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MLG, Who?

Move over Major League Gaming, there’s a bigger, richer
gaming tournament about. From December 6th through the 14th,
Los Angeles will be the host of the Champion Gaming Ship World Series, where
twelve teams from around the globe will vie for a million dollars in prizes. Direct
TV viewers will able to tune in to the fragging of Counter-Strike Source, and
racing of PGR 3, and the brawling of DOA 4, in both PC and Xbox 360 arenas. We
assume the Koreans have a lock on Starcraft; all countries concede supremacy.

Color commentary will be offered by Fatal1ty, also known as
Johnathan Wendel, a gamer so famous he has his own tour bus. No word on whether
his bevy of groupies will be in attendance, or whether gamers even have

Tech-Gaming will be on hand to observe the festivities, and hopefully,
pick up a few pointers. We encourage all gamers to tune in to the contests, as
we’d love to see gaming get the same media coverage as other sporting events.

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