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E3: Taking Aim with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (1)

One of the indispensable competencies for any marksman is learning how to zero a rifle scope. Essentially, it’s a process of systematic steps to ensure that the point of aim matches the point of impact. In execution, it requires a rifleman to take a number of shots, making small mechanical adjustments until their aim is dead-centered. Fundamentally, it’s also the process Warsaw-based developer CI Games has employed with their Sniper: Ghost Warrior series. Each successive entry makes crucial corrections to its predecessor, bringing the game closer to the goal of becoming a spotless sniping simulation.

Our playtime with the studio’s latest effort, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 began in a forested mining town, where a geopolitical situation was starting to simmer. Although the level we skulked around in represented a midpoint in the main campaign, the developer did provide a bit of ambiguous context. Our objective was to hunt down an enemy sniper who held sensitive information about U.S. involvement in Georgia. It was our job to track down the shooter before tensions would escalate between Russia and the United States, potentially triggering another Cold War. While CI Games was mum of the number of missions in Ghost Warrior 3, they did say that the game’s open-ended style would accommodate multiple play-throughs. Naturally, we put those assertions to the test, attempting to revisit the lackluster AI and occasional awkward environmental navigation that had plagued the previous two games.

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Echoing the Arkham series’ Detective Mode, activating the scout ability allow players to see the world through the eyes of a first-class marksman. Once the mode is engaged, nearly imperceptible elements become highlighted, permitted players to see the fresh footprints of a patrolling solider or a telltale indicator of a nearby mine. Approaching anti-personnel devices while scouting, allows players to disengage the mine. When asked, a member of the Ghost Warrior dev team told us that in the final build, ordnance could be re-appropriated and used against the enemy. Setting up booby traps around foot trails fated for pursuit made me feel positively giddy.

Satisfyingly, Scout Mode also divulged a number of additional details. Enemies were highlighted, as were as any elevated perches that would make ideal sniper nests. Unfortunately, in the alpha-build of Ghost Warrior 3 both of these indicators used the game glowing, translucent outline- leading me to assume there were actually two adversaries atop a hill. But had I used the game’s other tool- a reconnaissance drone, I would have been to make the distinction. With the remote controlled copter, I was able to buzz across the sky and survey the terrain ahead. When a road ended at an encampment, I lowered the drone’s altitude, as the hardware automatically spotted and tagged enemies. Crafty players can even use the copter to remotely hack into security cameras, permitting an adventurous lone wolf to sneak into a base and eliminate foes up with a knife. I wasn’t as daring.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (3)

Appreciative of the long-kill, I reconnoitered the area, looking for isolated shooters that I could bring down without creating too much of a spectacle. After spotting one isolated tango about 400 yards out, I was told to hold off, as a missed shot could awaken a hornet’s nest of activity. Defiantly, I continued to eye the enemy, adjusting my scope to compensate for range and elevation. Taking into account smaller details such as wind and humidity level, I pressed a button to simulate holding my breath, narrowed my aim, and pulled the trigger. About a quarter of a mile away, I watched a soldier transition from alert to lifeless, as his body collapsed to the ground.

But the enemy has become aware of the shot, sending out troops and a helicopter to hunt for my position. Testing CI’s claims of improvisational troop movement, I scurried into the deep brush, hiding while watching infantry soldiers investigate the firing vector. Largely, appeared was certain foes traveling to investigate while others kept vigilant watch. So far, so good.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (4)

Once a majority of the heat was off, I passed the controller to a colleague who became provoked by the developer’s assertions that even enemy choppers are vulnerable. She ended up firing three shots, with the third striking the pilot in the skull, sending the aircraft plummeting to the ground. While this might not have been rooted in realism (the copter just hovered about a sniper), it was immensely satisfying, as cheers erupted throughout the meeting room.

Naturally, taking down the vehicle came with consequences. In this case that was in the form of a regiment rushing in to stalk and slay the silent assassin. Death was evident, so she valiantly dropped as many encroaching enemies as possible, before succumbing to a round fired from an anonymous squad member.  In all, it was an intrepid effort, even if we didn’t come close to completing the objective. Obviously, succeeding would involve improve surveillance, more thorough tactics, and a slower pace that what our hour appointment would allow. As such, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, even in an alpha state with a sub-thirty framerate, has a strong possibility of carrying out its assignment, edging out Sniper Elite III as the definite long-shooting game.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is targeting a 2016 release, and it is currently scheduled for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. OMFG, “Desert Eagle” talks about guns. Our King has returned.

  2. Whatchutalkingabout?

    There’s a loli in the NIS E3 summary pointing what looks like a gun right at us. Well, the barrel is heart shaped, but…it’s Japan.

  3. I really anted to like GW2 but the game was way too linear. Sniping should not follow the COG blueprint.

  4. COG? You mean CoD (Call of Duty), right?

  5. Only interested if kawaii girls with super short skirts are the snipers. Otherwise GTFO.

  6. I think Batman: AK has taught me an important lesson: never preorder for digital games. I’ll wait for the reviews, because SGW2 wasn’t all that great.

    • I don’t preorder period. When was the last time you couldn’t find a game anywhere? Also, use the GCU to get a game from BB, 20%, free shipping, and you can return it if the reviews are bad.

  7. You guys are killing it with the E3 coverage this year. Nice long articles, just just a paragraph to announce a release date Gamatsu-style.

  8. Finally CI Games tell us something about Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. We must wait so much for information about it but now this news is great. Screens looks very good, now I’m interesting how graphics will looks in gameplay. But we must be patient to see it.

  9. second one was linear, its true, but this one i think will be so dynamic.. I try to realize this open world with everything that they want to give us with this game. this possibility… Great!

  10. Well, to be fair, the hesdshot was on the first try. They insisted i shoot at the missles first. :p

  11. Sounds really cool. Thanks for the preview.

  12. Sniper GW3 looks awesome, I’m glad they used Cryo Engine 3. I’ve exceeded my expectations and I hope they will be met 😉

  13. CryEngine 3 is really good Engine , they used it in Sniper: GW2 , i hope that in third they do it better than SGW2 😉 After all this information they show us, I might say that they are on the good way to do that!

  14. SGW3 will be surely better than first two editions. Open world is great and now everything depends if CIG will do it right.

  15. From what i’ve read it seems to be a revolutionary game in Sniper Ghost Warrior series. A drone which we can control and investigate corridors searching for our target or simple way to pass the guards. I’m wonder if we can make some diversions with this little toy. Can you think about dressing this dron into o ghost camouflage and scare emeny soldiers?:) This could be fun.

    • That sounds good. I hope they build the game with modding in mind so people can add stuff like that.

  16. Very nice and interesting article about this game. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 sounds promising, open world is additional advantages, and great to hear that we don’t kill enemies only like a sniper. If this screens come from the game it will be great because this mind CI Games maximise CryEngine 🙂

  17. I agree with you, this screens are really amazing, i’m sure that CiGames do this game on AAA level. CryEngine is a good choice, i hope we soon see some gameplay.