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Alien Zombie Megadeath Review

What is the concept?
Don’t let the peculiar name discourage you. Alien Zombie Megadeath is Pom-Pom Games (the Mutant Storm series, Astro Tripper) high-definition remake of last year’s PSP Mini triumph, Alien Zombie Death. Each of the game’s seventy stages task the game’s space-suited protagonist with clearing out all hostiles from a collection of stacked hallways. Beyond leaping from row to row with a flick of the directional pad or analog stick, players fire horizontally, transforming baddies into multiplier-boosting crystal shards. Additionally, larger crystals randomly materialize around the playfield, in an effort to lure gamers into each level’s riskier regions.

Would I enjoy the game? Fans of retro-styled, 2D, action games will appreciate Alien Zombie Megadeath‘s absorbing vibe. Blending Tempest‘s corridor clearing objectives with Tutankhamen‘s constricted firing, the title’s frantic action is certain to please anyone who sank a roll of quarters into a arcade cabinet. Since each level has four medals to earn (which are used to unlock additional stages) expect a pleasing amount of replay.

What are the game’s strengths?
Variety is the title’s greatest virtue. The Intermittent level requires player to escort helpless babies or volatile bombs into safety zones. Players forgo their ability to shoot while carrying an item, ratcheting the  game’s tension to intense elevations. Periodically, power-ups appear around the playfield, endowing players with enemy-eviscerating lasers, a triple-beam shot, or the ability slow time. Gratifyingly, Alien Zombie Megadeath provides a nice array of cannon fodder- from lurching foes who derive strength in numbers, lethargic blobs who fire corridor-crossing goo, and airborne antagonists who travel in sweeping Galaga-like formations.

What could have been improved? Like many U.K.-developed games, Alien Zombie Megadeath’s scoring objectives are often prohibitively placed. Despite the assemblage of nearly every collectable and swift butchery of a level’s opponent, securing enough points for a medal isn’t guaranteed. While some may enjoy the game’s masochistic tendency, playing a near-perfect round with earning a reward, might bring out the ire in completionists. Still, this is a relatively minor transgression, against an otherwise pleasing game.

Is it worth the money?
For $7.99 USD, Alien Zombie Megadeath has the potential to enthrall retro revivalists, with it’s addictive mechanics and gratifying collection of levels. Add in an online co-operative component, and the title has enough vigor and depth to keep players coming back for weeks. For gamers who frequently don’t have the time for an extended gaming session, Alien Zombie Megadeath delivers delight in concise doses, making it an ideal downloadable diversion.

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  1. I get to say it….


    So, is Megadeath on the soundtrack?

  2. Here’s one I never heard of before.

  3. Hmm, different review style for you guys. I think I like it. Easier to read.

    • I like it. Short and to the point. Kind of like the game sounds.

      • Umm, Gamespot kind of does the same thing. 🙁

        • People still read GameSpot? I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on GS in the last six months.

          • I think they mean Gamepro, which like BlueSwim said, no one reads anymore, also.

          • Millions of people read Gamespot every month. We are currently one of the 200 highest-trafficked websites in the world (according to Alexa). You should check us out sometime!

          • I used to read GameSpot all the time. I even watched On The Spot regularly and listened to the HotSpot. Then, Gerstmanngate happened and everybody I liked left. That was when I stopped reading. I hardly read 1UP anymore for the same reason.

          • Also EGM fell apart as well. Now their mag is total shite.

  4. Euro games are always tougher than American and Japanese games. Haven’t you ever noticed that?

    • I sure have. I grew up playing Mastertronic’s budget line of C-64 games, and thinking the English must have better reflexes than us Yanks 😉

      • Waffles For Supper

        Deagle, how dare you say such a thing- so close to the Fourth of July? Traitor! 😉

        (Ok, they make better music, are better actors…)

  5. I liked the first Mutant Storm, but the second didn’t do it for me. Maybe they’ll a third and bounce back.

  6. You should have the PomPom guys on the podast. I remembe when you had some UK guys (MegaDev or something like that) it was a really good interview.

    • I second this. English make better guests, they’re just plain better at making conversions interesting.

      Also, I love to heard from guys who actually have a hand in the final product, no just someone who made concept art for a huge game, or did voice acting.

  7. Honestly, I saw the ad on PSN and skipped it based on the name.

    Guess I made a mistake.

  8. This or Galaga Legions DX?!?

  9. I want to give it a try now you mention Tempest and Tutankhamen.

  10. afigureofnaught

    That is a crazy ass title.

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    Hmm, how much is the PSP mini?

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  13. I might have to check this one out.

  14. Is it $7.99 with PS+ or is that the regular price?

  15. great review, Deagle!

  16. Like all PSN games, I wish there was a demo.

  17. Pretty addictive game. I got through 25 levels yesterday.

  18. Just picked it up, pretty fun. Thanks for noticing this one Deagle!

  19. You know the PSP version is on PS+ right now for free? It’s only got 14 levels and the controls aren’t perfect, but its FREE!!!