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E for All: I for Innovation

After seeing the heavy-hitters offer updated versions of
formulaic games, Indiecade offered a moment of freshness at this year’s E for
All. Showing eighteen different games that ranged from the hand-drawn splendor
of Braid (pictured), to the dreamy, exploratory Night Journey, Indiecade’s selection
looked nothing like the typical first-person shooters and derivative music games that
littered the show floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nearly all of Indiecade’s
games had a distinct visual style, offered innovative gameplay, and we born from the genius of a single auteur. Recent PSN
addition Everyday Shooter is a prime example of Indiecade’s style; it’s a game
that mixes cell-shaded cubism, hypnotic rhythms, and quite a bit of strategy
into a shooter. Look for a forthcoming interview with creator Jonathon Mak here
on Tech-Gaming.

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