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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.

SuperMash review

SuperMash is a clever concept, building its own games from two genres of your choosing. Occasionally, the mix delivers something playable, but often the results are a primitive jumble. In SuperMash, a simulated game console ...

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Infinite – Beyond the Mind review

Infinite – Beyond the Mind looks and plays like a forgotten hack-and-slash from the 16-bit era. While there’s not a lot of variety across the sixteen-stage jaunt, the basics are remarkably solid. If you’re familiar ...

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New Releases: May 7th-13th, 2020

This week, take to the picturesque Islandic mountains as red fox in Spirit of the North, combine different game genres together in SuperMash, or just knock one out of the park in Super Mega Baseball ...

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The Adventures of Ten and Till review

With quaint aesthetics and a poetic but passive plotline, The Adventures of Ten and Till isn’t just another STG chasing aiming to dethrone CAVE’s prodigious projectile dodging. If the recent renaissance of shooters has taught ...

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SNK Gals’ Fighters review

With the release of this Neo Geo Pocket Color, the Nintendo Switch emulates yet another retro system offering an affordable way to play this two-decade old, two-button fighter. The Neo Geo Pocket Color has a ...

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Touhou Mechanical Scrollery review

Touhou Mechanical Scrollery sends Reimu and Marisa soaring through three-dimensional spaces filled with mechanized enemies and dense bullet clouds. It’s often a visually opulent experience but is impaired by unwieldy action and repetition.   In ...

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SEGA AGES G-LOC: Air Battle review

With the gyroscopic-like arcade set-up, G-LOC: Air Battle can feel a bit dated. But it’s a notable entry in both designer Yu Suzuki’s body of work and SEGA history.   The second half of the ...

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New Releases: April 30th-May 6th, 2020

With the appearance of SEGA AGES G-LOC AIR BATTLE and Streets of Rage 4, nineties nostalgia reigns. Luckily, there’s much more on this week’s schedule of new game releases, such as the appearance of Touhou ...

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Sakura Wars review

Although Sakura Wars has been a fertile franchise in Japan, the property has struggled to gain traction in the West. This eponymous soft-reboot aims to change that, with an entry aiming to reinvigorate Flower Division. ...

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