I wanted to save 12 bucks and get a $10 voucher.

  4. Grabbed Odyssey digitally this morning before work. Slow ass Switch download speeds means it was done downloading while I was getting ready. I can’t connect to work wifi, either.

  5. Bubsy is back? Did anyone ask for his return?

  6. Spintires: MudRunner is also coming to PC.