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Mellow with the Yellow Fellow- Pac-Man Remix Review

Pac-Man Remix for the iPhone/IPod Touch. Developer: Namco-Bandai Publisher: Namco-Bandai

With a career that spans nearly three decades across a majority of platforms, there are few videogame characters as ubiquitous as Pac-Man. The canary-colored protagonist has starred in over thirty spin-offs, headlined a television series, promoted breakfast cereal, and even inspired a hit song. The pellet-muncher’s prolific career has more recently inspired a trio of iphone apps, courtesy of the developers at Namco-Bandai.

The latest iteration to entertain owners of Apple’s device offers a slightly more complex diversion than Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. With the incorporation of speed pads, alternating doors, and teleporters, Pac-Man Remix has enough innovation to maintain the interest fans of veteran ghost gobblers. Still, novices will be able to understand the game’s fundamentals.

Players can use one of two control schemes to maneuver Pac-Man around the title’s labyrinthine halls. Both the virtual direction pad and the directional ‘flicking’ methods work reasonably well; although both modes resulted in the occasional errant direction. To complete a level, the gamer must gobble up every pellet on-screen, while avoiding a quartet of wandering foes. By eating one of the power-pellets, typically located in the corners of the screen, players can temporarily invert the pursuit and consume the games antagonists. Gamers accosted to the speed of Pac-Man will find that Remix slows the action down considerably, perhaps to counteract for the slight disconnect with the games control schemes.

Every five levels, players are confronted by a boss, which offers a refreshing reprieve from the central game mechanics. Gamers typically break a larger boss into smaller, more manageable pieces. Power-ups are given out liberally, giving the player a distinct and pleasing advantage, from jumping over enemies to turning all the pellets into Power-Pellets.

Graphically, Pac-Man Remix utilizes a vibrant and visually appealing palette to display its on-screen mazes. Pac and his pursers are drawn in a diminutive manner to accommodate the game’s horizontal-oriented display, but are articulated capably during the charming between-round cinematics. Some of the game’s pathways contain intricate zones- areas that require quick maneuvering to navigate.

With the release of Pac-Man Remix, Namco’s previous iPhone incarnations of the videogame icon have been rendered obsolete. The game substantially improves on the two preceding arcade recreations, offering depth and diversity that should challenge and entertain Pac-fans. While the game’s six dollar price is elevated, it would be easy to recommend the title when a sales inevitably occurs.

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  1. $6 seems a bit much.

  2. Another Pac-man game?

  3. Looks like Pac-Man Arranged.

  4. I’ll grab this on the first sale, as recommended.

  5. I cant believe they are still milking pac-man.

  6. Good review, not too long.

  7. Looks bright, like any pac-man game should be. $6 is a bit much tho, I bet there 99 cent clones.

  8. There’s a song about pacman? WTF

  9. Good review. If there’s a demo I might have to try it.

  10. I might have to try this one, Ive been wanted a portable pac-man game.

  11. I though the controls on Pac-man sucked. Are these any better?

  12. Pac-Man fever. Two nuts who put out a whole album about video games in the 1980’s

  13. Why did they make the d-pad like that with the left and right off to the sides?

  14. No interest in playing pac-man on the iphone. Give me another PSP compilation disk, Namco.

  15. If it sells, they will bring more.

  16. Yep, a demo would be nice.

  17. Youd think after all these years I’d would have become tired of Pac-Man. Nope! I like the game more now, than 20 years ago.

  18. Why pay $6 for this, when you can get all the Namco games for the PSP for $10 new?

    And the control is much better!

  19. I’ll give it a try. Seems like the graphics are pretty good.

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  21. Hoe come Ms. does get the remix treatment?

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