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htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary PC review

While Nippon Ichi has enjoyed sustained success with the Disgaea franchise, the Gifu-based publisher/developer has often struggled to cultivate another hit. Sure, Spike Chunsoft’s Danganronpa games has earned critical and commercial acclaim and NIS America gradually nurtured stateside appreciation ...

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Aliens vs. Pinball review

Few cinematic monsters are as fearsome as H. R. Giger’s Alien. Originally conceived for Ridley Scott’s eponymous film, the creature was a nightmarish amalgam of snake and skeleton, outfitted with lethal claws and a dagger-like ...

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Early Access with Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises

Ever since Microsoft bought and subsequently dismantled Ensemble Studios, there’s been a cavernous hole in the heart of many real-time strategy aficionados. Sure, for combat-centered maneuvers, StarCraft II is an indispensable title, but for those ...

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Pharaoh’s Rebirth+ review

It’s widely known that 2D sprite-based gaming underwent a sharp decline with the rise polygon-pushing machines. Such changes happened nearly overnight with the release of 32-bit consoles such as Sony’s Playstation as well as the ...

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Corpse Party (PC) Review

Few countries feature as rich a gaming heritage as Japan. Known for crafting unique experiences, several genres as we know them today was either created or inspired by titles hailing from the rising sun. Yet, ...

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Epistory – Typing Chronicles review

Confrontation in games takes many forms. Fighting games require the ability to predict an opponent’s next move, instantly responding with a fury of quarter-circle gyrations and successions of complex button presses. While role-playing games often ...

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