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The Eternal Pit- Kid Icarus: Uprising Preview

As quarter-century old NES memories gradually give way to contemporary experiences, Pit’s adventures endure. Maybe it was Kid Icarus’ remarkable mixture of platforming punctuated by a shooter stage, or possibly because the title challenged gaming ...

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Trailer of the Week – Game of Thrones

Apart from a handful of titles inspired by The Simpsons, adapting a television series into a game has resulted in a steady succession of substandard cash-ins. From Lost: Via Domus, Prison Break: The Conspiracy, The ...

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First Ten: Gatling Gears

Typically, when a studio’s inaugural effort is a turn-based strategy title, you’d might expect to see some traces of contemplative mechanics in a follow-up title. Yet, beyond a shared setting,  this week’s XBLA release of ...

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